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Best Go Karts in Richmond VA

Richmond has a rich history of racing. Some of the best NASCAR driver grew up in Virgina and raced in Richmond. Are you Next? Start your racing journey here with the best go kart tracks in Richmond!

best Go karts in Richmond

Best Go Karts in Richmond

  1. K1 Speed
  2. Putt-Putt Fun Center
  3. Grand Prix Raceway
  4. Swaders Sports Park
  5. Windy Hill Golf Course and Sports Complex
  6. Capital City Speedway
  7. Go-Karts Plus

1. K1 Speed


MON-THU: 12:00PM – 10:00PM
FRI: 12:00PM – 12:00AM
SAT: 10:00AM – 12:00AM
SUN: 10:00AM – 10:00PM
Click Here For Closure Info & Holiday Hours

NOTE: No Junior races after 8pm on Friday and Saturday.


Speedpass – $59.95


1 Race – $24.95

2 Races – $44.95

3 Races – $59.95

Requirements to Race

  • Junior racers will need to be at least 48” (4’)
  • Teen/adult racers will need to be at least 58” (4’10”)
  • Closed-toe shoes are required
  • Loose fitted clothing is not recommended

K1 Speed Richmond

K1 Speed is one of the best indoor electric go kart facilities you can go to.

At K1 you will find amazing go karts with top speeds of up to 45 miles per hour! The 20-horsepower electric motor make these karts really move around the track!

One of the best features of an electric go kart is the torque the motor provides. Instant Torque!

K1 Speed offers the entire package for a great time go kart racing.

Go kart racing, especially at K1 Speed, is the perfect place for a birthday party. Open spaces with plenty to do provides the best venue for a birthday or company outing.

After racing or during a break you can grab some food at the Paddock Lounge Restaurant.

2. Putt-Putt Fun Center


Open Every Day Except Christmas!

Open at 10 a.m. Monday-Friday from November 1st to March 1st

Open at 9 a.m. Monday-Saturday from March 1st to October 31st

Open Saturday at 9 a.m.  and Sunday at 12:30 p.m.

Open until midnight weekdays and 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Go Karts close at 11p.m. Sunday-Thursday and Midnight on Friday & Saturday


3 Attractions – $16

2 Attractions – $12

1 Attractions -$ 8

Family Attraction Ticket

12 Tickets- $60

Tickets can be used by anyone in the group

Unlimited Fun! – $20

Enjoy up to three hours of unlimited Golf, Go Karts & Bumper Boats

Go Kart Passenger – $3
(Under 50 inches tall, minimum height 40 inches, must ride with ticketed adult driver)

Putt-Putt Fun Center Richmond VA

For an amazing family fun experience Putt-Putt Fun Center in Richmond VA will get the job done. There are so many activities to do for everyone to have a good time!

Go Kart Richmond VA at Putt-Putt Fun Center

The go karts at Putt-Putt Fun center are outdoor gas go karts. With fully enclosed bodies you feel like you are racing a real race car! The wrap around bumper and high-backed seats provides comforting safety while racing around the track.

Compared to K1 Speed these go karts are not as fast. If you are looking for high speed more racy go karts you will want to visit K1 Speed.

For younger kids Putt-Putt Fun center will be a better option. This is because of the rookie karts offered and the ability to ride with a passenger. K1 Speed does not offer a double seater go kart.

Other Attractions

Pairing with the go karts there are many things to do. When you have had your fun with karting there is always time for Putt-Putt Golf, Arcade, and the Bumper boats.


Pizza and soft drinks are served on site. Little ones get hungry when they have been hustling on the track all day! Be sure to get a bite to eat to keep the fun going.

3. Grand Prix Raceway – Kings Dominion


Kings Dominion Park Hours

Due to seasonality and weather please visit their website for the most up to date information!


Daily Admission – $39.99

For More Information on pricing please visit their website. Kings Dominion Go Kart Racing

Grand Prix Raceway – Go Kart Racing in Richmond VA

Kings Dominion is an amazing amusement park with loads of things to do. If you are a local to the Richmond area Kings Dominion is nothing new. They have been an amusement destination for a long time.

One of the most fun activities to do is to ride the go karts at Kings Dominion! Grand Prix Raceway is a great opportunity to have your racer try out some go karts while at the park.

Unfortunately, this option will not cut it as the best go karts in Richmond. If you are not visiting the park for the day racing these go karts would be a hassle. If you are already in the park than no worries! Race away!

4. Swaders Sports Park


Labor Day through Memorial Day:

Mon-Thu 12:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Friday 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m

Sunday 12:00 noon – 9:00 pm

Memorial Day through Labor Day

Mon-Thu 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Friday 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Sunday 12:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.


The Single-Seater Jaz Kart—$9 per ride

  • Harnesses
  • Bucket Seats
  • 54″ tall to race

The 2-Seater Jaz Kart—$9 per ride 

  • Driver must have license
  • Rider must be 36″ tall

The Rookie Kart—$9 per ride

  • Slower go kart
  • 48″ tall to race

The Slick Track Wedge—$9 per ride

  • Most powerful engine
  • Must present driver’s license
  • Must be at least 60″ tall

Swaders Sports Park – Richmond Go Karting

South of Richmond in Prince George lays the hidden gem Swader’s Sports Park. An outdoor go kart venue that has so much to offer. The throaty torque of a 4-stroke gas go kart engine is only going to be found at an outdoor event.

At Swaders you will find fun for all. The go karts are high-speed, and action packed with fun!

Additional Information about Swaders Sports Park

Other than the go karts there is plenty more to do at Swaders Sports Park in Richmond.

  • Arcade
  • Batting Cages
  • Bowling
  • Kids Zone
  • Laser Tag
  • Hologate Virtual Reality
  • Mini Golf

For a price list of these other events at Swaders Sports Park click here!

5. Windy Hill Golf Course and Sports Complex


Please call ahead before your visit for Go-Kart times & status, as hours often vary

Phone: (804) 794-0010

Saturday: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Sunday: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Closed Monday thru Friday

Go-Karts will only run if it’s 50+ degrees. Won’t be running if raining.


Adult Go Karts

58″ or taller
1 Ride: $9
2 Rides for $17

Youth Go Karts

45″ to 57″
1 Ride: $8
2 Rides for $14

Double Seat Ride: $11

Child passenger must be above 40″ tall, driver must be older than 18 years old

Package of 12 rides:
Adult: $90
Youth: $80

Windy Hill Golf Course and Sports Complex – Go Karts and Golf in Richmond

Located about 20 miles west of Richmond is Windy Hill Golf Course and Sports Complex. Mini golf, batting cages, and of course go karts await you here for a great time!

The go karts are gas powered Honda engines. The track is a 1/4-mile road course. The twist and turns make it challenging but fun. A road course requires you to make left and right turns.

The key to racing on a road course in a go kart is momentum. Flow out of the corners and brake just the right amount to keep your go kart smooth and fast.

6. Capital City Speedway


No rental go karts available. You will need to pay to play with the big boys.

Capital City Speedway – Real Go Kart Racing in Richmond VA

To get in on some real go kart racing action visit Capital City Speedway. You will find a 1/4-mile dirt oval. Dirt racing can provide some of the most exciting and passionate races you will ever see.

Dirt racing is as grassroots as it gets. Stock car racing started on dirt. Some of the best racers came up as dirt racers. You may be watching a future super star at Capital City Speedway!

Racing a go kart on dirt is not about being sideways and drifting through the corners. Staying as straight as you can be to keep your momentum up is the key. Sliding sideways may look cool and be fun but it will for sure scrub speed and slow you down.

Racing on a local level at a real go kart track is a great way to learn more. The karting world loves to see the sport grow. Go up and start a conversation with a seasoned racer. They will be more than happy to help you out and get started.

7. Go-Karts Plus


PARK SCHEDULE (Hours are subject to change)

Use the color-coded key on their website to find out what time they are open throughout the year


All-You-Can-Ride Wristbands

All You Can Ride$45 over 46″
$25 Under 46″

Play & Ride Card Prices

CreditsBonus CreditsPrices

See below for a breakdown of credits per track!

Best Go Karts in Richmond! – Go-Karts Plus

Just outside of Richmond in Williamsburg in Go-Karts Plus. Offering multiple go kart tracks and go karts you cannot go wrong with this experience.

The Go-Karts

The go karts are gas powered go karts. Multiple go karts are offered to best suit the skill and size of the driver.

When finding a fun place to race go karts this is a great feature. Making sure that everyone can get in on the fun. Whether they are riding or racing!

The Tracks – Go-Karts Plus Richmond

Indy Track

Drivers must be a minimum of 58” tall.

  • 18 credits per driver or wristband.

Children riding as passengers must be a minimum of 40” tall.

  • 2 credits per passenger or wristband.

Figure 8 Track

Drivers must be a minimum of 58” tall.

  • 18 credits per driver or wristband.

Children riding as passengers must be a minimum of 40” tall.

  • 2 credits per passenger or wristband.

Euro Tack

Drivers must be a minimum of 54” tall.

  • 14 credits per driver or wristband.

Children riding as passengers must be a minimum of 40” tall.

  • 2 credits per passenger or wristband.

Rookie Track

Drivers must be a minimum of 46” tall. Only single seater karts available.

  • 12 credits per driver or wristband.

More Fun at Go-Karts Plus

Go karts is just the headliner. There is much more to see and do at this awesome place.

  • Gold Rush Mini Golf
  • Blaster Boats
  • Bumper Cars
  • The DISK’O’
  • Python Kiddie Coaster
  • Toddler Town
  • Gemstone Panning
  • State of the art Arcade

Click here for Attractions Details


When you get hungry, they do offer snacks at the snack bar. Serving hot dog, nachos, and other light snacks.

Go Karts Richmond

Richmond has a lot of go karts to race and experience. From the high-speed racing go karts to the family fun go karts. Make a day out of it and go have some fun!

If you like go karting and want to learn how to get into the sport of go kart racing read more here!

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