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The Top 5 Go Karts Cleveland

Did you know there was a Grand Prix Race in Cleveland? Go Karts Cleveland Indy Cars! What a trio that is!

The Grand Prix of Cleveland was last raced in 2007. The race was held at the Burke Lakefront Airport. A perfect flat open long track that made for some awesome racing.

Cleveland has some really awesome go karts that everyone can enjoy. They are fast, exciting and will test your skills.

My favorite is High Voltage Karting. The overall experience makes this place my favorite. Check out the details here!

Go Karts Cleveland Top 5

  1. BOSS Pro-Karting and Axe Throwing
  2. High Voltage Indoor Karting
  3. K1 Speed 
  4. Scene75 Entertainment Center | Cleveland
  5. Swings-N-Things Fun Park

Check out the top 5 go kart tracks to visit in Cleveland, Ohio. If you haven’t tried go karting yet what is stopping you? Check this out to see why you should start go kart racing!

1. BOSS Pro-Karting


1 Race: $25

2 Races: $44

3 Races: $60

5 Races: $90

**Racing License is required: $6


Monday and Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday and Thursday: 12 PM – 10 PM

Friday and Saturday: 12 PM – 12 AM

Sunday: 12 PM – 10 PM

Requirements to Race

  • Closed Toed Shoes are Required
  • Must be at least 14 years old
  • Must be 56″ or taller
  • Drivers 8-13 years old and a least 50″ tall will race the Junior X1 Go Karts
  • Junior Racers must complete the $20 Rookie Training

For tips on what to wear when go karting click here!

BOSS Pro-Karting – Go Kart Racing Cleveland

Go Karting in Cleveland will never be the same. Indoor Electric Go Karts have come on by storm in the past 10 years or so. The speed, power, and ease of use indoors makes them very attractive. At Boss Pro-karting that is no exception. They have some of the fastest electric go karts on the market!

The Go Karts are built by SODI. One of the racing and rental go kart manufacturers in the world! These are not your grandad’s go karts. These are modern racing machines that need to be handled with respect.

These particular SODI go-karts have 20 HP. Pushing you to speeds of up to 45+ MPH. Most people do not have a concept of what that feels like in a go kart. The adrenaline rush of going that fast so close to the ground and other racers is exhilarating.

Boss Pro-Karting is a fantastic go karting location to take your family to have fun and race some go karts. Especially if you are already racers. Each race is about 7 minutes which should get you about 15-20 laps.

Your lap times are recorded and whoever has the fastest lap time, wins. The track is based off of famous tracks in Ohio. I used to race at G&J Kart way when I was younger. That track was a blast with high-speed turns paired with low-speed technical parts.

If you had enough go kart racing for the day and would like to keep playing you can throw axes. Axe Throwing has become more and more popular to pair with go karting. The combination of these two activities makes Boss Pro-karting a great location to have a birthday party, corporate event, bachelor or Bachelorette party and a family party.

2. High Voltage Indoor Karting


Single Race Adults: $22.95

Single Race Juniors: $17.95

**Yearly Membership: $19.95/$14.95

The membership knocks about $3 off the cost of a race


Monday – Thursday: 3 PM – 9 PM

Friday: 12 PM – 10 PM

Saturday: 11 AM – 10 PM

Sunday: 11 AM – 8 PM

Requirements to Race

Adult Racers

  • Must be at least 14 years old and 58″ tall
  • Closed toed shoes are required
  • These go karts are designed for adults no taller than 6’6″ and 300lbs

Junior Racers

  • No age requirement. The Recommended age is 6-13 years old
  • Must be at least 48″ tall
  • Closed toed shoes are required

For tips on what to wear when go karting click here!

High Voltage Indoor Karting – Go Karts Cleveland

High Voltage Indoor Karting is another great indoor electric go kart track. It is about 45 minutes South of Cleveland but that is a short drive for the fun you will have.

The OTL Storm go kart is a top-of-the-line machine that rivals all other indoor electric go karts. The Pro Karts will push speeds of 50 mph! Don’t worry, all of the go karts are designed with safety in mind. Each go kart is fitted with 360 degrees of bumpers, roll bar, and four-point safety harness.

Electric go karts are becoming so popular due to the ease of use indoors. There are no oils, gas, or fumes. Just plug them in when you are finished racing and that’s it!

The Location – Best Go Kart Tracks in Ohio

The go karts are what you will show up for. Once you are finished you might as well get a hotel! The location is fantastic. There is the Foundry Social which is right next to the go kart track. Also, there is MAD Brewing Company right next to the go kart track.

Between the two food and drink venues this is going to be a great night out and everyone is for sure to have a good time!

3. K1 Speed


Most Popular
Speed pass – $59.95 (Includes 2 Races, T-Shirt, and a membership)

1 Race – $24.95

2 Races – $44.95

3 Races – $59.95


Monday – Thursday:  12 PM – 10 PM

Friday: 12 PM – 12 AM

Saturday: 10 AM – 12 AM

Sunday: 10 AM – 10 PM

Requirements to Race

  • Junior racers required minimum height is 48″
  • Adult racers required minimum height is 58″
  • Closed toed shoes required
  • No loose fitted clothing like dresses
  • All safety equipment is provided

For tips on what to wear when go karting click here!

K1 Speed – Indoor Go Karting Cleveland

K1 Speed is the Juggernaut of the indoor electric go kart world. They have the most locations with the most consistent racing experience. The reason they are not number one on the list is because of the distance they are from Cleveland. To drive an hour is a little far, but still worth it.

The go karts are 20 hp electric monsters that are fast! These go karts fly. I’ve raced them and it is awesome. They are fast enough to challenge any racer to hit their marks and have fun trying. The beauty in electric go karts is the torque produced. The pure power you feel when you mash the accelerator is exhilarating.

The facilities too are great. With the Paddock Lounge on site, you just walk over and order a meal. Having everything under one roof makes racing and having fun super easy.

If you are curious about getting started in go kart racing or having your child start go kart racing, K1 Speed is the perfect place.

4. Scene75 Entertainment Center | Cleveland


Single Race: $10

**Passengers: FREE


Sunday – Thursday: 11 AM – 9 PM

Friday: 11 AM – 11 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 12:30 AM

Requirements to Race

  • Drivers must be 54″ tall
  • Must be under 350 lbs.
  • Closed toed shoes required
  • Passengers must be 36″ tall

For tips on what to wear when go karting click here!

Scene75 – Indoor Karting Cleveland

Looking for the next great family fun experience? Scene 75 in Cleveland is the best place to go!

They have everything there to have a great time with the family. The go karts are fun but not the fastest in the area. These go karts are geared toward families and younger kids. They have double seater go karts that are free for the passenger to ride along!

Honesty, if you are having a family outing and taking a younger child along with you, it is best you have a slower go kart. Give the child a chance to ease into the speeds of go karts.

Along with the go karts there are a ton of other fun activities to do! Including an Arcade, Laser Tag, and Mini Golf plus much more! Check out all of the attractions on their site!

5. Swings-N-Things Fun Park


Karts Plus Pass: $39.99 (Unlimited Go Karts)

Grand Prix Single Race: $12.50
**Passenger: $3.99

Rookie Track Single Race: $9.50


Monday – Thursday: 12 PM – 7 PM

Friday: 12 PM – 9 PM

Saturday: 12 PM – 8 PM

Sunday: 12 PM – 6 PM

Requirements to Race

  • Must be 58″ tall to drive
  • Must be 3 years old and 40″ tall to ride as a passenger
  • Must be 18 years or older to drive a passenger
  • Must be 48″ tall to drive on the Rookie Track

For tips on what to wear when go karting click here!

Swings-N-ThingsGo Karts Cleveland Ohio

For an outdoor summertime go karting trip Swings-N-Things is a great spot. They have everything you need for an awesome outdoor family trip.

The go karts are outdoor gas go karts. The slower speeds of these go karts make them perfect for families and kids. This is not the best place to visit in the winter and race go karts. With it being outside you will freeze your butt off trying to race.

When we raced in the Gold Cup in early spring and late fall the first morning practice was cold. When we came off the track our hands would be stiff in the position we had gripped the steering wheel! Not the most fun!

In the summertime this is the place to be. Pairing with the go karts you have water sports, bowling, Batting Cages, Arcade Games and much more!

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