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Best Go Karting Gifts that will not Disappoint

What in the world do I buy for a go kart racer?!

Go Karting Gifts. What is a good go karting gift?

This is your Christmas 2024 Go Kart Gift Guide! The ultimate list of the best go karting toys, gear, tools and more!

I have created a list of affordable, useful and fun go karting gift ideas! Go karters are simple people! They want to go fast, have the best gear and race as much as possible. Give the people what they want!

Looking for Go Karts on a Budget?

There are some really great go karts out there under $500! Some even under $100! I found the best ones to save you time.

Check out the best go karts under $100 here and the best go karts under $500 here!

Electric Go Karting Gifts

Go Kart Gear Gift Ideas

Go Kart Tools – Best Go Kart Gift Ideas

Go Kart Gift – Fun and Funny Ideas

Electric Go Kart Gifts

There are some really great electric go karts that make the perfect gift. Not only for little kids either. There are full size go karts that adults will have so much fun in!

1. Ninebot Go Kart Pro

Best Go Kart Gift
Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Pro
  • Up to 15 Hours Battery Charge life
  • 15 MPH Max Speed
  • Weight 83.78 Pounds
  • IPX4 Water Resistant
  • Realtime Monitoring via Bluetooth connected App
  • Recommended 14 years and up
  • Waiting for batteries to charge can be boring
  • Not Great for Offroad Use
Check Price On Amazon Our Review

Why the Ninebot Go Kart Pro is a Great Gift

  • Powered by the Segway Ninebot S Max
  • 1.02 G Max Acceleration
  • 23mph Top Speed
  • 15.5-mile range
  • Drifting TPE Rear Tires
  • 4 Speed ranges
  • Reverse Feature
  • Safety Features built In

Click here to learn more about the Segway Ninebot

2. Razor Ground Force Drifter Electric Go Karting Gifts

Razor Drifter
Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart - Blue
  • Speeds up to 12 mph
  • High-torque motor
  • Steel tubular chassis
  • Weight 140 lbs
  • Solid Rubber Front tires for traction
  • Recommended Age 8 and up
  • Will not work off road
  • Hand controls - Which could be a Good thing for some people
Check Price On Amazon

Click here to learn more about the Razor Ground Force Drifter

For more drifting go karts and go karting gift ideas click here!

3. Hyper GOGO Hoverboard Go Kart Gift

Hoverboard Go Kart Kit
  • Modern futuristic design
  • Ability to use almost any hoverboard to power the go kart
  • Lap seat belt
  • Extendable Frame
  • Front Disc Brakes
  • Rear Coil over suspension
  • Max weight 198lbs
  • Recommended age 8 and up
  • Does not include the hoverboard
  • No Seat Belts
Check Price On Amazon Our Review

4. Coleman CK100-S

Gas Powered Kids Go Kart
Coleman Powersports CK100-S Go Kart
  • Tough and Durable Kids Go Kart
  • Gas Powered 98cc/3.0 HP Engine
  • Roll Bar
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • Pull Start - No Worries about Batteries Dying
  • Can handle taller kids around 5' 10" - They will fit snug!
  • Pull Start - Starters make it easy for kids to start the go kart by themselves
  • No full roll cage
Check Price On Amazon Our Review

Go Kart Gear Gifts

Go karting can be as complex or simple as you would like to make it. Gear is a necessary tool to help you be the best go karter you can be.

5. Racing Gloves

Why go kart racing gloves are a great gift

If you are looking to buy gloves for someone you need to figure out the size of their hand. Referencing the specific hand size chart per the glove you will buy is the best way to go.

Racing gloves are not only necessary for the sport of go kart racing, but they are helpful and make you a better Karter.

You DO NOT have to be a go kart racer to use racing gloves. These are all great reasons to use racing gloves

If you are new to the sport of, go kart racing you may be a bit naive to the challenges that racing presents. Racing go karts is very physically demanding. Your hands are gripping the wheel fighting the forces of the tires, engine and track.

Gloves protect your hands from blisters, heat, abrasions and sometimes cold. Even in a backyard go kart track gloves are great for your hands.

Plus, you will feel like a real go kart racer!

6. Go Kart Helmet

Why a go kart Helmet makes a great gift


Before purchasing a helmet be sure to get some measurements. Each manufacture of helmet will have slightly different sizes. Be sure to visit the manufacture specific sizing guide before purchasing a helmet.

If you are getting into the sport of go kart racing you are going to need a helmet. If you have a little one racing in the backyard, you are going to need a helmet.

Racing is a dangerous sport. Protect your head and wear a helmet. This is a great gift if you are trying to help a young racer get into the sport. Helmets can be expensive.

I would warn against buying a helmet without getting some important information first. The style, size, and fit are all very important. Helmets are a great gift!

Plus, you will feel like a real go kart racer!

7. Go Kart Shoes

Why Go Kart Shoes are a Good Go Karting Gift!

  • Comfort
  • Feel for the throttle and brake pedal
  • Safety features such as fire and abrasion protection
  • Look Good 😎 

8. Go Kart Suits

Why Go Kart Suits are a Good Go Karting Gift!

  • Protection from the dangers of racing
  • Look professional
  • Required in some sanctioning bodies

We go much deeper into Go Kart Suits here! You can learn everything you need to know!

9. Go Karting Neck Brace

Why Neck Braces are a Good Gift

These devices protect your neck from whiplash if the racer is in an accident. I always wore a neck brace while racing. Some racers never wear a neck brace.

There is conflicting information out there about neck braces. Some people say they help, and some say they do not help. Personally, I felt comfortable wearing a neck brace and will continue to wear a neck brace.

Go Karting Tools

You have to have the right tools! The right tool for the job will not only make you a better racer but it will make racing more fun. As a mechanic and racer, I love buying new tools. If it helps me in my job or it helps me at the track the tool is worth the money!

10. Stopwatch and Race Timers

Why Stopwatches are a Good Gift

Knowing your lap times are good and all but how fast are your competitors going?

You CANNOT get stuck in a bubble of self-affirmation. DO NOT tell yourself you are good enough or fast enough.

This is surely a trap that will cause you to lose races.

Knowing the speed of the competitors is crucial. Use a stopwatch to time their laps to figure out how much better you need to be!

11. Racing Documentation

Why Set up sheets are a Good Gift

Racing requires some fine-tuning adjustments, and you need to work quickly in between practices, races and race weekends.

As you become a more intense racer and you start to try some chassis adjustments you may forget the changes you make and how they affect the go kart.

Document your changes with these setup sheets so you can reference the changes and how they affect the go kart.

As a racer this is an interesting gift that if someone purchased for me, I would think it was a very thoughtful and helpful gift!

12. Caster and Camber Gauge

Why a Caster/Camber Gauge is a great gift idea!

This tool is fairly expensive, and a young racer may not have the cash for this tool. This tool is a must!

This go kart tool allows you to set the camber and caster of the front wheels. Learn more about this tool here!

13. Go Kart Set up Scales

Why Scales are a Good Gift

Scales answer the questions you didn’t even know to ask! What does that even mean!?

Scales tell you the individual weight of each corner of the go kart. From there you can figure out some important readings, such as left side, cross weight, nose weight and rear weight percentages.

These readings can reveal some flaws you have in your set up. Again, this is an expensive tool. If you are trying to help a young racer buy them these and they will be on their way to being a Better Karter.

14. Pop Up Canopy

Why Pop-Up Canopies are a Good Gift

Most go kart races are outside in the dead of summer. It is hot out and there is usually no place to hide.

Staying cool in-between sessions is important. Having some shade will help you from overheating. Plus, these things are easy to put up and easy to take down. They collapse so storage is a breeze as well.

This may not seem like a very exciting gift but that is ok. If you spent an entire day baking in the sun wishing for some shade, you would like this gift too!

15. Stagger Tire Tape Measure

Go Karting Gifts

A Tape Measure as a Go Karting Gift?

Sure, this can be a great go kart gift.

An experienced go kart racer might have 5 of these things. But, for a new racer who doesn’t know the importance of stagger this tool can save them a lot of time on the track.

It’s cheap, effective and a very important set up adjustment that should not be overlooked.

What is Stagger?

Stagger is the difference of the tire’s circumference from the left to the right-side tires. More focused on the left rear and the right rear tire.

Since the tires are fixed to a solid axle the LR and RR want to spin at the same rate. If one tire is smaller than the other, it will spin slower causing the kart to pull in the direction of the slower tire.

Smaller tires on the left the kart will pull to the left in turn helping the go kart turn to the left. The same goes for the right side.

If you would like to learn more about go kart tires and some additional tools click here for tire tips!

16. Tire Temp Gun

Why Tire Temp Guns are a Good Gift

Your tires are possibly the most important part of the go kart. It is the only part that connects the racing machine to the racing surface. Knowing what the tires are doing is crucial in making set up adjustments.

If you would like to learn more about go kart tires and some additional tools click here for tire tips!

17. Tire Durometer

What Does a Durometer do and why give this as a go karting gift?

A durometer measures the hardness of a material. In our case a tire. If this was a fun go kart, we would not care one bit about this bit of information. But, in racing all of the information we can get will make a difference.

In most cases this is how it works…

Softer Go Kart Tire = More Grip but faster wear

Harder Go Kart Tire = Less Grip but longer life

Using a durometer to test the hardness of a tire can tell you some vital information. You will learn whether you can reuse a go kart tire or if it’s time to throw it out. A tire usually gets harder as it ages.

The rubber will dry out and become less flexible. Comparing a new tire of the same brand and compound to a used tire is a good test. If the durometer reading is close and the contact patch is in good condition the tire may have some speed left inside!

If you would like to learn more about go kart tires and some additional tools click here for tire tips!

18. AIM Technologies MyChron Tach

Becoming a Better Karter requires you to collect the information you have and make changes accordingly. One of the most used and utilized tools is a data collector. The data will give you vital information on what changes should be made and how far you can go with the adjustment.

AIM Technologies have created the MYCHRON Data Logger to show you real time data!

You can even download the information and analyze the data on your computer. Vital information such as engine RPM, engine temperature, lap times, EGT (Exhaust gas temperatures), GPS Map tracking and much more!

This tool is a bit on the expensive side so if you are looking to support your favorite go kart racer this is a great gift.

19. Books

Why Books?

Books contain all of the information you need to win!

Think about this for a second. All you have to do is read a book and you will be a better go kart racer!

Pretty crazy concept huh?

These books have so much great information in them. I am sure anyone that picks these up and gives them a read will walk away a better racer. I would recommend buying your favorite racer one of these and see what they think.

There may be some concepts and ideas in these books that they have not thought of before.

Go Kart Gift – Fun and Funny Ideas

20. Gift Cards

Go Karting Gifts
Go Kart GiftsGifts for GO Karters

Gift Cards – Good or Bad Go Kart Gift?

I think this is a good gift. These indoor go kart tracks can be expensive. The quality of the go karts, and facilities are unrivaled though.

Indoor electric go karts may sound slow and boring, but these are anything but. I have raced at both of these go karts and trust me when I say they can be a handful. They are fast, realistic and super fun.

If it is wintertime and you have a racer chomping at the bit to get out on the track a free ride to a place like K1 Speed and Autobahn Speed are the perfect gift.

21. iRacing

That was a quick video of what iRacing is like. There is so much more. I have iRacing and it is addicting. If you have a gamer that races and can’t get enough then I think iRacing can fill that gap!

For about $8 a month you can become a member and have access to some of the fastest race cars in the world!

You can race everything from Mazda Miatas to NASCAR Cup Series cars to F1 Cars.

This is also a great way to get into the sport of go kart racing. The realistic racing feel can pull you in and never let go! You will be a racer forever!

22. Gaming Steering Wheels

These are some high-quality gaming wheels that are sure to give you the real feel you are looking for.

Why Gaming Wheels are good Go Karting Gifts

We are not going to go into which wheel is best but rather why this is a good gift.

A gaming wheel has the ability to have force feedback, shifter, pedals, brake bias, paddle shifters and all kinds of bells and whistles.

This is the realistic factor you are missing. Stop using a keyboard or a controller and get a steering wheel. These wheels make racing games 10X more fun and make you feel like you are in the car!

I have the Logitech G29, and I love it. If there is one thing that I wish I could add is the shifter. I would have everything needed to feel like a serious racer.

23. Racing Simulator Stand

These are optional… kinda.

Why a Simulator Stand is a great Gift

What is the steering wheel and pedals without somewhere to put it?

I have tried multiple different set ups. I have tried everything from a table to a countertop and the stands. By far the stands are the best. Everything is at the right height to make you feel like you are in the car.

You can go as expensive as you want. There are cheap ones from $70 to all out-baller status at $3500.

24. Funny Go Kart Racing Shirts

25. Funny Go Kart Stickers

Search the Best Racing Deals!

You DO NOT have to buy new! Find some of the best deals on used racing gear. Everything from go kart gear, trailers, parts and full go karts! Save money and buy used! 

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