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Top 4 Best Go Kart Tracks in Memphis, TN

This venue deserves a visit if you are in the area. Dirt racing is very exciting with a lot of bumping and banging. High wide and handsome these racers get after it in Memphis!

Go Karts Memphis, TN

Memphis is known as the Home of the Blues and the Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Memphis has deep roots in music. People love different types of music. For a group of Memphis go karters the music might be a little different. 

You may wonder why is this relevant? This is supposed to be about go karts.  

An engine singing full song, an electric motor whining to max torque, tires squealing, bumpers banging, and people cheering.  These are all examples of music to my ears when thinking Memphis. Racers are a different breed. Like I said there are all kinds of music out there. 

The Best Go Karts Memphis 

  1. Autobahn Memphis 
  2. Memphis’ Incredible Pizza Company
  3. Golf and Games Family Park
  4. Jonesboro Karting Complex 

Let’s take a deeper dive into these tracks so you can get to racing!

1. Autobahn Memphis


  • MONDAY – THURSDAY: 11:00am – 10:00pm
  • FRIDAY: 11:00am – Midnight
  • SATURDAY: 10:00am – Midnight
  • SUNDAY: 10:00am – 10:00pm



Monday – ThursdayFriday – Sunday 
Single Race: $19.99Single Race $24.99
Buy 2 Get 1 Free $39.99Buy 2 Get 1 Free $49.99
5 Races $74.995 Races $74.99
8 Races $99.998 Races $99.99

Autobahn Memphis Details

Autobahn is a nationwide franchise that I have personally raced at their Autobahn Jessup location. I love racing their go karts. Autobahn Indoor Speedway is a great place to enjoy some competitive go kart racing with your family or friends.

Memphis Autobahn Go Karts

The go karts are nothing to shake a stick at. The F1-inspried go karts are manufactured in Italy. Thay are electric and super-fast. Reaching speeds up to 50 Mph! For more information about the specifics you can read more on the Memphis Autobahn web page here.

If you haven’t noticed I have used the word “racing” a lot so far to describe Memphis Autobahn. These go karts are some of the closest you will get to real racing go karts. With that being said there are some safety items you will be required to wear.

The Memphis Autobahn supplies a DOT approved helmet for you to wear. Also, you are required to wear closed toes shoes. A good safety tip for any type of go kart racing is to avoid loose fitted clothing, unsecured long hair and excessive jewelry. Long pants such as jeans (without the holes) and a light long sleeve shirt for rental go karts is fine.

2. Memphis’ Incredible Pizza Company

Hours of Operation

The hours and schedule can vary. For the most up to date schedule and hours of operation please visit their website here.

Go Karts Memphis Pricing

$6.50 per ride


  • Electric Go Karts
  • Spinning Roller Coaster
  • Amusement rides
  • Aracade
  • Mini Bowling
  • Laser Tag
  • Bumper Cars
  • XD Theater
  • Buffett
  • Play area

Go Karts in Memphis are not as abundant as some other cities out there. There are many more go karting experiences in larger cities. Quality over quantity as my grandpa would say. Memphis’ Incredible Pizza Company is a prime example. Everything you need to have a perfect day with the family is here waiting for you.

The Go Karts

The Go Karts are electric powered. As I have covered in other go karting pages the benefits of electric go karts are torque, no emissions, and no oils or gas. They take pride in making sure the Maintenance is up to date and the go karts are kept safe.

The go karts also have a safety guard rail around the wheels, adjustable seat belts, and adjustable seats. Time is taken before each race to make sure every driver knows what to do.

To ride the go karts there are some rules that need followed. For the detailed list visit their rules page here.

  • 50″ tall for NASCAR Junior Race
  • 54″ tall for NASCAR PRO Race
  • Passenger must be between 40″-50″
  • The driver of the Passenger must be 18
  • Passengers only on the Junior Race
  • Secure shoulder length hair and loose clothing

Along with the go karts they have a lot to offer. The food onsite is a Buffet style with everything you could want. The buffet has over 150 different types of food. Those picky eaters won’t have an excuse now!

If go karts brings you to Memphis’ Incredible Pizza Company that’s great. Even if you don’t even ride the go karts. Memphis’ Incredible Pizza Company is an awesome place to enjoy some time with the family having fun.

3. Golf and Games Family Park


Mon – Thur 4PM – 9 PM

Friday 4PM- 10PM

Saturday 10AM – 10PM

Sunday 1PM – 9PM

Additional hours information found here.


1 Attraction Ticket $10.00
3 Attraction Tickets $27.00
5 Attraction Tickets $44.00
10 Attraction Tickets $80.0

Attractions Include the following

  • Go-Karts
  • Bumper Boats
  • Spin Zone
  • Putt-Putt
  • Maxflight
  • Lasertron
  • Hologate


  • Game Room
  • Driving range
  • Golf Lessons
  • Fun land
  • Baseball
  • Group Picnics
  • Family Reunions

Go Karts Memphis Golf and Games Family Park

The go karts at Golf and Games Memphis are outdoors gas powered go karts. They look to be your typical fun karts you would see at a family-oriented go kart track. They are not going to be as fast as the electric Memphis Autobahn go karts. If you are looking for a good time family outing Golf and Games will be perfect.

There are two different go karts to choose from. Mostly depending on height and age.

Memphis Super Track

The super track is a quarter mile long with twists and turns. The walls are lined with tires acting as a cushion if impacted. The engines are 8 HP Hondas producing some fun speeds. To drive the Memphis super track, you must be 54″ or have a valid driver’s license. They do have double karts so the kiddos can join in.

Memphis Fun Track

If the kids want to race their own go kart Memphis Golf and Games has a separate go kart track dedicated for them. They will need to be between 44″ and 54″ to drive. These go karts are powered by 5.5 HP engines on a much smaller track. Kids love to drive their own go kart.

Other Games and Info

When you make it out to Memphis Golf and Games you will find there is plenty more to do other than racing go karts. They have other activities such as a Driving range with Top Tracer technology and Putt Putt golf. They also offer laser tag and a full Arcade. You might as well make a day and have fun with a little bit of everything. For more info on all of the attractions click here.

4. Jonesboro Karting Complex

Go Karts Memphis to the Extreme!

Well, this is a little different, isn’t it? A dirt track! We are in the south, so it is only fitting for the roots of racing been on full display. Racing started on dirt. Some of the best drivers come from a dirt background. For example, Kyle Larson who is taking NASCAR by storm.

Jonesboro Karting Complex is a 1/8-mile clay surfaced banked oval. Jonesboro is a member of MARS (Mid-American Racing Syndicate). High wide and Handsome these racers get after it in Memphis!

The racing starts on Saturday afternoons and carries over into the night. The racing is exciting and it will be sure to entertain. This venue deserves a visit if you are in the area. Dirt racing is very exciting with a lot of bumping and banging. High wide and handsome these racers get after it in Memphis!

Jonesboro Expansion

Jonesboro Karting Complex has plans in the works to build a 6/10 SODI sanctioned road racecourse and kart storage facilities. They plan to have RV hookups and facilities available.

Go Karts Memphis wrap up

The top four go kart stops in Memphis and around Memphis. For more great track listings visit the Track Hub here! Any questions or comments feel free to reach out!

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