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3 Best Go Karts in Rehoboth Beach

Go Karts in Rehoboth Beach are easy to get to and super fun!

Going to the beach doesn’t mean you have to be at the beach all day!

Thats Boring!

These are the three best go karts around Rehoboth Beach!

Top 3 Go Karts in Rehoboth Beach

1. Midway Speedway Park

2. Viking Golf & Go-Karts & Thunder Lagoon Water Park

3. Club Milton Speedway

Are there Go Karts in Rehoboth Beach?

Yes, there are two fun go kart tracks and one racing go kart track

What is the closest go kart track to Rehoboth Beach?

Are there Go Karts for Kids in Rehoboth Beach?

Go Karts Lake of the Ozarks

Yes, there are two great tracks for kids. Midway Speedway Park and Viking Go Karts & Thunder Lagoon Water Park

Did you know that racing in Delaware dates back to the early 1900s?

Racing a two-seater open cockpit Studebaker!

The race was a 30-mile round trip, and you could not stop to make repairs.

Imagine That!

Today, NASCAR races 400 miles at Dover International Speedway.

1. Midway Speedway Park


Summer Months June – August

Mon – Sun: 10am – 10pm

Be sure to check out the hours page for the most up to date hours of operation

What does this place look like? Click here to see the layout


1 Race: $9

5 Race: $35

8 Race Armband: $45

8 Races and Golf: $5

Looking for a Deal?

Click here for some Coupons

Requirements to Race

  • Electric Kiddie Karts – Minimum 36″ tall
  • JR STOCKS – Minimum 42″ tall
  • Family Karts – Minimum 48″ tall
  • 2 Seat Family Kart – Minimum 48″ (48″ and under free)
  • Super 8 Karts – Minimum 48″ tall
  • Bullit Karts – Minimum 54″ tall
  • Quarter Midgets – Minimum 54″ tall
  • Super Stock – 60″ and must be 16 years and older

Midway Speedway Park – Go Karts in Rehoboth Beach

Your best option for family fun go kart racing in Rehoboth Beach is Midway Speedway Park.

Why is that? Well… they are really the closet and only option.

That doesn’t take away how much fun this go kart track is. They are so many options for different go karts that I do not think you will be able to race them all.

Besides the super stock and the Bullit karts for myself, my little ones could race the electric kiddie karts. I can wait to see the looks on their faces when they hit the go pedal. They are going to be so excited to be driving their own go kart.

These go karts are cheap too. $9 a race is as cheap as you are going to find!

2. Viking Go Karts & Thunder Lagoon Water Park


1 Race: $8

Trying to save a dollar?

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Requirements to Race

  • Must be 56″ tall to drive alone
  • Must be 16 years or older to drive a double go kart
  • Be sure to tie up long hair and avoid loose or baggy clothing

For some tips on what to wear when go karting click here!

Fenwick Fun – Thunder Lane Go-Karts

Just south of Rehoboth is Viking Golf & Thunder Lagoon Water Park. It is only about a 30-minute drive. Well worth the trip in my opinion!

Here you will find go karts, water slides, water park attractions, lazy river, and mini golf.

The Go Karts at Fenwick Island

The go karts are outdoor gas-powered karts. They are your typical family rental go karts.

They have single and double go karts. The racers that are shorter than 56″ tall can ride in a double go kart with a driver over 16 years.

These go karts are not “race” quality. They are designed for kids and families.

Other Fun at Viking Golf & Thunder Lagoon Water Park

Once you have worn out the go karts there is the water park and mini golf. A full 18-hole miniature golf course awaits you!

There are six slides, activity pool, kiddie pool, and a lazy river. There is so much to do that this is a must stop when in Rehoboth Beach, Fenwick Island, Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach and Ocean City.

There is food as well! They have concessions located around the park selling Burgers, pizza, funnel cakes, ice cream and more!

3. Club Milton Speedway


Entry Fee: $30

Admission for Spectators: FREE!

Pit pass Wristbands for the Paddock: $5

Club Milton Speedway – Real Go Kart Racing in Rehoboth Beach

Club Milton is a small dirt track about 45 minutes east of Rehoboth Beach. This is a real go kart racing track. There are no rental go karts here.

If you are looking to start go karting this is the place to be. Dirt racing is a fantastic skill set to learn. Some of the best drivers grew up racing on dirt.

Learning the sport at the most basic level is essential for a successful racing career.

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