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Top 4 Go Karts in Lansing Michigan | Best Go Karts in Michigan

Lansing, Michigan has some great go karts around town that are easy to get to. You can spend an entire week at these tracks! They are a lot of fun, and I would recommend a visit to any of the venues listed.

Top 5 Go Karts Lansing, MI

  1. High Caliber Karting and Entertainment
  2. East Lansing Kart Track
  3. Shepard’s Indoor Speedway
  4. Capitol Quarter Midgets
  5. Funtyme Adventure Parks

Check out How to Get Started in Go Kart racing and Kids Go Kart Racing to jump start your racing journey just like I did!

Full scale race car tracks

  • Corrigan Oil Speedway
  • Mid Michigan Raceway Park
  • Owosso Motorsports Park

1. High Caliber Karting and Entertainment










Single Race$23
Two Races$42  ($21 per race)
Three Races$54  ($18 per race)
Ten Races$150  ($15 per race)

Requirements to Race

  • Closed Toed shoes required
  • Long hair must be tied up and secured

High Caliber Karting and Entertainment – Lansing’s Premier Indoor Electric Go Karts

Lansing go karting would be a sad world without High Caliber Karting. The modern indoor electric go kart is a piece of machinery that needs to be cherished.

Go Karts Lansing

Featuring imported Italian electric go karts High Caliber Karting has one of the best go karting experiences around. The best part is these go karts are not tuned down. You will be pushing 50mph!

Each race is six minutes. Certainly, while you are out there you are racing against one another. But be aware the winner is the person with the fastest lap time. Racing is supposed to be fun so try not to let your inner competitor get the best of you.

The High-Speed Go Karts are just the beginning of the fun at High Caliber Karting. They also feature Combat Karting and Handicapable Go-Kart Racing.

Combat Karting

Combat Karting is like nothing you have ever raced before. It’s like a fighter jet on four wheels combined with Mario Kart! Remember in Mario Kart where you could drive through the blocks and pick up power ups? Check out this promo!

Handicapable Go Karting – Go Kart racing for the Handicap

I think this is the coolest feature yet. Go kart racing is such a thrill. Going as fast as possible and chasing down the kart in front of you. Even the feeling of being chased down is a thrill.

Due to the layout of a go kart using your arms and legs in unison it leaves some people out. I applaud High Caliber Karting for spending the extra time, money and effort on including everyone in the fun.

Additional Fun Things to do – Go Karts Lansing Weekend Fun Times

  • Ax Throwing
  • Rage Room
  • Arcade
  • Archery Tag
  • Gellyball Blasters
  • Pocket Soccer
  • Throw Bowling

There is a lot to do at High Caliber Karting and Entertainment! Come race some go karts! If you get made just walk over to the rage room to settle down!

2. East Lansing Kart Track

*East Lansing Kart Track is not a Rental Go Kart Track. Racing Every Sunday from April to October


Please visit the monthly schedule on

East Lansing Kart Track – Family Go Kart Racing

I can remember when I was 9 or 10 years old, and we were racing purple plate in the WKA Gold Cup Series. At the time it was the premier 4 cycle national series. We traveled from Maryland to East Lansing Michigan to race.

For some reason as a really young kid what I remember the most was the food we would get from the concession stands. They had really good cheeseburgers.

We had some good finishes but that beside the point. What I got out of racing here were the fun family memories we made. Learning the sport and having a lot of fun.

East Lansing Kart Track is a place to start your racing journey. Yes, you could go to a rental place and have fun for a couple hours. But investing in a go kart and racing with your family is priceless.

Take a trip out to East Lansing and watch some races. Talk to the folks there and learn some more.

3. Shepard’s Indoor Speedway


FRIDAY – 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

SATURDAY – 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm


$10.00 – 10 Minutes

$25.00 – 30 Minutes

$35.00 – 45 Minutes

$45.00 – 60 Minutes

Requirements to Race

  • Single seat go karts only
  • Must be 15 years old
  • Drivers under 18 must have a Parent/Guardian Signed Waiver to race
  • Must be 54″ tall
  • No Alcohol in the building

Shepard’s Indoor Speedway – Indoor Old School Go Karts

Take a trip back in time to Nascar in the Early 2000s. The iconic Viagra car driven by Mark Marin and the Interstate Battery car driven by Bobby Labonte. Also, the most iconic 3 of Dale Earnhardt.

Hop into one of the full-bodied go karts for some old school indoor go kart racing. Check out some of the awesome action below!

4. Capitol Quarter Midgets


Racing on Saturdays and Sundays from April Until October

Capitol Quarter Midgets – The Next Step from Go Karts

A Quarter Midget may seem like a strange name for a go kart. A go kart and quarter midget and two very different animals.

One of the main differences is the suspension. Being that a go kart does not have one a Quarter Midget is slightly more sophisticated. Requiring more skill behind the wheel and the in the pits.

A quarter midget is a great transition from a go kart to the next level of racing. By all means it is not necessary.

A quarter midget is usually driven by younger kids learning how to race. Watching those little wheel women and men out there is a lot of fun. They will surprise you with some of the sneaky passes and moves they make on the track.

Stop out and make it a family event. You never know, it might be you out there one day!

5. Funtyme Adventure Parks


Sunday – 10:30AM–9PM

Monday – 10:30AM–9PM

Tuesday – 10:30AM–9PM

Wednesday – 10:30AM–9PM

Thursday – 10:30AM–9PM

Friday – 10:30AM–9PM

Saturday – 10:30AM–9PM


Single Kart – $4.50

Double Kart – $5.00

Junior Kart – $4.00

Funtyme Adventure Parks – Outdoor Go Kart Racing

Funtyme Adventure Parks offers some fun outdoor gas go kart to cruise around for a good weekend activity. The track is a figure 8 style track wit slight banking through the corners.

Banked corners are really fun in go kart racing. You can hug the bottom and feel the G forces suck you into the seat. The added downforce helps you carry more spend to power by the competition.

Another great feature of Funtyme are the other activities they offer. Featuring Adventure Golf, Batting Cages, Driving Range, and an Arcade.

Go Karting only cost 4-6 dollars which is a steal. Even if these go karts are not the fastest in the Lansing area, they will still be a blast!

Lansing Michigan Racing – The Next Step

Did you fall in love with go kart racing? Do you feel like there is more to this racing world than just go karts? Are you looking for some racing near you?

Check out these other awesome race tracks. They do not have go kart racing but they do have some really awesome series to watch.

Mid-Michigan Raceway Park – Dirt Oval, family friendly racing and fun

7573 Hayes Rd, Fenwick, MI 48834 | Mid Michigan Raceway Park | Facebook

Corrigan Oil Speedway – Asphalt Oval, Family Friendly, Good Times

779 College Rd, Mason, MI 48854 | Corrigan Oil Speedway | Facebook

Owosso Motorsports Park – Dirt Oval, Where the pros start

2504 W M 21, Owosso, MI 48867 | Home-Owosso Kart Speedway

Go Karts for Sale in Lansing,

There are two great places to purchase a Go Kart in Lansing, Michigan.

Tractor Supply has some great Go Karts for sale at a even better pricing. From gas go karts to pedal go karts they have it all! Check out those go karts here!

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