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When Do I Have to Replace the Battery in My Electric Go-Kart?

I used to have an electric go kart that just felt off each time I took it to the tracks. It was slow, it handled poorly, and I couldn’t go on longer rides. The problem was with my battery, and this led to my “when do I have to replace the battery of my electric go kart” search. Here’s what I found! 

When Do I Have to Replace the Battery in My Electric Go Kart?

If you’re racing with it regularly, you would need to replace the battery after two or three years. On the other hand, if you’re not a regular racer, it may last up to five years before you need to change it.

The steering wheel of a go kart

Like other rechargeable batteries, several factors influence their lifespan. Adhering to the manufacturer’s usage recommendations can significantly increase their life. 

Still, it’s natural that battery life will deteriorate over time. The good news is that your go-kart will usually start sending clear signals when it might need a new battery.

Factors Affecting Your Go-Kart Battery Lifespan

Many factors could affect how long your electric go-kart battery lasts. Let’s break down and see why some batteries last longer than others:

  • Using it Frequently: The more you’re on the track, the quicker you’ll need a new battery. It’s like your phone. Tons of screen time means a dead battery!
  • The Type of Your Battery: Cheaper lead-acid batteries usually won’t last as long as rockstar lithium-ion ones. Think of cheap sneakers vs. super-fancy running shoes. You get what you pay for. Lithium-ion batteries tend to last longer than lead-acid ones in most cases.
  • The Condition of Your Storage: Extreme temperatures are a battery’s worst nightmare! If you leave your kart in a sweltering garage or icy shed, it can mess it up. Also, try not to leave it dead for too long. You’d need to keep it charged even when you’re not out on the track.
  • Your Charging Habits: Both overcharging (Leaving it plugged in for long) and undercharging (Forgetting to plug it in when it’s low) can shorten the battery lifespan. Your go kart came with charge instructions, so check those out and try to follow them to keep your battery healthy.

Signs Your Go-Kart Battery Needs Replacement

Don’t worry; your trusty go-kart will usually start giving you some signs to let you know when its battery is weak. With the rise in go karting, keeping your eyes on these indicators is important, as a weak battery can leave you stranded on the track. Here is what to look out for:

  • Decreased Running Range: If your go-kart used to make it around the track yet now runs out of steam way too fast, it could mean the battery is getting weak.
  • Slow Charging: Does it feel like it takes ages to charge? If so, that could also mean a tired battery; you would need another new battery for your go-kart.
  • Reduced Power: If your kart feels like it’s moving in slow motion or takes longer to move, it could be a sign of a weak battery. A tired battery causes your electric go-kart to lose its awesome speed.
  • Hardware Wear: Look at your go-kart battery. Check for bulges, crusty white stuff on the connectors, or leaking. You may require a battery change if you see any of these.

How to Choose the Right Battery Replacement for Your Go-Kart

Hold up! Batteries are different from buying a candy bar. You’d have to get the right one! Here’s what to check when you want to get a good battery for your go-kart:

A group of elderly go kart racers having fun in an indoor track

Size & Power

It’s important to match the size and voltage of your old battery. That information is usually included in your go-kart’s manual or printed on the battery itself, so you can review it and make sure that it matches the one you want to buy.

How Long It Lasts (Ah)

Try to check for the sign “Ah.” It tells you how long the battery goes on a single charge. A bigger “Ah” means more playtime (It also might cost you more).

Credible Brand Power

Make time to research different brands and choose one with a credible reputation. Ask at your local go-kart racing track or check out reviews online!

DIY Replacement vs. Professional Help for Your Go-Kart Battery

Deciding whether to replace the battery yourself or have a professional do it might depend on a few things:

  • How Handy You Are: Some go-karts let you easily swap out the battery, while others are a bit trickier. If tools aren’t your thing or you’re scared of electrical stuff, have a pro do it to be safe since they know what karting tools to use and how to handle it.
  • Safety First: Batteries can be heavy and, well, electric. Play it safe and follow the instructions super carefully to avoid getting shocked. If you need clarification, go straight to a pro.
  • Warranty Considerations: Sometimes, to keep your go-kart under warranty, you might have to get a pro to do the battery swap. Check your manual for information on that.
Two racers with their hands on the go kart steering wheel

Related Questions

This section may provide more clarity as it answers some common go-kart battery questions. 

What Type of Battery Does an Electric Go-Kart Use?

Electric go-karts usually use either old-school lead-acid batteries (which are usually cheaper yet don’t last as long) or powerful lithium-ion batteries (which last longer yet are more expensive). It depends on your go-kart battery system design and what you’re willing to spend.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Go-Kart Battery?

It depends on the battery and charger. It can be a few hours or even throughout the night. Make sure to check out those instructions that came with your kart.

What Keeps the Battery Charged on a Go-Kart? 

Think of your go-kart battery as your phone’s battery. It stores power and gets used up as you go. You have to charge it regularly. (Some super fancy go-karts might have a bit of braking power recapture. However, they still need a reasonable charge from the outlet)


Batteries aren’t immortal, yet that doesn’t mean the fun stops! If you understand what wears them out and know the signs, it could be time to take action and change or maintain them better. If you’ve done this, you can be back on track and tearing it up in no time. 

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