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How Should I Dress for Go Karting? – Avoid the Danger

For rental go karts I would recommend closed toed shoes, flexible pants or shorts that are not baggy or loose, a comfortable shirt that is also not too baggy or loose.

These recommendations are from past experiences. I have raced many rental go karts as well as racing go karts learning some valuable lessons along the way.

Remember these are tips for what to wear and not wear for renting or racing rental go karts. Racing go karts require more safety restrictions and measures.

What Should I Wear to go Go Karting?


Closed toed shoes are recommended.

Your feet are not usually exposed but don’t take the chance.

Always be sure to check before going if closed toed shoes are required.

Pants / Shorts

Shorts or Pants

Avoid loose pants, skirts and dresses. These are hazards and you may give a show to some spectators.

Check before going because some places require long pants.


Whatever you are comfortable in but not loose fitting.

You can wear a long sleeve, short sleeve, button up tucked in, flannels, anything you are comfortable in.

Just be sure the clothes are not too loose.

Long Pants, short sleeve snug fitted shirt and closed toed shoes! Bravo, Lady

Best Shirts for Go Karting – Guys and Gals

Rental go karts is not an extreme sport. The skill to drive the go kart is low and most people will not even break a sweat!

With that being said any t-shirt will do. There is not an advantage to have a certain type of shirt while renting go karts.

Race quality rental go karts – Best Shirts

There are some rental go karts out there that will push you to your limits. They will test your reaction time, stamina, strength and focus!

The best Men’s shirt for go karting is found here.

The best Women’s shirt for go karting is found here.

This type of shirt is breathable and quick drying. Key to keeping your body cool and staying focused on the task at hand

Best Pants for Go Karting

Always check before going to the track to see if pants are required. Some rental go karts will require pants.

I have been places where they require pants. If you didn’t have pants on, they made you wear a one-piece racing suit for your safety.

Go Karting pants should be flexible enough to move around but not baggy. They should also offer some type of protection from abrasion.

The Best Womens Pants for Go Karting

The Best Men’s Pants for Go Karting

These are examples. These are the key take aways that make these the best pants for go karting

  • Denim is abrasion resistant but still flexible enough to move comfortably
  • Pants should be free of holes
  • A stretch fit jean adds additional comfort
  • Socially appropriate

Are Shorts Acceptable to Go Kart in?


Let’s face if you are racing go karts in Myrtle Beach, Panama City Beach, or Pensacola It’s freaking hot!

Who is going to wear jeans at the beach in the middle of summer??? Yea no one.

For fun rental go karts shorts, board shorts, jean shorts, or most shorts you own will be acceptable.

What not to wear when go karting? – Loose Fitted Clothing

What to wear when go karting?
This loose jacket is a danger and should not be worn!

I mentioned loose fitted clothing a lot.

You may wonder why?

Rental go karts come in a wide range of safety measures. Some have full bodies and some have all four tires exposed.

When go karting you should be prepared for whatever type of go kart they offer.

When it comes to safety one of the biggest concerns is entanglement.

Not to pick on anyone with long hair but that is the most common way for someone to get seriously injured.

The clutch/torque converter is the closest rotating member to the driver.

The clutch is spinning at engine speed which can be well over 5000 rpm!

If your hair was to be pulled into the clutch at that speed, you could be seriously injured.

The Rear axle is equally as dangerous.

The rear axle can entangle your hair and pull your head back in a violent motion injuring or killing you.

This might sound scary, but this has happened, and these are some of the reasons to secure long hair while go karting.

Clothing is the same principle. A baggy shirt, dress, loose pants can all be caught in moving parts of the go kart.

What shoes do I need to go karting?

Closed toed shoes are Recommended.

Unless specified by the go kart track you should always wear closed toed shoes. Also be sure that the bottom of the shoe is flat.

Can I wear Crocs to race go karts?

The short answer is No.

This really comes down to the track. Some rental go kart tracks will allow flip flops where other tracks will not allow anything but closed toed shoes.

Reach out to the track and ask them directly about their shoe policy.

The reason you cannot wear crocs is because they are not considered closed toed shoes. A shoe for go karting should be completely enclosed and firmly secured to your foot. A racing go kart shoe/boot has additional safety properties.

A shoe that could potentially fall off your foot or snag on a part of the go kart proposes a dangerous situation for yourself and other drivers.

Can I wear a dress/skirt to race go karts?


Unless you would want to show the world what’s under there.

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