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Is Go Karting a Good Date Idea? Pure Racing Romance


Is Go karting a good date idea?

Is Go Karting a Good Date Idea?

Go Kart tracks today have much more than go karts. The facilities are top shelf. They have amenities that make go karting a fantastic date idea.

Places like K1 Speed, Andretti Karting Experience and Autobahn Speedway all have extra to dos like ax throwing, restaurants, bars, arcades, and much more!

With that being said there are a few things you should know before committing to a go karting date.

Ask yourself these 5 questions – Go Karting Date

  1. Does your partner like physical activity?
  2. Will they be ok getting a little sweaty?
  3. Are they physically capable of go kart racing?
  4. Are you going for an intimate date or fun?
  5. Will they welcome competition?

But first a quick story!

My Go Karting Date Experience

My Go Kart date experience will top most I’m pretty sure. My wife now, but girlfriend at the time have been together for 3 years. We were looking for something to do for our dating anniversary. We usually swapped years on who planned the day.

This year it was her turn, and it was a surprise. What could she plan? A day spa trip? Shopping? Wine tasting?

I was a bit anxious thinking are my feet going to get rubbed or spend a bunch of money on funky cheese and wine.

As we were driving, she continued to look at her phone and direct me to turn here and there. I have been in this area before but never where she led me. We pull up to a large warehouse looking building. The building was quite underwhelming looking just like a shipping and receiving center.

We get out and I am so oblivious to the fact that we arrived at Autobahn Speedway in Jessup, MD.

I was overwhelmed with joy that I could barely contain my excitement. The thought that she planned a go karting date for us was amazing. But then again, she is amazing so I shouldn’t have been that surprised.

We proceeded to race a couple races and I completely destroyed her on the track. You race to win. Don’t forget that!

As if go karting wasn’t enough, we went to the range and shot .40 caliber handguns to top off the afternoon.

It was an amazing day to say the least.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Planning a Go Kart Date

1. Does your partner like physical activity?

While most go karts are not physically demanding, the fast ones are. Caster Angle, High Torque electric go karts, Challenging tracks are all hurdles that create a challenging but fun experience. Go Karting is more fun when there is a bit of a challenge.

With that being said the faster the go karts the bigger the smiles, the more fun and the best memories will be had. Nobody goes back and talks about how slow those go-karts were on our first date. You will never talk about your first date again because it was boring.

What you will talk about is how fast those go karts were!

2. Will they be ok getting a little sweaty?

Yes, this might sound silly. Go karts can be physically demanding. They are also generally an outdoor sport. Therefore, you will be exposed to the elements especially in summertime.

If you go to an indoor go kart track that is conditioned, you will probably be just fine! A little sweat never hurts.

3. Are they physically capable of go kart racing?

Make sure that they can physically handle sitting down in a go kart, wearing a helmet and able to steer.

These all sound simple but don’t take someone to a go kart track if they cannot race go karts!

4. Are you going for an intimate date or fun?

Go Karting is insanely fun. I think everyone will have fun in a go kart race.

But if this date is geared toward intimacy you may want to reconsider. With single seater go karts you are going to be doing much bonding while on the track.

Off the track is a different story if you live in Orlando, Dallas, San Antonio, D.C., or similar cities there are some nightclub style facilities. There are restaurants, bars, arcades and other fun activities other than go karting.

If your date is all gussied up and their hair is done up to the nines, a go kart helmet may wreck that hard work.

That is a judgment call you need to make. If this is a concern, try go karting for the second or third date.

5. Will they welcome competition?

You may think you will not be so competitive but that will change quickly. There is a special feeling when you race. If you are chasing someone down on the track it seems like nothing else matters than catching that person.

Similarly, when you are being chased there is a feeling of helplessness that you feel. When you get passed it changes to pure motivation to catch back up.

Is Go Karting a Good Date?

Is Go Karting a Good Date Idea?

Yes, I think by the time you ask yourself those 5 questions you will agree. Go karting is a great way to spice up a date. Go kart racing is also a welcomed change of pace from just going out to eat or the same old routine.

Check out some of the best tracks in your area here! To learn how to start go kart racing and why you should start kart racing on Better Karting.

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