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Top 5 Go karts Waterbury, CT | Best Go Kart Tracks in Connecticut

Find the best go karts in Waterbury, CT. For a smaller state Connecticut has some pretty amazing go karts to choose from.

These are the Top 5 Go Karts Waterbury, CT!

Maybe you will get the racing bug after you race some go karts in Connecticut! Check out these insane shifter go karts getting after it!

Go Karts Waterbury, CT

  1. Brass City Raceway & Axe Throwing
  2. RPM Raceway | Race Play More
  3. R & B Sports World
  4. Urban Air Go-Kart
  5. On Track Karting Wallingford

Check out the top 5 go kart tracks to visit in Waterbury, CT. If you haven’t tried go karting yet what is stopping you? Check this out to see why you should start go kart racing!

1. Brass City Raceway & Axe Throwing


VIP Combo Package – $47.99

  • 1 Hour Axe throwing
  • 1 Go Kart Race
  • $10 Arcade Card

1 Race: $25

2 Races: $42

3 Races: $58

5 Races: $79


Tuesday – Thursday: 2 PM – 9 PM

Friday: 2 PM – 10 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 10 PM

Sunday: 10 AM – 8 PM

Requirements to Race

  • Must be 7 years or older
  • Must be at least 48″ Tall
  • Avoid loose fitted clothing
  • Wear closed toed shoes to protect your feet

If you are unsure on what to wear when go karting, click here!

Brass City RacewayGo Karts Waterbury, CT

Brass City is the best indoor go kart track in Waterbury, CT. Waterbury has some really go karts but Brass City knocks it out of the park!

Indoor go kart racing is one of the most popular forms of go kart racing these days. The ability to race the advanced machines indoors without the smell of fumes or weather conditions makes electric go karts the best!

Brass City Raceway utilizes OTL Go karts. These are some of the most advanced E-Karts on the market. With superior power and speed you will not be disappointed!

The Facility – Best Go Karts in Waterbury

Brass City Raceway and Axe throwing is not just a place to hang out and race go karts. While most people will have fun with that, there is much more to do!

You will also find Axe Throwing and Indoor Batting Cages! A one stop shop for a good time!

2. RPM Raceway


1 Race: $20

3 Races: $50

5 Races: $80

7 Races: $99

Requirements to Race

  • Adult Racers – Must be at least 4’10” tall with a valid driver’s license
  • Non-Licensed Racers – Must be at least 4’10” tall and at least 13 years of age
  • Junior Racers – Must be at least 4′ tall and at least 6 years old
  • Closed toed shoes are required to race
  • Be sure to tie up long hair
  • Avoid wearing loose or baggy clothing

If you are unsure on what to wear when go karting, click here!

RPM Raceway – Best Go Karts in Waterbury, CT

RPM is an indoor electric go kart track in southern Connecticut. You are almost to New York really. This track is a little far but still worth the drive.

This go karting location boasts 20 HP electric go karts that push 50+ MPH!

I don’t think you are ready for this! These go karts are seriously fast and fun. They offer some great features as well that make them safe and easy to drive.

Go Kart Features at RPM

The seats have fore and aft adjustments. Making adjustments for taller or shorter drivers easy.

The axles are actually a differential. A solid live axle usually causes understeer. But the differential allows easy steering and racing.

The go karts have full bumpers and brake lights for extra safety as well. Best part is kids as young as 6 years old and 4′ tall can race!

The Facility

The building is top of the line. Are there just go karts to race?

No! There is so much more!

Check out their website to learn more. Here is a list of what they have in Stamford, CT.

  • Arcade
  • Bowling
  • VR
  • Simulators
  • Birthday Parties and Events

3. R & B Sports World


Pacer Racer Go Karts: $7

Indy Racer Go Karts: $8

Two-Seater Go Karts: $8

**Private events are available. Check out their website for the cost and details!


Hours will change with the weather and the seasons.

Be sure to check their Facebook Page to get the latest updates!

Requirements to Race

  • Pacer Racer – Must be 8 years and older
  • Indy Racer – Must be 12 years and older
  • Double Seater – Adults 16 and older must drive a passenger
  • Be sure to avoid loose and baggy clothing
  • Tie up and secure long hair

If you are unsure on what to wear when go karting, click here!

R & B Sports World – Family Go Karts in Waterbury

R & B Sports world is a family-oriented location. It’s all about getting everyone in on the fun. There is a go kart for everyone and something for everyone to do!

The Go Karts at R & B

Yes, these go karts are not the high-speed racing machines that are at other locations. But that is ok! This place is meant for families. These are the perfect go karts that allow everyone to have a good time.

The Pacer Racer tops out at 16 MPH and the Indy Racer maxes out at 24 MPH. These are considerably slower, so if you are a bunch of youngins looking for some super-fast go karts maybe head over to the other places in this list.

So Much Fun at R & B Sports World

There is so much to do at this place that you will need the entire day to get through it all. From the Go Karts to the Bumper Cars here is a list of everything you can play at R & B.

  • Go Karts
  • Bumper Cars
  • Mini Golf
  • Playground
  • Ice Cream Shoppe
  • Batting Cages

4. Urban Air Go-Kart


1 Race: $17.99

3 Races: $39.99

Tickets Starting at $25

Memberships starting at $25.29/Month


Monday and Tuesday: 4 PM – 8 PM

Wednesday: 2 PM – 8 PM

Thursday: 4 PM – 8 PM

Friday: 4 PM – 9 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 9 PM

Sunday: 11 AM – 8 PM

If you are unsure on what to wear when go karting, click here!

Urban Air Go Karts – Go Karts for Kids

Urban Air is a kids play place dream! There are so many activities and things to do. Especially in the winter months. Everything is inside so you can have some fun, get moving and be inside out of the weather.

The go karts are for kids. This is not a place for adults to go and have fun on fast go karts. These are slow and kind of underwhelming really.

For young kids though, they are perfect. They allow kids to get the feel of racing and controlling their own go kart.

If you are looking for an all-around fun place to go with lots of activities. This is the place!

5. On Track Karting Wallingford


1 Race: $25

3 Races: $54

6 Races: $96


Monday – Friday: 2 PM – 10 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 12 PM – 10 PM

Requirements to Race

  • Junior Karting
    • Must be at least 50″ tall
    • Weigh no more than 200 lbs
    • Per evaluation your child may be able to race the adult go karts if they are 12 years old and 55″ tall. They must show skill, courtesy and good decision making skills
  • Adult Karting
    • Must be at least 15 years of age
  • Pro Karting
    • Ages 18 and up
    • Must become a member of the pro club
  • All safety equipment is provided
  • Always be sure to wear closed toed shoes
  • Avoid loose or baggy clothing

If you are unsure on what to wear when go karting, click here!

On Track Karting at Wallingford

Are you ready for a serious indoor karting experience?

Some of the fastest and most advanced go karts are located at On Track Karting. At Wallingford they have a lot of fun things to do. But by far the best are the go karts. These are fast, gas powered, and offered to multiple age groups.

The Go Karts at Wallingford

These go karts are Sodi built and produced. Sodi builds a top of the line product. Gas powered go karts allow for insanely fun racing. The sounds, smells, and power will win you over. Click here to learn more about Sodi.

The Track – Wallingford Go Karts

The Track is amazing. With elevation changes and twists and turns. This is a challenging place to race. The ups and downs are especially fun when paired with entry and exits of corners. This allows for some great opportunities to make some passes!

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