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How Fast Are Electric Go-Karts?

Want to go fast? With electric vehicles making waves, it’s only natural to question their speed, durability and appeal. So, how fast are electric go karts? I’ve spent enough time in the recreational automotive industry, from reviews to carrying out builds, and I’ll share everything that I know about E karts and speed. 

How Fast Are Electric Go-Karts?

Many electric go karts are within the 25 to 50 miles per hour speed range. Alternately, high-quality models can reach speeds of about 84 miles per hour. These karts accelerate remarkably from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about three seconds. 

A racer with his hands on the go kart's steering wheel

Most notably, the Blue Shock Race electric go kart set a new speed record of 101.3 miles per hour. These automobiles can go even faster with the addition of performance mods. 

Electric motors deliver instant acceleration, meaning there is no delay between instantly hitting the pedal and feeling acceleration. Factors like motor power, the weight of the kart, and even track conditions can influence how fast you go. 

Things to Consider When Getting an Electric Go Kart

Apart from their raw speed, E karts are also known for their quietness and zero emissions, which make them suitable for indoor tracks and environmentally conscious riders. Still, that’s not everything to these automobiles. Here are some things to think about when you’re choosing an E kart:

  • Motor Power: Electric motors produce power rated in either kilowatts (KW) or horsepower (HP). The more power, the higher the speeds they can reach and the faster you’ll accelerate your go kart.
  • Kart Weight: Like a standard car, a lighter go kart could be faster for a given amount of power. Many high-performance models use lightweight materials to increase their speed.
  • Battery Technology: The battery stores the energy to power the motor. Larger batteries with better technology will sustain the kart’s speed for longer.

Types of Electric Go-Karts and Their Speeds

Let’s take a closer look at some different categories of battery-powered go karts and how their speeds tend to differ:

  • Rental Karts: These are found at most amusement parks or dedicated go kart tracks. They typically reach speeds between 25 and 35 miles per hour and often have speed limiters for safety reasons.
  • High-Performance Karts: These are karts specifically designed for racing or serious enthusiasts. They can reach speeds over 50 miles per hour, and some specialized racing karts have even exceeded 100 miles per hour!
  • DIY E Karts: Building a battery-powered kart means endless speed customization possibilities. You can choose components and designs to create a uniquely fast (or slow) go kart experience.
A smiling man riding on a go kart

What Counts as Maintenance for Electric Go-Karts?

While E karts may require less maintenance than gas-powered karts, keeping them in good condition could be a key to increasing their performance and safety. Focus on these good maintenance practices to increase your go kart performance:

  • Tire Pressure and Wear: Go-kart tires that are properly inflated and have good tread can provide the best grip for maximum acceleration and speed. You should routinely inspect your tires for wear, even before every drive.  
  • Chain/Belt Alignment and Lubrication: Properly aligning and lubricating your go kart chain can reduce friction. This means more of the motor’s power goes to propelling the go kart rather than fighting resistance.
  • Cleanliness and Aerodynamics: An unnecessary drag might not slow a clean kart. For high-speed karts, even small changes to the shape of your go kart can improve how they slice through the air.
  • Brake System: If your go kart has good-functioning brakes, it can prevent unnecessary accidents. Worn pads or insufficient fluid may prevent you from carrying as much speed through the corners.
  • Wheel Bearings: Smoothly rolling wheels can minimize the energy lost and contribute to maintaining the speed of your go kart.
  • Battery Maintenance: Keeping your go-kart’s batteries in peak condition will keep it in top condition. Some maintenance tips include using an automatic trickle charger to maintain the right charge level, managing battery temperature, and replacing batteries per the manufacturer’s instructions.  

How Do Electric Go-Karts Compare to Gas Go-Karts?

Battery-powered go karts have several advantages and drawbacks compared to gas-powered karts. Here’s a breakdown for deciding which suits your racing style:

  • Speed: Electric go karts are faster than gas karts because they accelerate quicker due to the “Instant torque” delivery and evenly distributed weight. 
  • Noise and Emission Levels: E karts usually win hands down here! They’re much quieter and produce zero emissions, which makes them good for indoor tracks.
  • Maintenance: Battery-powered karts are generally easier or less complex to maintain than gas models. This is usually due to their few mechanical components, prone to wear and tear. 
Two adult woman riding a go kart

Related Questions

Learn more about the fascinating nature of electric karts. Some common questions and surprising answers will take your understanding of go karts to the next level.

What Is the Fastest EV Kart?

The Blue Shock Race go kart holds the current record for fastest electric go kart, reaching 101.3 mph!

Can Go Karts Go 100 Mph? 

Yes, they can. Some racing karts even exceed 100 miles per hour. Still, you typically will not experience this at a rental track, as these karts have an allotted speed limit.

Are Electric or Gas Go Karts Faster? 

Battery-powered karts are typically faster than their gas-powered counterparts because of the instant torque delivery.


Electric karts offer a unique driving experience. Their instant acceleration and speeds range from family-friendly fun to serious racing thrills. With their quieter operation and zero emissions, go karts represent the future of the racing sport. So, if you’re looking for an exciting way to get behind the wheel, try an E kart!

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