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The Best Go Kart Clutch Fixes

Check out the best Go Kart Clutch Fixes! These are the most common problems you will encounter when using a centrifugal clutch on your go kart. I’ve broken down each one so you can get yours fixed by yourself to help save you time and money!

Common Go Kart Clutch Problems

A centrifugal clutch is the cheapest, fastest and easiest transmission for a go kart. Another option would be an actual gearbox with a clutch, or a torque converter style set up.

This is for all the yard dogs, backyard mud slingers and all fun karts out there. Racing clutches are way more precise and expensive. We are just going to focus on a simple centrifugal clutch.

This article is all about centrifugal clutches and how they work, how to fix them, adjusting them, maintenance tips, and how to get the most of your centrifugal clutch.

What is Best for You?

Something that is always good to consider is your situation.

What do I mean?

Well, a centrifugal clutch is a relatively cheap item. The cheap ones being around $20 and the higher end models around $100.

If you need this go kart to run flawlessly and for a long period of time you may want to bite the bullet and invest in a new higher end model clutch.

If you are a tinkerer and just like to work on things and don’t really mind if something breaks because you have the time, tools and know how. Then by all means buy the cheap one and work on your go kart.

Personally, with three kids, two dogs and a wife my time is stretched like many of you, I am sure!

I recommend purchasing a decent to higher end model clutch. Combined with the basic maintenance tips and repair procedures you will have a clutch that lasts a long time!

Maybe, You Need a New Clutch – Best Predator 212 Clutch

Just a quick head up. The cost of a cheap clutch is only 20-30 bucks. If you can wait a couple days, I would suggest just forking out the money and purchasing a new one.

As much as I would love for you to read this information, sometimes taking something apart and rebuilding is just not worth your time or money!

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