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3 Best Go Kart Tracks in Savannah, GA

Check out the newest go kart track in the Savannah, GA area!

Indy Karting and Amusement is the latest indoor go karting facility that will blow you away with their insanely fast go karts and welcoming family atmosphere!

Fun Zone has slower go kart but has options for little kids. Adventure Hilton Head offers family go-karts as well with options for the little ones to ride along.

Go Karts Savannah is about having fun with your friends and family! Find the best go kart track for your needs!

Indy Karting – Best Go Kart Track near Savannah, GA

As you can see these go karts are fast, high quality and the facility is amazing!

3 Best Go Kart Tracks in Savannah, Georgia

  1. Indy Karting & Amusement
  2. Fun Zone
  3. Adventure Hilton Head
  4. Tractor Supply Co.

Go Kart racing is the building block for all motorsports. You will learn hard work, patience, determination and racing skills that will set you up for success in the future.

On Better Karting you can learn how to set up your go kart and why certain chassis adjustments have the effect they do. Search all of my racing tips here to learn more!

1. Indy Karting & Amusement


  • MON-THU: 12:00PM – 9:00PM
  • FRI: 12:00PM – 10:00PM
  • SAT: 10:00AM – 10:00PM
  • SUN: 10:00AM – 9:00PM
Best Go Kart Track in Savannah, GA
Go Karts Bluffton, SC
Go Karts Bluffton, SC

Requirements to Race

  • Junior racers must be 49″ tall
  • Adult racers must be 58″ tall
  • Always be sure to secure long hair. Tie your hair up or tuck it in your collar.
  • Closed toed shoes are REQUIRED

If you need some more information on what to wear while go karting, click the link!

Indy Karting – Indoor Go Karts Savannah

Looking for the best go kart tracks near Savannah, GA? Look no further than Indy Karting and Amusement in Bluffton, SC, where the thrill of racing meets Italian race-inspired karts on an elevated, challenging, and incredibly fun track.

Indy Karting offers an exhilarating experience that caters to both seasoned racers and first-time novices. Whether you’re an experienced speedster or a teenager looking to try your hand at racing, Indy Karting has you covered.

Go Kart Tracks Savannah, GA

If you’re at least 49″ tall, you’re ready to hop into our junior karts and hit the track. For the adults, a height of 58″ is the ticket to race in our adult karts. Racing is a walk-in affair during our opening hours. When you arrive, a simple registration process – signing our waiver (valid for a year), purchasing your races, and scheduling – gets you all set for action.

While walk-ins are welcome, reservations are a smart move, especially on weekends and during peak times. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on the fun due to long waits.

Looking for more personalized action? Our one-on-one lessons are the perfect opportunity to fine-tune your skills before the track heats up. For $99.99 per hour, you’ll get the expertise you need to take on the competition.

When it’s time to race, Indy Karting sets the stage with a time-based format. Fastest Lap takes the crown, with drivers taking the karts in a random order and racing for a set duration. Adult races stretch over eight minutes, while junior races clock in at eight minutes as well. The one with the best lap time takes the victory lap.

At Indy Karting, it’s not just about racing; it’s about embracing the adrenaline, the competition, and the sheer joy of the track. So, if you’re in the mood for an unforgettable racing experience, Indy Karting is your go-to destination. Strap in, rev up, and get ready to make some racing memories!

2. Fun Zone


Please check with Fun Zone’s go karting calendar for the most up to date hours of operation


There are 3 go kart tracks to choose from. The Road course & figure 8, Hi-Bank Track, and the Kiddy Kart Track.

Road Course

Single Kart – $10
Double Kart – $14

HI Bank Track – $12

Kiddy Kart$10

Go Karts Savannah

Requirements to Race

  • Driver for single kart must be 54″ tall
  • Passenger for double karts must be 36″-42″
  • Driver of the double kart must have a valid ID
  • Hi-Bank drivers must be 16 years or older with a valid ID
  • Kiddy Kart drivers must be 42″-54″
  • It is always a good idea to wear closed shoes when driving go karts
  • Be sure to tie up the long hair!

If you need some more information on what to wear while go karting, click the link!

Fun Zone – Go Kart Racing in Savannah

Fun Zone is another great family outing for the entire group. Located a bit closer to Savannah so the trip is a little easier.

Fun Zone offers multiple options for the different levels of go karters. The Hi-Bank track is for the older racers, the Kiddy Karts are for the little ones, and the Road course karts are for all children and adults!

You will find beautifully crafted concrete tracks with outdoor seating to catch all the action. My favorite is the oval. The high bank corners allow you to drive the kart deeper into the corner without losing control!

The road course gives you plenty of time and choices to make passes. Apex late and set yourself up for the next corner to make that pass.

Does braking make you a better go kart racer? Read this and figure out why braking will make you faster!

Fun Zone – Go Karts

The go karts you will be racing at Fun Zone are powered by gas. They are also not as fast as the karts you will find at Indy Karting.

These are your typical go karts you would find at any rental go kart track. Nothing wrong with that, just they are not as fast as Indy Karting.

3. Adventure Hilton Head


Sun: Closed

Mon: Closed

Tue – Sat: 9am – 5pm


Single Rider: $15

Buy 5 or more rides for a discounted rate!

Requirements to Race

  • Double kart driver must be 16 years old with a valid driver’s license
  • Double kart passenger must at least be 3 years old and 36″ tall. Must also weigh less than 150lbs
  • Closed toed shoes are always recommended when racing go karts
  • Tie up loose clothing or long hair

If you need some more information on what to wear while go karting, click the link!

Adventure Hilton Head – Go Karts Near Savannah, GA

Come race a winding road course through the trees just on the outskirts of Savannah!

At Adventure Hilton Head you will find a fun family outing where go karting is the center of the action.

They have single and double karts to choose from. They are also electric so no fumes or gas to deal with.

This is a great family experience since kids as young as 3 and 36″ tall can ride along. I know my 3-year-old would love that!

Other attractions at Adventure Hilton Head are the Zipline tours and the Aerial Adventure High Ropes.

There is light snacks and water available. But for actual meals Paddles Food Truck is on site to feed the hungry. If for some reason they are not present Up the Creek Pub & Grill is a family-friendly restaurant only a 5-minute walk away.

Looking for Go Karts for Sale in Savannah?

A fantastic place to buy a go kart is Tractor Supply

You may think, I am looking for a go kart not a plow!

Tractor supply offers plenty of options for adults, kids and teens. Everything from pedal karts to full roll cage and full suspension go karts.

Click here to see some of the go karts Tractor Supply has!

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