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The Best Go Karts in Baton Rouge

When I think of Baton Rouge I think of Garth Brooks “Callin’ Baton Rouge” I’m sure there is more to it… Maybe, maybe not.

There is only one spot to race go karts in Baton Rouge and that is Celebration Station. New Orleans and Lafayette are not far though. For Go Kart Tracks in Lafayette click here and Go Karts in New Orleans click here!

Celebration Station


Sun – Thurs 11 am – 10 pm

Fri – Sat 11 am-11 pm


Individual ride – $8.75

Passenger – $4.25

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Requirements to Race

  • Drivers of individual go karts must be 56″ tall
  • Drivers of two-seater go karts must be 56″ tall and 16 years old with a valid driver’s license
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing
  • Tie up long hair and secure

Celebration Station – Baton Rouge Go Kart Saving Grace

Baton Rouge has one go kart track to visit and have some fun. The good part is Celebration Station has much more to offer than just go karts!

The go kart track is a unique shape offering plenty of chances to make a pass. It is also a much larger go kart track then most fun track set ups.

The 8 corners are accompanied by 3 straight parts to really build up some speed. Remember to brake though! Go kart braking is actually one of the best skills you can learn to be a better go kart racer.

The go karts themselves are outdoor go karts and utilize gas engine. Gas engines may be on their way out, but they are still very popular and fast!

You will find a long list of attractions that you can have fun with once you are finished racing.

This is a picture of a family racing go karts in Baton Rouge, LA
  • Arcade
  • Batting Cages
  • Bumper Cars
  • Miniature Golf
  • Playland

Click here to check out all of the attractions they have!

Celebration Station in Baton Rouge is a great place to have a competitive race with your family and friends or take the little one for a go kart ride. These go karts will check both of those boxes.

Food for Go Karts in Baton Rouge

If you get hungry, they have a restaurant serving up some great snack food. Ok, its more of a snack bar not a restaurant. You can get pizza, wings and funnel cake. While all of that is delicious and it will cure the hangry I would not consider this a restaurant!

Go Kart Tracks in your area

There is great go kart tracks all of this great country. Some are all out real racing and some are family fun go karts for everyone. We try to locate these go kart tracks so you can quickly read up and figure out which one is worth your time!

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