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Discover the Best Go Karts in Dubai for Thrilling Adventures!

Check out the Best Go Karts in Dubai!

UAE vacationers usually like to schedule some adventure time into their trip to Dubai.

Dubai offers a wide range of activities for all of its visitors, whether they are traveling with family, children, a group of friends, or just themselves as solo adventurers.

While adventure theme parks and water parks are great for families with young children, pre-teens, teens, and young adults may not be looking for these types of adventures.

They might desire a slightly higher dose of adrenaline rush during an adventure experience —not too much, not too little, just enough to give them the right feeling of exhilaration and high-speed thrill.

For such adventure seekers, the karting world of Dubai is a perfect choice. Discover the best go karts in Dubai!

Three Fantastic Go Karts in Dubai

Check out these great go karting tracks for the thrill you are seeking!

Go Karts in Dubai

Best Places for Karting in Dubai

Go karts are a fantastic and exhilarating activity in Dubai. With its world-class facilities and a passion for motorsports, Dubai offers a range of exciting go karting experiences that cater to both locals and tourists alike.

Whether you’re a speed enthusiast, an adrenaline junkie, or simply looking for a fun day out with friends or family, go karting in Dubai is guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Get ready to rev up your engines, test your racing skills, and enjoy the thrill of zooming around professional tracks in this vibrant city.

Kartdrome Dubai – Best Go Karts in Dubai

Location: Inside Dubai Autodrome; 25 minutes away from Dubai Downtown and 20 minutes from Palm Jumeirah.

The Kartdrome at the renowned Dubai Autodrome is the biggest and most popular location to enjoy go-karting in Dubai. Kartdrome is an attraction created especially for visitors to Dubai Autodrome to enjoy both indoor and outdoor karting. There are two incredible circuits to check out at the Kartdrome:

The outdoor circuit: 

With a 1.2 km outdoor circuit and 17 corners, it offers drivers some challenging turns and curves that will also put their driving skills to test.

To increase the thrill level for drivers, the circuit also has tunnels and bridges. Additionally, this track is set up to allow users to go-kart during the night. The circuits’ top-notch safety features and maintenance make sure that drivers have an enjoyable experience competing in thrilling go-karting races against their friends and families.

**Only those aged 13 and older are permitted to enjoy go-karting on the outdoor circuit. 

Indoor circuit: 

**Individuals – 13 to 7 years old can enjoy some go-karting fun racing at the indoor circuit, which is located right next to the outdoor circuit.

Comparatively easy to maneuver with gentle U-turn curves, this indoor karting in Dubai has a circuit about 620 meters long. The circuit can accommodate 10 racers at one time. Grownups can also participate in the exciting go-karting event in the arena.

There is a height restriction; those under 1 meter and 25 cm are not permitted to race on the karting circuit. However, this is one of the biggest indoor karting tracks in Dubai.

Tickets and Timings:

Dubai Autodrome tickets are not just one general entry ticket with which you can access all the activities. The attraction does not have that concept of access; rather, separate admission fees apply to each of its activities.  


Kartdrome Dubai access requires the purchase of separate tickets. For a 15-minute session, outdoor karting costs approximately AED 140 per person, while indoor karting costs AED 115 per person.

To avoid last-minute disappointments, you can buy these tickets online or through a tour operator. There are also tickets available at the entry point, but they cost a bit more than the online ones. Opening hours for this attraction are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. 

Ekart Zabeel

Location: Dubai Mall, Right in the Dubai Downtown area, 20 minutes’ drive from Palm Jumeirah.

Ekart Zabeel is a great option for those seeking a quick, high-speed adrenaline rush while having a great time taking in Dubai’s sights. 

Ekart Zabeel is perched on the second-level parking of Dubai Mall. Those interested must first register their details and then reserve their preferred session. You must arrive at the arena 30 minutes prior to the start of your session and suit up in jumpsuits, helmets, and other safety equipment. You can enjoy a thrilling go-karting experience in cutting-edge electric go-karts after receiving an orientation and safety briefing from a guide. 

Tickets and Timings:

You can enjoy this go-karting experience alone or challenge your friends and family to a race. A standard timed session ticket would cost AED 95 for each session.

The sessions are brief; one lasts only eight minutes. Need another rush of extreme speed? Get a double-timed session by purchasing a Double Ticket for AED 170 per person. For AED 200, you can even organize a race that includes a qualifying session and a 3-tracked race session that you can attend with family and friends.

Booking a race event requires a minimum of 8 participants.   Drivers must be at least 14 years old to drive a vehicle. The minimum weight requirement is 120 kg, and the minimum height requirement is 140 cm. 

Kartmania Dubai

Location: Crescent Dr, Dubai Festival City. a couple of minutes away from Dubai Festival City Mall, 15 minutes’ drive from Downtown Dubai, and 25 minutes’ drive from Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. 

Kartmania Sports Track Dubai is one of the best places for karting in Dubai. If you are older than 9 years, you can participate in a go-karting race at this outdoor racing track in Dubai Festival City.

Before you take off for a lap, a skilled crew will walk you through the procedure on the open-air track.

Corporate organizations frequently reserve this racecourse for team events and other functions. Its wide track features ten exhilarating turns and bends for drivers to maneuver. It also has built-in pit lanes for pit stops during a race.

The go-karts and the entire arena are well-maintained and safe in order to provide the best experience to the visitors.

Tickets and Timings:

A 15-minute session of go-karting costs roughly AED 120 per person, while a 30-minute session costs approximately AED 230 per person. The track is open daily from 5 pm to 12 am.


Dubai is a thrilling destination for go-karting enthusiasts with its wide range of world-class tracks and facilities.  Dubai has something for everyone, whether you are a seasoned racer or a novice adventurer looking for some adrenaline-pumping fun.

There are many options, from year-round racing on indoor tracks to breathtaking outdoor racing tracks. To ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all ages, all the venues provide well-maintained tracks, qualified staff, and excellent safety measures.

So, if you are looking to satisfy your need for speed and take part in some friendly competition, visit one of these hotspots for go-karting in Dubai and get ready for an exciting ride!

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