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The Two Best Hoverboard Go Karts

Hoverboard Go karts are futuristic and fun. Making your kid the coolest on the block

Hoverboard Go Kart

The hoverboard go kart is a go kart frame with a hoverboard attached to power it. There are a couple different models, but Segway Ninebot and Hyper GOGO seem to be the top two.
Hoverboards have opened doors in the go karting world. The hoverboard and the go kart have paired like peanut butter and jelly. They work together to create a futuristic multipurpose machine for fun.

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro

The Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro is the best in my opinion. The complete package, go kart and hoverboard, is self-contained, clean and easy to use. Let’s review why that is and compare the Segway Ninebot to the others.


  • Powered by the Segway Ninebot S Max
  • 1.02 G Max Acceleration
  • 23mph Top Speed
  • 15.5-mile range
  • Drifting TPE Rear Tires
  • 4 Speed ranges
  • Reverse Feature
  • Safety Features built In


This hoverboard go kart has built in safety features to help protect you while having fun. The Ninebot S Max hoverboard has an over voltage, under voltage, short circuit, and overheating protection systems built in. Your focus may not be on the condition of your hoverboard while having fun so the Ninebot S Max monitors it for you. The frame itself is high strength steel. This hoverboard go kart has a triple-anti-collision system.

The steel frame is strong enough to maintain its structure. The polymer mid-section can absorb the energy of a collision. The TPE front lip can also absorb and diffuse an impact. With a car parked on a hill you worry about it rolling away if the parking brake fails. The Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro has an automatic holding system. This system prevents rolling of the go kart while on a slope.

Power Plant Ninebot S Max

The Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro is powered by the Ninebot S Max. The dual motor hoverboard pushes a nominal power of 500 W to the wheels. The combination of these moves you to the 23-mph top speed but also allows you to travel 15.5 miles on one charge. Electric go karts can produce peak torque almost immediately. The 1.02 Gs will suck you back into the seat when you push the accelerator. NASCAR drivers feel between 2-3 G’s. In this power packed go kart you are feeling almost the amount of G Force that NASCAR drivers experience!

Speed Modes

The four speed ranges allow you to control how fast you want to go at any particular time. If you are a parent and want to slow your child down or you are conservative enjoying a Sunday cruise.

  1. ECO mode: Max Speed 5 Mph
  2. STRADA mode: Max Speed 11 Mph
  3. Sport mode: Max Speed 17.4 Mph
  4. CORSA mode: Max Speed 23 Mph


The Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro is built for asphalt, concrete, or another hard flat surface. Race go karts have very low ground clearance, less than 1” in some spots. The Ninebot Go Kart Pro has a ground clearance of 1.8 inches. That is about the width of 2-3 fingers. That’s not a whole lot. Initially you might seem bummed out by that. The low ground clearance means you are closer to the ground lowering your center of gravity. A lower center of gravity helps prevent you from rolling over when you corner.

Height and Weight

The larger frame and battery make this hoverboard go kart capable of handling most adults. Comfortably anyone from 4’ 3” to 6’ 3” can race this go kart around. The frame can extend in the middle allowing you to change as your child ages or as you see fit for yourself. The weight capacity is 220lbs. The average weight of an American adult is 177 lbs. So most average adults can ride. America seems to be leading the average weight category in the world. Maybe we could recommend a pedal go kart to burn some calories!

The Cool Stuff

The features added on this hoverboard go kart are almost endless. They put a lot of effort into making this a really cool go kart. We will just list them here. You can visit Segway to check out a more in depth look at some of these features

  • Bluetooth Speaker for music or Immersive Engine Sounds Simulator
  • TPE Wide-Body Protection
  • Metal throttle and brake pedal inspired by real race cars
  • Rear Reflector and Front LED Light
  • Manual Hand Brake
  • Aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing rear wing
  • High grip front tires for supreme control
  • An upgraded Racer inspired seat

Again, you can visit Segway and review these awesome features.
Also, for a more economical and children friendly version you can look at the Segway Ninebot Go Kart. This is a slower version at a lower price.

Hyper GOGO and Two Dots Hoverboard Go Kart

The next hoverboard go kart we will look at will be the Hyper GOGO. This is not an apples-to-apples comparison. There is not a large market of manufactures of hoverboard go karts. Hyper GOGO builds a platform to attach a hoverboard to create a hoverboard go kart. It is a pretty cool concept, and it also gives life to a hoverboard that you may be bored with.

Hyper GOGO

We will discuss the platform first. The hoverboard is determined off of which one you purchase or already own. The specs for speed, battery life, and special features are determined by the hoverboard.

Features of Hyper GOGO

  • Modern futuristic design
  • Ability to use almost any hoverboard to power the go kart
  • Lap seat belt
  • Extendable Frame
  • Front Disc Brakes
  • Rear Coil over suspension
  • Max weight 198lbs
  • Recommended age 8 and up

As you can see the Hyper GOGO comparison to the Segway Ninebot Go Kart Pro is not apples to apples. Segway has a much more all included package where Hyper GOGO gives you more flexibility in using your own hoverboard.


Hyper GOGO built some great safety features into this hoverboard go kart. The chassis is a steel tubular design. There is a lap belt to hold you in place. The back of the seat has a wide back to support your shoulders. I personally would have liked to see some cupping of the back of the seat to hold you in if you were to slide side to side. The go kart is slowed two ways. One, by the dual front disc brakes and the acceleration/deceleration bar.


Again, the chassis is a steel tubular design with features that make the ride nice and smooth. Behind the seat is the coil over suspension. The coil over suspension allows you to adjust the spring load to support more weight or less weight. If you are close to the 198lbs you can adjust the knurled adjuster nuts and compress the springs. This raises the height of the hoverboard go kart so it can support more weight without bottoming out. Similarly, if you are a much lighter person you can loosen the nuts and create a more soft ride. As a lighter person will not need the added support from the loaded springs.

Height and Weight

This hoverboard go kart supports similar size people as the Segway hoverboard go kart. The height requirement is 51-79 inches or 4’3”- 6’7”. The Hyper GOG has a slight edge allowing taller people a more comfortable ride. Supporting 198lbs the Segway has a slight edge supporting 220lbs.

Additional Points

This hoverboard go kart is foldable and collapsible. The steering column folds down reducing the overall height. The length is reduced by rails that slide in the middle. You can fit this go kart inside most trunks making it easy to load up and haul out. The front tires are a solid tire design reducing maintenance and down time. The Hyper GOGO hoverboard go kart frame is best suited for a hard flat surface.

The Hoverboard you pair with the go kart though may make driving in the grass or similar terrain easier. My biggest beef with Hyper GOGO is the use of the forward and reverse handle. You are required to remove a hand from the steering wheel to shift from forward or reverse.

The Hoverboard

If you purchase the kit you get a proven system that has been tested and that works with the go kart. When you want something to function properly and require the least amount of work go with the product that has been tested. In this case the Two Dots Hoverboard Glyboard Corse.

Two Dots Hoverboard Glyboard Corse


  • 3 Speed Modes
  • 9 Built in Safety Features
  • Up to 9.3 mph
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Built in Mobile App and Bluetooth
  • Alloy wheels with rubber tires
  • Double 400W electric motors

The Hyper GOGO go kart hoverboard has 9 built in safety features! They have added smart weight sensing, temperature detection and circuit protection. As the weight increases on the hoverboard the motors will work hard to demand the requested speed. Excessive weight can create excess heat. The hoverboard is fitted with explosion proof tires and a speeding reminder (speedometer). A tire on any motorized vehicle is only rated for a certain speed. If a tire rotates faster than the recommended speed for a given amount of time the tires can fall apart. There is also a low electricity reminder to let you know when to recharge.

3 Speed Modes

  1. Strada
  2. Sport
  3. Corsa (most advanced

The speed modes are great so you can set the speed preventing your child from getting out of control

The Cool Stuff

  • High grip rear tires
  • Off Road tires for light offroad use
  • Bluetooth Speaker

Hyper GOGO and Two Dots Hoverboard go kart combo produce a really nice product. This is a more economical option in the hoverboard market. The use of an existing hoverboard is really user friendly as well.

So, Who Wins?

I would put my money on the Segway Go Kart Pro Hoverboard. The main reason for this is the self-contained unit. The customization is fun for the Hyper GOGO allowing you to reuse an otherwise used up hoverboard. The shift bar function on the Hyper GOGO can be difficult for younger children. Also, difficult when trying to steer since one hand has to be removed.

I hope you find this information useful, and it helps you make the best decision. Return home to learn more about Betterkarting and start your go karting journey!

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