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Go Karts in Vermont

This is a list of the go karts in Vermont. To be honest there are not many tracks in Vermont compared to other places in the country. Below I will break down each track. We will also include some neighboring tracks, so you have some options.

Some people associate the birth of racing exclusively with the southeast United States. Racing in Vermont started in 1903 at St. Johnsbury. The Caledonia County Fair in September 1903 kicked off the racing.

Vermont has so much more to offer than just go karts though. Check out some of the best things to do in Vermont here. Vermont is a historically beautiful place.

Go Karts in Vermont

Go karts are the foundation to motorsports. The fundamentals you can learn by racing a go kart cannot be learned anywhere else. Click here for more information on how to get started in go kart racing.

1. Vermont Shifter Karts

Location: 905 Pirie Road
Williamstown, Vt 05679

Phone: 802-839-0486

Website: Vt Shifter Karts – @ Rocky Ridge Raceway

go karts vermont

Vermont Shifter Karts at Rocky Ridge Raceway

Rocky Ridge Raceway is a short road course with distinctive corners. No matter the size of the track you race go karts on you will always be building your skills. Smaller tracks are a great place to learn how to deal with lap traffic.

Whether you are lapping someone, or someone is lapping you. On a smaller track when everyone is running closer it is more likely to catch the tail end of the field. Learning to get out of the racing line for someone faster is a great way to build respect for your fellow racers.

You never know, next time it might be you looking for the quick pass around the lap car.

Vermont Shifter Karts at Rocky Ridge Raceway is the ultimate family experience. Go karting with your family builds a relationship like no other. Creating that bond of working together. Failure and triumph strengthen a relationship and builds trust.

2. Claremont Motorsports Park

Go Karts in Vermont or New Hampshire?

So yes, this track is in New Hampshire. We are talking four miles people. The states in the northeast kind of run together anyways. Sorry North easters.

Since this go kart track is close it deserves to be on the list. Vermont is a little shorthanded with go karts anyways.

Claremont Motorsports Park is an asphalt oval. There are a lot of variations of go karts. At Claremont you will find mainly Champ Karts and the Tiger Karts.

Champ karts have the distinguishable roll cage. In dirt racing and road course sprint series you rarely see a champ kart.

The Tiger kart mimics a sprint car. The roof wing is how I connect the dots between a sprint car and a Tiger kart. The roof wing creates down force.

Down force is a key component to go faster in your go kart. Downforce pushes the kart into the track harder creating more grip for the tires. If the tires are gripping the track better, you can drive faster in a corner without spinning out.

On the flip side of downforce is drag. An object that creates downforce also creates drag which is comparable to friction. There is a balance. Creating enough downforce without producing too much drag.

Claremont Family Fun

Go kart racing is a family event. Working hard to get to the finish line first. You will find some great racing and even better people at a go kart racing event. You are going to have a good time and so is everyone else. Grab some snacks and drinks from the concession stand. Sit back and watch some great racing.

3. Canaan Motor Club

Location: 18 Orange Rd, Canaan, NH 03741

Contact form: Contact — Canaan Motor Club

Website: Canaan Motor Club

Canaan Motor Cluub – Racing on your schedule

This track is only 24 miles from Vermont line… Beggers can’t be choosers.

This is a beautiful venue with so much to offer. This track does not have a weekly karting series. This track is a host for many different types of motorsports.

Canaan Motor Club is a silky-smooth 1.3-mile road course with high-speed straightaways, fast sweepers and tight technical sequences, including off-camber exits and elevation changes.

Canaan motor club can be rented out or raced at during the NHKA series. The ability to rent a track is fantastic. This gives a new racer the flexibility to test and tune at their own pace. Due to the prices, you are going to want to get a group of racers together to lower the individual cost.

4. Runway Fun Park

Location: 472 Old Homestead Hwy, Swanzey, NH 03446

Connect on Facebook: Runway Fun Park | Facebook

Website: Runway Fun Park – Swanzey, NH – Go Carts, Mini Golf, Amusement Rides

Runway Fun Park

Another consolation for the lack of go karts in Vermont is Runway Fun Park in New Hampshire. Only 20 miles from the Vermont line making this track accessible for the southeast corner of Vermont. The go karts featured are gas go karts.

*Closes for the winter season



Runway Fun Park – Extra Action

Other than the go karts more fun is to be had. On the same site is a putt put course and carnival rides. Check out their Facebook page here to learn more.

Go Karts in Vermont

I hope this helps you locate some go kart tracks in Vermont. Vermont has a lot to offer but not a lot of go kart tracks! Click here to learn more about go karts and go kart racing!

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