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Top 2 Go Karts Brainerd MN | Better Karting

Go Karts Brainerd MN! There are a couple tracks to visit if you are taking a summer vacation in Brainerd.

If you really don’t know anything about Minnesota, it’s really cold in the winter. These tracks will be closed until warmer weather. Usually opening back up in the spring. Brainerd is a super fun summer vacation spot.

Did you know there are 14,380 lakes in Minnesota! That’s Crazy. Just in Brainerd you can count two dozen easily. In the summer you can swim, fish, boat and water sports.

Best of all you can race some go karts!

Go Karts Brainerd

  1. Billy Bones Raceway
  2. Northland Kart Kountry

Check out the best go karts below! You can also visit Brainerd International Raceway. BIR is a multipurpose racetrack hosting about every form of motorsports from snowmobile drag races to drifting events.

Go karting is a family sport. Racing at any of these go kart tracks is a lot of fun. Fun for the whole family as well. If you are interested in how to get started in the sport of go kart racing click here!

1. Billy Bones Raceway

Go Karts Brainerd
Billy Bones Raceway | Go Karts Brainerd


Zoom Lagoon Racing Track

1 Race (5 Tickets) – $6.50

Wicked Willie’s Challenge Track

1 Race (5 Tickets) – $6.50

Parrot Bay Speedway Kiddy Track

1 Race (3 Tickets) – $4.50


Open 7 Days a Week in the Summer Months

Sunday – Saturday: 11 AM – 10 PM

**The Go Karting season is open from the last weekend in April to the third weekend in October, weather permitting.

Requirements to Race

Zoom Lagoon – Family Go Kart Track

  • Must be at least 58″ tall to drive
  • Passenger must be at least 40″ tall and the driver must be at least 18 years old

Wicked Willie’s – Aggressive Go Kart Track

  • Adult – Driver must be at least 58″ tall to drive
  • Juniors – Must be 48″ to 58″ tall
  • Passengers must be at least 40″ and the driver must be at least 18 years old

Parrot Bay Speedway – Kiddy Go Kart Track

  • Single driver go karts only
  • Go karts can handle up to 100 pounds
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up

I recommend wearing closed toed shoes and avoid wearing loose fitted clothing. Always be sure to tie up long hair. Check out the link below for more detail on what to wear when go karting.

Not Sure on what to wear? Click here to learn what to wear when go karting!

Billy Bones Raceway – Family Fun Go Karts Brainerd

Brainerd is a fun place in the summertime. Plenty of outdoor water sports and motorsports to race. One of the best is Billy Bones Raceway.

Billy Bones is an outdoor gas go kart track that offers different tracks and go karts for various ages. Kids as young as 5 can race go karts on Parrot Bay Speedway. The dedicated kiddy go kart track allows for kids to race and control their own go kart at their own pace.

The other tracks, Wicked Willies and Zoom Lagoon are for slightly older kids to adults. Offering faster and more challenging go karts.

Next door to Billy Bones Speedway is Pirates Cove Adventure Golf. Cap off an amazing go kart day with some mini golf!

2. Northland Kart Kountry


Junior Go Karts

1 Race – $7.50
2 Races – $14.00
3 Races – $20.00

Can Am Go Karts

1 Ride – $7.50
2 Rides – $14.00
3 Rides – $20.00

Bullit Go Karts

1 Race – $8.00
2 Races – $15.00
3 Races – $22.00

Indy Go Karts

1 Race – $8.25
2 Races – $16.00
3 Races – $23.00

Race them all for $22.00 with the Track Pack!


Monday – Wednesday: Closed

Thursday – Sunday: 10 AM – 6 PM

Northland Kart Kountry is the perfect place for a date! Take your sweetheart and whoop their but on the track!

This is why go karting is a great date idea!

Requirements to Race

  • Family Track – Must be 52″ or taller to drive
  • Bullit Karts – Must be 60″ tall and 13 years or older
  • Indy Racing Karts – Licensed Drivers only
  • Off Road Go Karts – Licensed Drivers only
  • Be sure to tie up long hair and avoid loose clothing

Not Sure on what to wear? Click here to learn what to wear when go karting!

Northland Kart Kountry – Best Go Karts in Brainerd

Northland Kart Kountry is an outdoor go kart track in Brainerd, MN. Most likely you are looking for a place to have a good time with your friends racing some fun, fast and competitive go karts.

You Found it!

My favorite go karts that I would race would be the Indy Go Karts. Easy decision being they are the fastest with the most realistic racing components.

This go kart location has 5 different go karting options onsite. You can race anything from off road go karts to little kid karts for the younger ones. The prices are affordable, and the fun does not stop there.

They also have VR, Bumper Cars, Bungee Bounce, Batting Cages, Rock Wall, miniature golf and Jump Shot!

Even if go karting gets old… it won’t, but if it does you can find plenty of other great outdoor family fun activities to do!

Don’t forget! You can escape the hot Minnesota summers at the Water balloon warfare!

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