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Kids Go Kart Racing – How to Start!

5 Tips for Kids Go Kart Racing

Kids Go Kart racing
  1. Buy Used
  2. Recreational Beginnings
  3. Visit a Local Track
  4. Patience
  5. Age Requirements

Racing go karts and especially with kids should be about having fun. We covered this in a related article What is Go Karting. Go kart racing at any level or age is so much fun. The competitive drive and the taste of victory fuels the fire. The relationships you build with your family and friends will never be forgotten. So why not start go kart racing with your kids?

We will cover some of the best tips on getting your child started in go kart racing. We will focus on the kids go kart and what to look for and what to buy. A “kid kart” is the youngest division that a child can start racing at a club or nationally. At the age of 5 kids can race against one another and learn the sport of go karting. It only goes up from there. As you age you grow into a usually faster and more competitive class.
You can watch a cool on board video of a kid racer here.

What Age Should Kids Start Karting?

As young as possible, Usually around 4-5 years old they can start racing in the “kid kart” classes.

Most of the pros that started in go karts started when they were in their 4-5 years.

Can you Make Money Go Kart Racing?

Yes! Some go kart races will reward the winner with prize money. While other go kart races will have a purse that may pay out to the top 5 or 10 drivers.

Is 12 too late to start karting?

Absolutely not! While some other kids will have a head start as far as experience goes, 12 years old is not too old to start karting. Karting is for people of all ages!

Can beginners do go karting?

Yes! That is the beauty of go karting! Anyone can do it. In todays world there are so many great rental and race tracks that allow you to rent a real race go kart to see if you like it or not. Places like GoPro Motoplex in Charlotte, NC allow you to rent race go karts and race them on a real track!

Buy Used for Kids Go Kart Racing

You may be tempted to start with a clean slate and purchase a new kids racing go kart. I would not do that. Part of the learning process will have some bumps and bangs to your go kart. Learn on a used go kart. Additionally, a used go kart may come with a wealth of knowledge. The seller may be helpful, and you can refer to that person for tuning, setup and other tips.

Recreational Beginnings

This article is based around kids go kart racing. That does not mean your first experience has to be at the go kart track. Let’s face it. Anything with the word racing in it is not cheap. So there are some cheaper alternatives to ease your way into kids go kart racing. Take a look at some awesome and fun recreational go karts to start your child in.

Recommended Products

These are some great go karts that can get your child the feeling of a go kart!

Razor Dune Buggy

The Razor Dune Buggy is an on road and off road go kart. You can set up a track or just have them race it around. Just getting in a go kart will give them an idea if kids go kart racing is for them or not.

Razor Crazy Kart Shift

This one is a little different. You never know what a child will like or dislike. So, give them the options they deserve. The Razor Crazy Kart Shift may be the spark they need to take the next step into kids go kart racing.

Radio Flyer Ultimate Go-Kart

Why not go with the look and feel of an actual go kart? The radio flyer ultimate Go-kart looks and feels like a kids racing go-kart.

Visit a Local Track

There are many types of tracks out there to visit and watch. Go to the track and see the other kids racing. See what tools they have, safety gear, and how they get the go karts to the track. This is all vital information to help you enjoy your kids go kart racing experience.

Be Patient

At this point you may be more excited about getting into go karting than your child! Let them go at their own pace. This way they don’t feel pressured to have fun. The more they feel like they have some freedom the more they may like kids go kart racing.

At the track kids will go out and race the go kart. They will come in off the track through the gear in the seat and start playing with their friends. Once they get older, they can learn why it is so important to work on your go kart. Let them have their fun and learn to love the sport.

Kids Go Kart Racing Age Requirements

Usually the youngest a kid can start go kart racing is 5. 5 to 7 years old is usually known as the pee-wee or Kid kart class. At 8 years old you can usually move up to the next junior class. The rules are very strict in the kid kart class. This is because of the nature of the kids’ karts.

The purpose is strictly to have fun. You are not there to set any speed records or show off. You are there to develop your child’s love for go karts and learn the sport.

You can reference New Castle Motorsport Park‘s rules page for an example of what the rules and age requirements will look like around the country. New Castle Motorsports Park is a premier karting facility in the United States. They will be a very good reference for the rules to follow at your local track.


Starting your child in go karting could change their life forever! The doors the sport will open are endless. In today’s premier racing divisions, the drivers are starting younger and younger. Drivers are starting go karts very young, sometimes younger than 5! If a driving pursuit is something you would like to provide for your child, then I would suggest getting your child into go karting.

I hope you find these tips useful and they can help you get into the sport. Visit the Racing Page to see some other articles about Go kart Racing.

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