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Top 5 Go Karts Buffalo NY

Go karts are a fantastic sport and hobby. You can build them, buy them, race go karts, and customize go karts to do whatever you would like. Fun karts in particular are a great way to get the speed itch scratched. In Buffalo, Ny there are plenty of places to have some fun and go fast. 

One of the main reasons a person may find themselves in Buffalo is Niagara Falls. Whether you are heading into Buffalo or leaving Buffalo there are some great go kart tracks to stop and check out. How long can someone really look at a waterfall before they start thinking? Are there any go karts anywhere to race

Pedal Go Karts Buffalo NY

Have you ever tried a Pedal Go Kart?

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Below is a list of Go Kart tracks that would be a lot of fun for a family outing or a competitive race with friends.

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1. Grand Island Fun Center – Buffalo, NY


Friday: 5 PM – 10 PM

Saturday: 11 AM – 10 PM

Sunday: 11 AM – 9 PM

**Be Sure to check their page for any seasonal updates!


1 Race – $12

Fun Pack – $90

**Fun Pack includes 10 tickets for go karting, laser tag, mini golf and the batting cages


  • 56″ to ride alone
  • 36″ to ride at no extra charge
  • FAQ
  • Coupons

Grand Island Fun Center is located on Grand Island right in the heart of Buffalo. Whether the Buffalo wings or the Falls brought you here it doesn’t really matter. What matters are the go karts at Grand Island Fun Center. 

The go karts are gas powered. The track is a quarter mile and they offer single and double seater go karts. Always important to get the little ones out there. They have single race purchase options or bundle packs to purchase. 

Along with the go karts they have mini golf, Laser tag, Batting cages, and a Arcade. Birthday parties and group events are welcome. They also offer some great food like Pizza, wings, pizza logs, and fresh squeezed lemonade. For more information read the FAQ

2. MXK Raceway & Kart Shop – Elma, NY


Monday and Tuesday: 9 AM – 12 PM

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday and Friday: 9 AM – 12 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 2 PM

Sunday: Closed

MXK Racing – Go Kart Racing Buffalo

MXK Raceway is a very interesting track with rich history in go kart racing. The multi-configure go kart track has ovals and road courses built in. The track was started as a test track for MXK Racing. The Kart shop offers a wide range of not just racing parts/karts, but hobby go kart parts as well.

At MXK Raceway one of the classes is the clone class. The clone class or the New York Karting Association (NYKA) is a great beginner’s class. The engine is similar to a Honda GX200 and Predator engine. The class is structured to keep cost low, so the focus is racing and fun.

Are you serious about go kart racing? Do you have a race kart or would like to start racing? If so a visit to MXK Raceway is priority number one. Visiting a real racing go kart track is the best way to get started. The kart racing community is filled with helpful people that want to see the sport grow. We love the sport so seeing more people join is exciting!

3. Genesee Valley Kart Club – Avon, NY

1959 Genesee Valley Kart Club was founded. Thats amazing when you think about it. So much great go kart racing history in one place. This go kart track is the perfect place to start your racing career.

Go Kart Track Layout

The track has 5 different configurations. There are options to run multiple road courses and Ovals. They also race multiple different classes 2 stroke and 4 stroke.

Go karts Buffalo NY

The track is built with asphalt and there are ten turns. The track has very fast sections and some slower sharp corners perfect for overtaking. Tracks like Genesee Valley Kart Club is reserved for the dedicated racers. There are no rental go karts to pay for here. For an example of tracks that do rent go kart check out those here.

This is a club. You become a member and you join a community rich with racing. Go kart racing is a sport, hobby, career for some but at the local level go kart racing is a community. People racing and enjoying their time.


Racing from April to October

Check out the schedule here


4. Seneca Hawk Family Fun Center’s – Irving, NY


Monday – Sunday: 12 PM – 10 PM

**Be sure to check their Facebook [age for seasonal updates

Just outside Buffalo

Located only 30 minutes outside of Buffalo is Seneca Hawk Family Fun Center. Located very close to the Sunset Beach club makes this venue a popular spot for beach goers. Beach goers? In Buffalo? Yup, there are plenty of beaches up there!

Also if you are headed to Niagra Falls or leaving the falls this is the perfect rest stop. There are a lot of great activities for everyone. Get out of the car and relax a little bit. Onsite they have the go kart track, batting cages, mini golf, a full restaurant, gas station, and a cigar shop. The amenities make this the perfect stop to recharge before heading in or leaving Buffalo.

The Go Kart Track

At Seneca Hawk Family Fun Center, they have a great looking track. The surface is concrete with metal bumpers cushioned by tires. This wall system is similar to the safer barrier system that NASCAR uses.

The track layout has a really cool design with built in elevation changes. Elevation changes when go kart racing can pose a real challenge. As you travel downhill the go kart becomes light feeling and the rear end could lose grip. This track is sure to produce a good time.

5. Bayview Raceway & Golf – Buffalo, NY

Bayview Raceway & Golf may not be the fanciest but go karts don’t have to be. Some of the most fun go kart experiences I had were at cheap rental go kart tracks. From my experiences some of the most fun go kart tracks have been the smaller family-oriented tracks. Bayview Raceway & Golf looks to be one of those tracks.

The Go Kart Track

Located right on the lake you can have some gorgeous views of the water. The go kart track is a small peanut shaped track. The smaller the track the closer the racing. Means more fun! The track is beautifully paved marked with distinct lines. The lines help develop the racing or “groove” so you can navigate the fastest way around the track. There are no walls on this track. There is a fence on the outer edge of the track.

Bayview Raceway Golf is an all-American weekend outing with the family. Just next door they have Tony’s Bayview Drive-in. Offering subs, burgers, and ice cream.

Top 5 Go Karts Buffalo NY Conclusion

Go Karts Buffalo NY is just one example of fantastic cities with great go kart tracks. The United States has so many great go kart tracks located all over the country. Each city has their own hub for kart racing. Click here to search my recommended list of kart tracks to try out! Or return Home for more go kart information.

Do you have to wear sneakers to go-kart?

You Should.

The reason you should is to protect your feet and the other drivers around you. Closed toed shoes offer much greater protection compared to sandals or flip flops. The other concern with sandals and flip flops is getting the straps caught in pedals or linkages.

Should you wear Jeans to go Karting?

For anytime of rental go kart Jeans are more than acceptable. Be sure you wear something comfortable. Also, check the facilities rules before you head out.

Check out What to Wear when go karting to learn more!

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