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Best Go Karting Experiences in Oahu

Are you still searching for go karts in Oahu?

Go Kart racing on Oahu is actually kind of disappointing. I was hoping at a tourist destination like Oahu there would be some go karts to race around.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to write home about when it comes to go kart Oahu.

But all hope is not lost!

The Best Go Kart Track in Oahu, HI

Go kart Oahu

1. Razor Sports: Ka Makana Aliʻi

For some other great go kart related activities check out these places!

Coral Crater Adventure Park

Better Than Retail Hawaii

With that being said there are still some really awesome places to get your go kart fix in. Better yet at Razor Sports they combine go karts and drift karts for a super cool experience.

If you are looking for some of the most fun drift karts out there, check this out! We go over which go karts are the best ones to drift and why that is.

6 Drifting Go Karts the Best of The Best

1. Razor Sports: Ka Makana Aliʻi


Monday-Saturday: 10am to 9pm

Sunday: 10am to 6pm


Razor Crazy Kart (Ages 6 and up)

1 – Ride$20
2 – Rides$35
3 – Rides$45
5 – Rides$75
10 – Rides$150

Razor Shift Cart (Ages 3 – 5)

1 – Ride$15
2 – Rides$25
3 – Rides$30
5 – Rides$50
10 – Rides$100

Requirements to Race

  • Razor Crazy Cart – Ages 6 and up
  • Razor Crazy Cart Shift – Ages 3- 5
  • All racers must be able to safely operate the cart

Razor Sports – Go Kart Oahu

Finding this place was awesome. The product that Razor Sports has produced is super fun for drift carters of all ages!

What makes these go karts super fun to drift is the center drive wheel and the rear caster wheels. The rear wheels are free to rotate so drifting is a breeze.

It is a natural reaction to counter steer. New drift carters will have no problem driving these karts. Kids of all ages are able to hop on and have a good time.

Go karting is fun for the whole family and even more fun when the kids can participate. Many times, I find that go kart tracks have age restrictions and single seater go karts.

At Razor Sports the carts are set up for kids as young as three!

More Fun Motorsports!

There are some other fun motorsports out there. Go karts are the best… maybe im biased but I digress.

1. Coral Crater Adventure Park


Open Daily 9am – 5pm


Side-by-Side ATV

Conquer turns, ascend hills, and explore the jungles of Coral Crater


For additional activities visit the attraction page!

Coral Crater Adventure Park – Not Go Karts but Super Fun

I know they are not go karts. But a racer can find common ground in going fast and having fun.

If you have never been in a side-by-side ATV, you will experience the ride of your life. They have power, they have torque, and they can handle corners at amazing speeds. If that doesn’t sound fun to you then there are many other options as well.

Looking to buy a go kart on Oahu?

Well, if you are local and want to locate a place to buy a go kart check out Better than Retail Hawaii.

They sell everything from small dirt bikes to kids go karts to electric skateboards!

I guarantee you that whatever electric or gas powered go kart you buy it will be a winner!

Small go karts for kids make great presents. Just like a grow up likes the wind in their hair kids love the freedom of driving their own go kart.

Check out more awesome Go Karting info a

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