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4 Best Go Karts Springfield MO | Go Karting for all Ages

There are some great go karts in Springfield and around the Springfield area.

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Everything from family friendly to super-fast racing go karts.

If you find that you like renting, go karts, maybe look into a drifting go kart or a pedal go kart!

These types are great transitions for kids to get comfortable on four wheels

Dirt racing in Springfield is also a great way to enter the sport of racing. These cars are a couple levels up from go karting, but the sounds, smells, and action may get you hooked into the sport of racing.

Go Karts Springfield MO

  1. Springfield’s Incredible Pizza Company
  2. E3 Speedway
  3. Xtreme Racing Center of Branson
  4. The Track Family Fun Parks

Check out the top go kart tracks to visit in Springfield, MO. If you haven’t tried go karting yet, what is stopping, you? Check this out to see why you should start go kart racing!

1. Springfield’s Incredible Pizza Company


1 Go Kart Race: $6.50

Go Karts Springfield MO Go Kart Coupons Ultimate Eat & Play


Sunday: 11 am – 9 pm

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 11 am – 9 pm

Thursday: 11 am – 9 pm

Friday: 11 am – 9:30 pm

Saturday: 11 am – 10 pm

Requirements to Race

  • Driver must be at least 50 inches tall to drive in a NASCAR Junior race
  • Driver must be at least 54 inches tall & at least 14 years old to drive in a NASCAR Pro race
  • Passenger must be between and 40 inches and 50 inches tall
  • Driver of the passenger must be at least 18 years old

What to wear when you go go karting?

Springfield’s Incredible Pizza Company -Indoor Go Karts in Springfield MO

The Incredible Pizza Company has plenty of exciting attractions featuring the following.

  • Virtual Reality
  • Arcade
  • Tiny Town
  • Lost in Space tilt a whirl
  • La Bamba – Spinning ride
  • Laser Tag
  • Bumper Cars
  • Mini Bowling
  • Spring Town Trampoline Park

But None of those attractions match the fun, intensity and thrill of the Go-karts! The Go Karts are meant for all ages, and you can ride solo or as a pair for even more fun!

The go karts are indoor electric powered go karts. That means no fumes, stink, or noise. That is great for some kids and people. Personally, I love the sound of a roaring end.

The Food – Go Karts in Springfield

Of course, they sell food. At the buffet you can get the following.

  • Pizza
  • Salads
  • Taco Bar
  • Desserts

2. E3 Speedway – Go Karts Springfield MO

Location: 22798 Lawrence 2040 Ash Grove Mo

Go out 266 to Z Hwy go north on Z to Fm Rd 2045 go west to FM RD 2040 go West again (you will go around a curve on 20

Phone: 417-491-4447

Website: E3 Speedway | Facebook


Pit Passes: $10

Entry Fee: $35


Gates Open at 5 pm

Racing Starts at 7 pm

Stay tuned to their Facebook page for any updates!

E3 Speedway – Real Dirt Go Kart Racing in Springfield

Not far outside of Springfield is E3 Speedway. A hometown local dirt track. This track is a small bull ring style dirt track.

These tracks make for some of the best races and most fun to watch. The racing is fast and competitive. Most of the time the racers know each other so the racing is even more fun to watch.

If you were looking to get into go kart racing this is the place to be. Racers love to get new blood into the sport. Speak with some of the racers and learn more about the sport.

Racers can teach you a lot. Especially about specific adjusts to the kart like caster and camber adjustments. These lessons can take years to learn on your own. Lean on some of the experience you can get from racers!

3. Xtreme Racing Center of Branson


2 Race Package: $34.99

3 Race Package: $44.99

5 Race Package: $59.99

All Re-Rides: $12.99


Monday – Thursday: 11 am – 7 pm

Friday – Sunday: 10 am – 10 pm

Requirements to Race

  • Closed toed shoes required
  • Drivers must be 12 years old and 58″ tall to drive the go karts
  • Junior racers must be 48″ tall to drive

What to wear when you go go karting?

Xtreme Racing Center – Go Karts Near Springfield, MO

Take a little drive and head south to Branson. Down there you will find Xtreme Racing Center of Branson. An outdoor go kart track with some super-fast and fun go karts!

These go karts are offered to adults and juniors based on the height and age of the racer. See the Requirements to Race for more info.

The track is outdoors and 3,500′ long! The races last about 6 minutes. This is a perfect go kart track for parties and group events. This is also a great family friendly activity for the whole family regardless of age.

4. The Track Family Fun Parks


TrackSingle PriceDriver + Passenger
Wild Woody Wooden Track$12.99$17.98
Road Course Track$12.99$17.98
Classic Go-Karts$11.99$16.98
Rookie Go-Karts$9.99N/A
Kiddie Go-Karts$9.99N/A
Heavy Metal High Rise$12.99$17.98
Go Karts Springfield MOGo Kart Coupons Go Karts Branson


For specific hours stay up to date at Five Star Parks Hours & Schedule page!

Requirements to Race

  • Wild Woody Wooden Track: Drivers – 58″/ Passengers – 36″
  • Road Course Track: Drivers must be 58″ and Passengers must be between 36″ – 58″
  • Classic Go-Karts – Drivers must be 54″ and Passengers must be 36″ and up
  • Rookie Go-Karts – Drivers must be 48″ and taller
  • Kiddie Go-Karts – Must be 4 years old and 38″ or taller
  • Heavy Metal High Rise – Drivers must be 58″ and Passengers must be between 36″ and 58″

What to wear when you go go karting?

The Track Family Fun Parks – Best Go Karts in Missouri

I am not sure if there is a higher concentrated area of go karts than Springfield, MO. The Track Family Fun Parks has packed 7 fantastic go karting tracks into a super small area.

If you were looking for go karts Springfield MO go to The Track Family Fun Parks in Branson.

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