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Hauck Batmobile – We Bought it | Buying Guide

Pedal go karts come in all shapes and sizes. Single seaters for the pee wees and big pedal go karts for adults.

I have kids like many people and a pedal go kart makes an amazing gift! What kid does not like Batman. My boys are really into spider man, but any superhero will suffice for the most part.

Hauck Batmobile
Hauck Pedal Go Karts

Hauck Batmobile – Great Cheap Pedal Go Kart

If you are looking for an affordable pedal go kart for younger kids, 4-6 years old, then this is a great option.

I will go over why I like this go kart and why I dislike this pedal go kart. There are a lot of pedal go karts on the market. So be sure to review which one is best for you before clicking that purchase button.

My Likes and Dislikes – Hauck Batmobile

The Pros – Hauck Batmobile

There is plenty to like about this pedal go kart. If you are curious about why I like the features that were mentioned about check out the explanations below.

How I came up with these opinions was by using my four-year-old son. He was my test dummy to evaluate this go kart since I wouldn’t fit!

Easy Assembly

This go kart was super easy to assemble. My son and I assembled in about 20 minutes, and he did most of the work. He is 4…

It was more work to clean up the trash than it was to assemble the thing!

The only tool I needed to track down was a Phillips head screwdriver. Most houses have one, so I think that is a pretty reasonable request by Hauck to assemble the go kart.


Not sure exactly how much it weighs but it is not heavy. You can grab the go kart but the handle on the back of the seat and carry the go kart with one hand.

Pushing the go kart is really easy as well. This pedal go kart rolls really easy and does not put up a fight.

Easy to Pedal

On a hard surface like a driveway, road or garage floor this go kart is a breeze to pedal. There are some difficulties on grass. I will go further into that on the Cons list.

The hard rubber tires provide little rolling resistance which is a major factor that makes pedaling easier. Paired with the lightweight steel tubular chassis and this go kart basically rolls away on its own!

Hauck Batmobile

Easy to Steer

Even in the grass my son had no issues steering this go kart. The smaller tires make steering much easier which is exactly what you are looking for when purchasing a go kart for kids.

Inexpensive – Cheapest Pedal Go Kart

Inexpensive is a relative term. What is cheap to some people is very expensive to others. I compared the price of the Hauck Batmobile to other pedal go karts and it is much cheaper.

The BERG Reppy Rebel is a comparable size and built with similar features. The price difference is about $100 bucks.

The Hand Brake – Hauck Pedal Go Karts

A feature that I like is the hand brake. There is a lever on the RH side that when pulled will push a bar on the tread of the rear tires. This will slow the Hauck Batmobile in a hurry!

This was a slightly confusing concept for my son. Once he saw how the hand brake worked a couple times he was sold. The hand brake was the go-to procedure to stop the go kart.

The mechanism is extremely simple and there are not many moving parts.

Hauck Batmobile

The Cons – Hauck Batmobile

As much fun as this go kart is there are a couple features, I do not like. I also have to temper my expectations as well.

This go kart is on the cheaper side. You will get what you pay for. Do not expect top of the line for bottom dollar.

I am happy with the purchase but these cons you are about to read would make the go kart much more desirable if corrected.

No Pedal Free Wheel

By far the feature I dislike the most is the fact the pedals do not free wheel. The faster you go the faster the pedals spin.

Compare this to a pedal bike. As you reach the speed you desire you stop pedaling. Your feet stop moving and the pedals stop going around and around. That is the free wheel.

Especially for kids if they start going down a hill or someone is pushing them those little pedals are singin!

If their foot or leg hits the pedals it is going to hurt. Also, it is hard to get your feet back on the pedals once they are moving that fast.

Maybe the cost to engineer this into the go kart put it over the price point. It would be a much more enjoyable time for the little ones.

Nose pulls off Easily

This is minor but annoying. The Front nose piece is not bolted on. It simply slides down over the steering column shafts and then clicks into place.

The problem is that if you grab the go kart by the nose it will pull right off. Even if the boys are fighting over who gets to ride it and one grabs the nose Pop! Off it goes.

I’m sure we could find a way to better secure it but like I said this is a minor issue that is more annoying rather than a performance issue.

Driving Surface

A pedal go kart will go wherever you can pedal it. There really isn’t a right or wrong driving surface.

What I noticed was that pedaling on grass was much harder to the point it wasn’t as much fun for my son compared to pedaling on our driveway.

He is also four years old. Those little leg motors will develop and pedaling on grass will be a breeze. For now, we will keep it on the driveway.


The clatter of the solid rubber tires may drive you mad. There does seem to be an excessive amount of noise from the pedal go kart. Compare it to pulling a wagon down a gravel road.

The solid rubber tires have their benefits for sure. No airing up, no flats, no replacing, and certainly they are cheaper. The offset to that is the fact they are harder, less forgiving to the rider and noisy.

Pnuematic tires have more give. If you hit a pothole with a pneumatic tire the soft rubber will compress absorbing the impact. Lessening the blow to the rider.

A positive to the noise is if you can hear the go kart still pedal you know they are still having fun. If you cannot hear the noise maybe, it’s time to take a peek and see what is going on.

Do I Recommend the Hauck Batmobile?


While there are plenty of better pedal go karts you could buy, for the price it is hard to beat.

This is also a young kids go kart. This pedal go kart is designed for kids as young as four. The older, stronger and taller the rider is the less likely they will be to play with this pedal go kart. Check out the 12 Best Pedal Go Karts to upgrade to the next size.

How much is the Hauck Batmobile?

$199.99 Click here to see why I bought one

Is the Hauck Batmobile Good?

While there are plenty of better pedal go karts you could buy, for the price it is hard to beat.

Learn more here as to why I like and dislike the Hauck Batmobile

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