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7 Super Fun Drifting Go Karts

Drift Karts

Drifting is one of the best feelings in a go kart. Knowing you are pushing that drift kart right to the edge before spinning out. Trying to go a little faster, drift a little longer, and a little more sideways.

Lets take a look at some of the best drift karts on the market. The razor electric go kart is the top runner. Razor offers multiple different models, for age weight, size and surfaces.

Can you drift in a go-kart?

Heck Yea!

Drifting Go karts is insanely fun too. It may not be the fastest way around the track but it sure will be the most fun.

Is drifting faster in karting?

Generally, No. Drifting is not faster in karting.

When the go kart enters extreme oversteer conditions you will lose speed. In dirt racing and asphalt racing you will want to keep the go kart as straight as possible.

Razor Drift Carts

  1. Razor Crazy Cart 
  2. Razor Crazy Cart DLX
  3. Razor Crazy Cart Shift
  4. Ground Force Elite
  5. Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart
  6. Razor Power Rider 360
  7. Considerations

Other Great Drifting Go Karts

1. Razor Crazy Cart

Overall Best Drift Go Kart
Razor Crazy Cart
  • Insanely Fun Drift Kart Go Kart
  • Fully Electric
  • About 40 minutes of run time
  • Top Speed of 12 MPH
  • Ages 9 and up
  • Supports up to 140lbs
  • Recommends a Max weight of 140lbs
  • Not for Offroad use
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The Razor Crazy Cart is the ultimate drifting machine. This thing was built to drift. This kart is designed for children 9 and up. Supporting up to 140lbs. With that being said there are videos of full-size adults drifting with this go kart. So, I would say that max weight is conservative. If you are looking for the larger version of the Crazy Cart look here at the Crazy Cart XL.

The Crazy Cart is equipped with a lap/shoulder belt and front stabilizer posts. The stabilizer posts are designed to skid on the ground. This prevents the frame from hitting the ground and stopping your drift. 

The rear caster wheels allow the rear of the kart to turn. The rear casters free wheel like the front wheels on a shopping cart. This allows you to drive forward, sideways and even reverse. The casters are not fixed so there is no skidding of the rear wheels to drift the kart. To initiate the drift the drift bar comes into play. You yank on the drift bar as you start to turn and away you go! 

This drift kart looks really fun. One thing to consider before purchasing is the area where you plan to operate. You will need a relatively flat hard surface. I watched videos of people using them on rough sidewalks and the Razor crazy Cart still performs very well. 

2. Razor Crazy Cart DLX

Best Adult Drift Go Kart
Razor Crazy Cart DLX - 24V Electric Drfting Go Kart
  • Recommended weight 240 lbs
  • 40 minute run time on a full charge
  • Max speed 14 mph
  • Equipped with a Drift Bar
  • Front Stabilizing post prevent roll over
  • 36 V system
  • You cannot drive offroad
  • Heavier than similar models
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The Razor Crazy Cart XL is for the grownups. This full-size kart is set up to handle up to 240lbs! This power plant operates on 36Vs compared to the 24Vs on the regular Razor Crazy Cart.  When people think drift go kart, they think razor!

The XL drift cart is also equipped with the drift bar to set up the perfect drift. With the added battery the operating time is 40 mins. Even with the added load on the kart the extra battery keeps you going. The max speed is boosted to 14 mph. The rear casters allow you to travel in any direction without skidding the rear wheels. 

There is minimum assembly required making it easy to unpack, charge and play. 

3. Razor Crazy Cart Shift

Young Kids Drift Go Kart
Razor Crazy Cart Shift for Kids Ages 6+
  • Kids and Adults can Ride
  • 12 Volt Power System
  • High/Low Speed Switch
  • Super Easy to Drift
  • Quick and Responsive Steering
  • Large Adults will have a hard time
  • Not Good for Rough Terrain
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This drift kart is perfect for the youngster in the family. The variable speed options make this go kart an option for younger and older kids. You as the parent have the option to select high (8 mph) or low (2.5 mph). This is great because if your child is learning how to control the drift kart they can learn at the lower speeds where mistakes happen slower.

The direct drive front wheel means there is no need to mess with chain drives or alignments. This was a point of complaint on other models that utilized a chain drive system.

A great feature about this drift kart is the fact you do not need to take a hand off the steering wheel to initiate the drift. The negative caster rear wheels promote the drifting motion. This keeps you child’s hands on the steering wheel for better control.

4. Razor Ground Force Elite

On Road and Off Road Drifter
Razor Ground Force Elite
  • Racing Themed Electric Go Kart
  • 36 V System
  • Reverse Switch
  • Variable Speed Control Pedal
  • 350 Watt Motor
  • Top Speed 14 MPH
  • Not Good Offroad
  • Tires lack grip
  • 40 Minute Run Time
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Ground Force Elite – Our Review

The Razor Ground Force Elite boasts several impressive selling points that make it a standout choice for teens and young riders. Here are the top 5 selling points from the provided information:

  1. Game Changing Reverse Switch: One of the key features of the Ground Force Elite is its forward/reverse drive switch. This innovative addition allows for greater control and maneuverability, making it easier to navigate tight spaces. The ability to switch between forward and reverse enhances the overall user experience and adds to the kart’s versatility.
  2. Designed for Performance: The kart is designed to mimic the appearance of racing karts, giving it a sporty and appealing look. The unibody construction and shifter kart-styling contribute to its performance-oriented design. The use of abrasion-resistant rubber wheels ensures excellent grip, enhancing steering geometry and overall riding dynamics. Additionally, the subtly crowned tires reduce rolling resistance, which not only improves battery life but also boosts the kart’s speed, making it a thrilling ride.
  3. Realistic Driving Inputs: The Ground Force Elite offers a more realistic driving experience with its variable speed foot pedal throttle. Unlike the original Ground Force, which had hand controls, the foot pedal provides a familiar and intuitive way to control speed. This feature adds to the kart’s authenticity and allows riders to enjoy a more immersive driving experience.
  4. Enhanced Features: The kart comes with a range of enhanced features that improve comfort and safety. The padded bucket seat with a lap strap ensures a secure and comfortable seating position. The foot pedal-activated disc brake provides smooth and precise braking, enhancing overall control. Additionally, the adjustable steering wheel allows riders to customize the kart to their preferred height, ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic driving position.
  5. High-Powered Motor: The Ground Force Elite is equipped with a strong 350-watt motor that can reach speeds of up to 14 mph (22.5 km/h). This high-powered motor ensures an exhilarating ride, making it an attractive option for teens and young riders seeking excitement and adrenaline.

In summary, the Razor Ground Force Elite offers a combination of innovative features, performance-driven design, realistic driving inputs, enhanced safety and comfort features, and a high-powered motor, making it a top choice for young karting enthusiasts.

5. Razor Ground Force

Great Drift Go Kart
Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart - Blue
  • Speeds up to 12 mph
  • High-torque motor
  • Steel tubular chassis
  • Weight 140 lbs
  • Solid Rubber Front tires for traction
  • Recommended Age 8 and up
  • Will not work off road
  • Hand controls - Which could be a Good thing for some people
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The Razor Ground Force looks like a real go kart. The throttle is on the right of the steering and the brake is on the left of the steering wheel. The max speed reaches 12 mph, and the batteries will last for 45 minutes on a full charge.

The bucket seat and the lap/shoulder belt hold you in tight for the fun. This style of go kart requires you to put a little bit more effort into the drift. Since the rear wheels are not casters that pivot and spin these wheels have to slide. This can sometimes be difficult to get the go kart to drift.

The hard rear wheels help you initiate the drift action. With a little practice you will be throwing the drift kart into the corners and looking like a pro.

6. Razor Rip-Rider 360 Caster

Best Drift Trike for Kids
Razor RipRider 360 Lightshow – 3 Wheeled Drifting Ride-On
  • Affordable
  • No Batteries
  • No Chain drives
  • Low speeds
  • Steel Tubular frame and bucket seat
  • Recommended ages 5 and up
  • Cannot drift offroad
  • Small Wheels can get stuck easily
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If you are not quite ready for your child to be on a powered kart then you can try out the Razor Rip-Rider 360. This kart is pedal powered and recommended for ages 5 and up.

This model is very similar to the Razor Power Rider 360. Minus the 12V battery powered front drive wheel. This kart is still set up with the rear casters so drifting is easy.  The Steel tubular chassis and bucket seat hold you in place with firm support. 

This really is a more affordable product that will entertain for hours. I would recommend you having a flat hard surface to operate this kart on. A tar and chip road or gravel will prevent you from drifting as good as you could on pavement or concrete. 

7. Razor Power Rider 360

Razor Power Rider 360 - Ride-On Electric Tricycle
  • 12V power system
  • Rear wheel Casters
  • Steel Tubular frame
  • Bucket Seat
  • Up to 9 Mph
  • Recommended ages 8 and up
  • Electric Powered
  • Cannot be drive off road
  • Does not handle inclines very well
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Razor’s rear wheel caster design allows you to drift almost anything! This product is not a traditional go kart but a trike. The front wheel is the drive axle and the rear wheels are fitted with the casters. This allows you to operate the trike with ease.

The Razor Power Rider 360 is powered by a 12V battery that reaches speeds up to 9 mph. The Frame is made of tubular steel supporting up to 120 pounds. Making this the perfect kart for ages 8 and up

With one hand the power is put to the ground by the push of a button. The other hand controls a hand brake. There are front pegs to rest your feet on. Lastly the bucket seat keeps you comfortably behind the wheel.  

There is more than just Razor Drifting Go Karts out there!

Scooter X Motorized Drift Trike

Fast Drift Trike
Scooter X Motorized Drift Trike - Adult Drift Trike
  • 40 MPH!
  • 26" Front Tire
  • 6.5 HP Gas Powered Engine
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Rear Wheel Sleeves
  • Amazon users have reported issues assembling this drift trike
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Is this a go kart?

Well, No.

To be honest it is a trike. So, What!

It is still awesome. This trike is designed for drifting. That is its purpose in life. You will hang that rear end out and drift like a pro! 

What makes this possible and so easy to do are the special rear wheels. The tires are pretty standard, and the wheels are steel wheels like anything else. But the sleeves that are installed over the tires create a super slick surface. It is the ultimate go kart oversteer condition all the time. 

The sleeves are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Compare it to the same material as Legos. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a hard plastic with a low coefficient of friction on pavement, concrete and dirt. In other words, this go kart is super easy to drift.


During my research I did come across some information that you should be aware of. When purchasing anything you should always take the reviews into consideration. These are people that use the product. They feel adamant enough to take the time and express their opinions about the products.

Chain Drives

During my research I found several reviews where people had problems. Mainly with the chain drives popping off. They also explained the fix was not as easy as they thought it would be. This was mainly on the Razor Power Rider 360. I suspect this issue is due to the riding surface. When the kart navigates over rough terrain it can jump the drive chain loose. The other scenario could be the sudden start and stop motion of the drive wheel. This will create slack in the chain jumping it from the sprocket. 

Caster Wheels

Another issue I noticed were the rear caster wheels. This applies across all models that use the rear Casters. Some customers expressed the accelerated wear of the rear caster wheels. The rear caster wheels are made of a hard plastic. When I was younger I rode razor scooters. If we flat spotted a wheel on a rock, skidding the brake, and from extended use the wheel would wear exponentially faster. I suspect that the rear caster wheels are developing flat spots which accelerates the wear. 

With all of these complaints brought to light I think it is important to understand the reviews.  On average 75-85 percent of all of these products customer’s rated at 5 stars. My biggest recommendation is to try and always operate these karts on a hard flat surface with no obstruction in the way. For example, cracks in the road, rocks, weeds, etc. 

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