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5 Best Go Karts Sacramento CA

Sacramento is not only the capital of California but the capital of go kart racing! Well, maybe not the capital of go karting literally but there are a lot of great go karting tracks in Sacramento.

Not only are there fun go kart tracks but there are some great real racing go kart tracks. There are even places that let you rent real racing go karts!

Learn how to get into the sport of go kart racing by visiting some of these amazing facilities to jump start you go karting journey!

The Best Go Karts Sacramento CA

Start Go Kart Racing Sacramento, CA – Intro and Advanced Karting Classes

Before we get started by far the best go kart track to visit for the most fun is K1 Speed. I have raced at K1 Speed before, and I love it.

The go karts are fast, equal, and challenging.

With that being said places like Race Karts is the best go kart track if you are trying to enter the sport of go kart racing. Go kart racing can be hard and the folks at Race Karts will set you up for success.

1. K1 Speed


MON-THU: 12:00PM – 10:00PM
FRI: 12:00PM – 12:00AM
SAT: 10:00AM – 12:00AM
SUN: 10:00AM – 10:00PM


Most Popular

Speedpass – $59.95 (Includes 2 Races, T-Shirt, and a membership)

1 Race – $25.95

2 Races – $46.95

3 Races – $59.95

Requirements to Race

  • Junior racers required minimum height is 48″
  • Adult racers required minimum height is 58″
  • Closed toed shoes required
  • No loose fitted clothing like dresses

K1 Speed – Sacramento’s Best Indoor Electric Go Kart Track

K1 Speed is growing very fast and is becoming the standard for indoor electric go karts. The go karts are fast and very fun. The tracks are challenging and require some thought as to what the best line is to get around the track.

The go karts like I’ve said are electric go carts. The go karts are equipped with 20-horsepower electric motors. Pushing you to speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

Additionally, K1 Speed offers more fun at the track. Featuring other great activities such as an Arcade, Pool tables, and Air Hockey.

If you are looking for a place to eat dinner afterwards don’t sweat, it. The paddock lounge inside K1 is a full bar and restaurant to serve you some great food.

K1 Speed is the perfect place for any of the following

  • Birthday parties (young and old)
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette parties
  • Corporate events and Team building exercises

If you are in the Davis, Elk Grove, Roseville, Knights Landing, or any of the surrounding areas take a trip out to K1 Speed in Sacramento. You will not be disappointed!

Fun Fact! One of the best drivers in NASCAR today is from Elk Grove, CA. Thats right Kyle Larson! Maybe there is something in the water over there and you too could be a racing superstar.

2. Prairie City Kart Track




Rental Go Kart Race – $45

Pricing information, if you want to start racing at Prairie city is located here!

Requirements to Race

  • Must be 12 years or older
  • Safety equipment is required. You can rent all of the safety equipment or bring your own

Prairie City Kart Track – Real Go Kart Racing

PCKT is the real thing. Real racing gokarts on a real outdoor racetrack. Forget about those slow fun karts you see at the beach. At PCKT you will compete side by side with some serious racers.

All of the major classes of go karts are raced here. So, wherever you go race from Prairie City Kart Track you will be competitive.

The best part is the ability to rent real racing go karts. Well, they have some added bumpers and guards but other than that they are legit.

The only way to really learn is by doing it. Being in a real racing go kart will give you the best experience.

At PCK a fun environment is promoted. Racing with your family and friends is something that is a lot of fun. At times it can be frustrating, but racers and people learn and grow together making everyone better.

3. Roseville Golfland Sunsplash


The usual hours are Monday – Friday 10:00am – 10:00 PM

Please check their monthly schedule as things do vary at times!


1 Race – $9.25

For you locals check out the membership page. Find the best deals to save your money and time!

Requirements to Race

  • 58″ Height Requirement to Drive
  • Max Weight 350lbs
  • Children at least 40 in. tall can ride with an adult 18 or older

Roseville Golfland Sunsplash – Go Karts in an amusement park in Sacramento

Fastcar Raceway is a go kart track located inside the Golfland Sunsplash park. These go karts are more of the family fun style. Featuring full bumper bars and large bodies they provide great protection from the other drivers.

One of the best features are the double go karts. Children that are 40″ tall can ride with an adult 18 years or older.

There are more than just go karts. If you get there and find that go karts aren’t your thing (which is crazy) you can have fun with many other attractions.

4. Scandia Fun Center


General hours are 10:00am to 10:00pm

Visit their Hours page to get that latest up to date schedule with closure information.


Fun Points

$525 Points
$1050 Points
$20105 Points
$35185 Points
$50270 Points
$100595 Points

Rides and Attractions Points Cost

Lapland Land Slide11.5 Points
Swedish Scrambler19 Points
Baltic Sea Bumper Boats22.5 Points
Norway Flyer19Points
Stockholm Raceway32.5 Points
Crazy Dane Coaster32.5 Points
Sky Screamer60 Points
Batting Cages11 Points
Unlimited Mini Golf65Points

Scandia Fun Center – Outdoor Family Fun Go Karts

At Scandia you will find a family fun Scandinavian themed amusement park that has many rides and attractions to make for a great day.

The go karts are outdoor gas powered go karts. The track has a very interesting layout creating some great passing zones and challenging curves.

With each go kart ride coming out to be about $6.50 cents Scandia Fun Center is a very economic choice for go kart racing.

Please be aware if you are looking for more of a racing experience this is not the place to visit. These go karts will be a lot of fun but are more age appropriate for younger kids.

Additional Attractions

Crazy Dane Coaster – Must be 42″ tall

Baltic Sea Bumper Boats – Must be 44″ tall to drive. Passenger must be 40″ tall

Swedish Scrambler – Must be 48″ tall36″ tall – ride with adult

Norway Flier – Must be 44″ tall36″ tall – ride with adult

Lapland Landslide – Must be 36″ tall

There is a lot to see and do at Scandia. Along with those rides they have batting cages, Mini golf, and a Snack bar

Batting Cages

  • 9 Hardball pitching machines 40 to 70 mph!
  • 7 Slow Pitch Softball pitching cages
  • 4 Fast Pitch Softball pitching machines

5. Blue Max Kart Club

Blue Max Kart Club – Sacramento Go kart racing at its finest

Blue Max Kart Club is a asphalt roadcourse track. They race everything from kid karts for the kiddos to TAG shifter karts for the big boys.

Drivers in the top classes hit 60MPH!

This track in Sacramento is a family-oriented track based around having fun. Learning is something that you will never stop doing when you start racing. Being surrounded by good people helping you along the way will make the racing experience much more fun.

The track is a half mile long with lap times ranging from 35 seconds to 50 seconds.

For more information about schedule and classes click on the Race Info link.

I Live in Sacramento and Want to Learn More!

If you live in the Sacramento area or close to Sacramento and are looking for that kick in the ass to get started racing look no further.

Race Karts! Inc. – Go Kart Racing Sacramento

Race Karts is your one stop shop to learn how to drive, maintain, and prepare for go kart races. The fundamentals and basics are key.

Racing with others is only half of the race. Racing with yourself is just as hard. As you battle fatigue, consistency and focus you will find racing is a tough sport.

Race Karts will help you develop new skills that make you a Better Karter!

Race Karts! Inc. Offers the Following Classes to help you develop as a go kart racer

  • Intro to Karting – For the karting enthusiast or novice. Adult classes: 13 yrs. & up. Juniors: Cadet classes 8-12 yrs. & Kids classes: 5-7 yrs.
  • Advanced Karting Techniques – For karters 16 years and up. Requires completion of Intro to Karting. Preparing you for the high horsepower and high grip go karts.
  • Junior Karting – Real go kart racing training. Junior karting is designed for kids go kart racing ages 5-12 years old
  • Kart Rentals – No not anybody can rent a racing go kart. These are rentals for those who have completed the intro classes
  • Race Coaching – Race Coaching is designed to help the Karter already racing or getting ready to race.

As you can see Race Karts! Inc. has it all! There is a program and help every step of the way.

Is Go Kart Racing Tiring?

I would like to be there to see you try and hold your arms above your head the first time you get off of the track. Racing any form of motorsports works different muscles in the body you may not be used to using.

Knowing how physically demanding go karting as a sport can be Lisa Caceres developed Race Fit.

Race Fit is Motorsports Fitness Training.

As you race along you start to feel your arms running out of talent. You start to miss you marks, you get lazy and then you get passed. Nothing bad comes out of a little exercise.

Working out to make you a better racer, well that’s even better.

Please find all of the pricing on their Register page. This will ensure the most up to date info.

Sacramento Go Kart Racing

Sacramento has got it going on! From the amusement park go karts, indoor electric go karts, and the real racing go karts.

Read my tips on how to get into the sport of go kart racing click here!

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