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How to Make Your Electric Go-Kart Faster

Driving a slow go kart can be a hassle. If you’re anything like me, you love to go fast when you’re on the tracks. Don’t worry—I’m your guy if you need help making your kart faster. Today, I’m sharing my secrets on how to make your electric go kart faster and leave your competitors behind. Pay close attention!

Tips on How to Make Your Electric Go Kart Faster

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry; we’ll start with the basics. Here are several ways to increase the speed of your go kart:

Two go kart racers on the track

Upgrade the Motor

The electric motor is your go kart’s workhorse. The more powerful the motor, the more torque it generates, which means increased acceleration and speed.

Increase the Battery Capacity

Think of your electric go kart battery as the fuel tank. Upgrade to a higher-voltage battery, and you can power it consistently. It is perfect for those long straights and bursts of speed without worrying about the battery going off. 

Optimize the Controller

The controller is like your kart’s brain, regulating the power delivery from the battery to the motor. A performance controller can smooth that power flow, giving you a more responsive and faster go kart.

Clean and Maintain the Motor Connections

Dirty or loose connections to your motor are like clogged arteries. Keep those connections sparkling clean and tight to make sure maximum power flows in your kart.

Reduce Weight

Every pound counts! Remove extra parts and consider switching to lighter materials. Your go kart could handle better and reach higher speeds with ease.

Upgrade Your Tires

Go kart tires aren’t your everyday car tires. High-performance kart tires can improve traction and cornering, allowing you to carry more speed when karting.

Adjust the Gear Ratio

Changing the sizes of your gears lets you fine-tune how the kart performs. Experimenting with gear ratios could allow you to find that sweet spot between blazing acceleration and a satisfying top speed.

Align the Wheels Properly

Make sure to align your go kart wheel properly. Proper wheel alignment improves handling and reduces friction with the track, which equals faster speeds for your kart!

Benefits of Making Your Electric Go Kart Faster

It’s one thing to say you want a faster go-kart. What exactly is the appeal? Take a look!

  • More Excitement: Quicker acceleration and higher speeds could mean an even more thrilling experience.
  • Competitive Edge: Whether racing against pros or for bragging rights among friends, a faster go kart can provide the performance increase you need.
  • Enhanced Skills: Learning to handle your kart at higher speeds can take your control and precision.
An elderly holding her helmet before riding on the go kart

The Risks Involved in Making Your Electric Go Kart Faster

Before you start increasing your go kart speed, let’s address something important. Faster speeds could mean potential dangers. Here’s what you’d need to keep in mind:

  • Increased Danger: Go kart accident statistics show that accidents usually happen in karting. Still, they become much more serious at higher speeds.
  • Control and Handling: Your go kart might feel different as you reach top speeds. Learn to control it, especially in turns and when braking.
  • Component Wear: Pushing your go kart means putting more stress on its parts. Expect the motor, batteries, brakes, and frame to wear down faster and need more maintenance.
  • Track Conditions: Small bumps and debris on the track get much more dangerous at higher speeds. Be aware of the surface you’re racing on.

Precautionary Measures to Consider When Making Your Go Kart Faster

Electric karts are at the forefront of a rapidly expanding global market, providing appealing features for racing enthusiasts. 

This means you can be part of a cutting-edge trend with more tracks, better technology, and a passionate community evolving around you. In that case, let’s look into some best practices to protect yourself and keep your go karting fun going:

  • Upgraded Safety Gear: Invest in a full-face racing helmet, and even consider a neck brace and protective suit for high-speed runs.
  • Track Safety: Choose controlled tracks with safety barriers and good runoff areas. Unlike informal race tracks and parking lots, these are great fast-driving training grounds. Be extra cautious in shared-track situations with less experienced drivers.
  • Maintenance and Inspection: Check the brakes, inspect for loose bolts, and watch for tire wear before every ride. Increase the frequency with which you maintain your kart.
  • Skill Development: Practice controlled braking and cornering at progressively higher speeds on a safe track. Karting courses can increase your handling skills!
  • Insurance: Check if your policy covers go karting, particularly with modifications that increase speed and potential risk.

Related Questions

When it comes to faster go karts, here are some often-asked questions about making an electric go kart faster.  

What Is the Speed Limit on an Electric Go Kart?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all speed limit for electric go karts. It depends on the specific karting track (they set their own rules based on driver experience), the type of kart (beginner vs. advanced), and the power of the kart’s motor.

Are Electric Go Karts Faster Than Gas Go Karts? 

Electric go karts can go faster than gas go karts, offering instant acceleration and hitting top speeds more quickly because of the immediate torque delivery of electric motors included in them.

What Is the Fastest Type of Go Kart? 

The Daymak C5 Blast is considered the fastest electric go-kart. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 1.5 seconds. Its incredible speed feats are possible due to its 10-kilowatt brushless electric motor, Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) motors, and 2,400-watt-hour lithium-ion battery. 


With thoughtful upgrades and safety as your priority, you can transform your electric go kart into your personal speed machine. Make sure you start with the changes that suit your budget and skill level, and remember to consider safety first!  Faster speeds mean even more thrills out on the track!

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