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Go Karts for 3 Year Olds | Go Karts for Kids

Go Karting is an insanely fun sport and hobby. At the age of three my kids were riding around the yard on battery powered go karts.

When looking for the best Go Karts for 3 Year Olds, the type of go kart, size and affordability all are factors you should consider.

If your child finds an interest in cars and go karts, I recommend purchasing a go kart slightly above their capability. Let them grow into the go kart.

Before you know it, a year goes by and they want something bigger, faster and cooler. So, consider a go kart that may be a little bit above their capabilities.

These are the Top 5 Go Karts for a 3-year-old

These go karts are super fun and great for kids 3 years old! My two boys are very different. One is much taller at 3 years than the other will be. Naturally, some kids will be taller, heavier, stronger.

Regardless of where your child is at most of these go karts have adjustable seats so every year you won’t have to buy a new go kart.

1. Radio Flyer Ultimate Go Karts for 3 Year Olds

Best Go Karts for 3-Year-Old
  • Ages 3-8 years old
  • 8 MPH
  • Parent Controlled Speed Lock
  • Adjustable Seat

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2. Bubble Go Kart

Best Go Karts for 3-Year-Old
  1. Ages 2-5 Years Old
  2. Approximately 2 MPH
  3. Bubble Function
  4. Battery Powered

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3. Elemara Go Karts for 3 Year Olds

Go Karts for 3 Year Olds
  • Ages 3-8 Years old
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Parent Remote Control Option

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4. Chillafish Monzi RS

Go Karts for 3 Year Olds
  • Ages 3-7 Years old
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Wall Mount for Easy Storage

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5. Radio Flyer Grow with Me Racer

Go Karts for 3 Year Olds
  • Kids as Young as 18 months
  • Race Car Design
  • Parental Control
  • Max 2 MPH

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Go Karts for Kids 3 Years old and up!

Go karting is a family sport and kids love it! I grew up racing go karts and loved it every minute.

Pedal go karts are also another great option for kids. Pedal Go karts keep kids outdoors and performing physical activities.

Battery powered go karts are great, but you rely on a battery to keep their charge. As long as their little legs don’t wear out the batteries will never die on a pedal go kart!

If you think that a pedal go kart is a good option for not only your child but yourself check those out here!

The Details – Best Go Karts for Kids

Let’s Discuss each go kart further and why these made it on the top 5!

1. Radio Flyer Ultimate Go Kart – Best Overall For a 3-Year-old

Radio Flyer is synonymous for wagons, right?

At least that is what I think about. These iconic red wagons are tough and last forever. A true testament to the craftsmanship and pride Radio Flyer puts into their work.

That is why they are number 1 on this list of best go-karts for a 3-year-old.

Radio Flyer Go Kart

This go kart is fully electric. Meaning it runs off of a battery and there is no oil or gas to worry about. If you have a large indoor room or garage you can safely drive this indoors with no worries of exhaust fumes.

Go karts are not always a cheap investment so purchasing one that will last a long time is something you should always look for. The steel tubular frame and the adjustable seat allow you to adjust for varying sizes of children. Thus, the reason children up to 8 years old can ride this thing!

The speed varies from 2.5 mph at the slow speed, 5 MPH at the mid speed and 8 MPH at the max speed!

The design of the high grip front wheels and the low grip rear wheels creates a very fun drifting go kart for young kids.

Overall, this is a very fun go kart and you will be able to enjoy it for years to come!

2. Bubble Go Kart – Go Kart for a 2-Year-Old

The Bubble Go Kart!

If you build a go kart that shoots bubbles out of its rear, any kid is going to like that! Someone had the ingenious idea for a go kart to blow bubbles while racing around!

To be honest the only reason this is Number 2 is the bubble function. I think kids will really like this and it will be a lot of fun.

With that being said, the fact that the go kart is relatively slow (1.5 MPH) and there is no seat belt would be some reasons I would not buy this one.

But they do recommend this go kart for 2 – 5-year-old kids. The go kart will go relatively slow which is safe.

This will be a fun go kart but this will not be a go kart that grows with your child. They will most likely grow out of the speed. This one is too slow.

3. Elemara Go Kart – Racing Style Go Kart

The Elemara Go Kart is a fully electric battery powered go kart. The 12V battery powers you along a speed up to 3 MPH. This might sound slow but for a child getting on a go k art for the first time this might feel really fast.

What I like about this go kart are the looks. The front nose, front fairing and side panels all have the look of a real racing go kart.

If you look like a racer and feel like a racer, then you are a racer!

The seat is adjustable so you can grow with this go kart as well. The go kart is rated for kids up to 70lbs. The service life expected is 5 years.

This go kart will be a great hand me down go kart. 8-year-old kids will not be amused with a go kart going 3 MPH. At 8 years old I was going 50 MPH in my racing go kart.

4. Chillafish Monzi RS – Best Pedal Go Kart for a 3 Year Old

I think the Monzi-RS Pedal Go-Kart had the parents in mind just as much as the kids. This go kart is a pedal go kart for ages 3-7 years old. The retro-modern race design is attractive and any kid will be drawn to ride it.

Pedal go karts are great exercise and teach more than just how to ride around. The stable base built around four airless 12” tires provide a safe platform. The airless tires also mean no messing around with pumping up tires that go flat. 

For the parents the best feature is the foldability of this pedal go kart. You can simply fold the steering column down. Then the back of the seat folds down and the overall height is greatly reduced. They even include a wall mount kit to hang the go kart on a wall.

5. Radio Flyer Grow with Me Racer – Best for Very Young Kids

The Radio Flyer Grow with me Racer is a great go kart for kids as young as 18 months! Of course, that is with adult supervisor.

This go kart is also a fully electric go kart. The battery-operated go kart offers 3 operating modes that make this a great go kart for kids.

Parent Operated Mode – Parent controls the go karts with a remote

Parent Correction Mode – Parent allows the child to drive to corrective inputs from the parent with the remote

Child Driven Mode – The child fully controls the go kart

This will allow you to show your child how to drive the go kart around without them having to run into everything!

The bucket style cockpit surrounds your child. This helps keep them in the go kart or from falling out. There is also a seat belt that makes sure they stay put.

This is really a great toy that will grow with your child. I would actually use this indoors. The top speed is only 2 MPH. This would be a very fun indoor toy or a toy that is used in the garage until your child becomes confident enough to drive on their own.

Go Kart Safety

Please be sure to have good safety practices while playing with go karts.

Always be sure to wear a helmet, knee pads and closed toed shoes. Be sure if the go kart has a seat belt to please put it on.

Parents, please pay attention. Even though some of these go karts are relatively slow things can get out of hand fast. Plese watch your child.

For more tips on go karting and go karting fun return to Betterkarting!

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