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5 Guides to the Best Karting Suit

For Your own Good!

A go kart racing suit is an article of clothing that you wear while go kart racing or playing. The purpose of the suit is to reduce the risk of injury incase of an accident. Most suits come in a one piece coverall. They usually have abrasive resistance, fire resistance, and breathable fabrics. Most sanctioning bodies require a CIK-FIA Homologated one piece certified suit. This is a good reference to look for when purchasing a Go Karting Suit. 

5 Reasons to Wear a Karting Suit

  1. Abrasion Safety
  2. Fire Safety
  3. Rules 
  4. Branding 
  5. Comfort

Why wear a Go Karting Suit?

If the introduction statement did not make it clear enough then it’s this.


Go Karting can be dangerous. You are traveling at high speeds with other competitors with a lot on the line. Accidents happen and you need to be prepared. Can’t drive a go kart if you are all banged up from not having the proper safety gear. 

5 Reasons to wear a Go Karting Suit

Abrasion Safety

You need to protect your body while racing. A kart racing suit will help do that. They have an abrasive outer layer of usually Cordura fabric. This is a very abrasive fabric that will protect your body if you make contact with a surface. 

Fire Safety

Not all suits are built to resist heat. When looking for a racing suit pay attention to see if the description says “Nomex.” Nomex fibers thicken and carbonize when exposed to high temperatures. This absorbs the heat preventing it from transferring to you. Karting suits equipped with Nomex also have the ability to not drip, melt or support combustion.

Another reference for safety is the SFI Rating. SFI Foundation, INC. does not approve any suits. They are a not for profit organization. They set safety standards for manufacturers to meet. This is great to help you compare karting suits. 

SFI RatingTPP ValueTime to 2nd Degree Burn
3.2A/163 Seconds
3.2A/3147 Seconds
3.2A/51910 Seconds
3.2A/103019 Seconds
3.2A/156030 Seconds
3.2A/208040 Seconds


The COMMISSION INTERNATIONALE DE KARTING – FIA (CIK) sets a standard of proper safety equipment. This allows sanctioning bodies to apply a standard of safety that is recognized globally. On the CIK-FIA website they have a list of approved HOMOLOGATED OVERALLS (Karting suits) that you can choose from. Always check your local club where you plan on racing. They may have a different set of rules that need to be followed. 


A go karting suit can act as a billboard. The flashy design and the sleek look will attract the eye. Like many forms of racing sponsorship can play a huge role in your success. Branding a suit with your sponsors colors, logos, or look may help you earn some brownie points. Not only that, clean, branded suits look professional. Sponsors want to see a professional represent their brand.


Karting suits not only protect you physically but mentally as well. When you eliminate a concern you can focus on what matters. Having fun while go karting.  You will never be able to engineer all of the safety risks out of racing. Equipping yourself with the proper karting suit you can concentrate on go karting.

Buying a Karting Suit

These are the top three go karting suit brands. These brands are used by some of the best drivers in the world!

Top 3 Go Karting Suit Brands

  1. Alpinestars
  1. Sparco
  1. K1 Race Gear 

There are a lot of karting suits to buy. Visit an online store like JEGS and Racing Junk. Both sites sell a plethora of suits. JEGS sells a wide range of racing equipment. Racing Junk is a buyers and sellers website where you can get more affordable karting suits for your intro to go karting. 

Looking at the information listed above you will be able to pick the proper safety rated go karting suit.

You will also get what you pay for.

A one-piece suit with the minimum SFI rating will be the most affordable option. It may even meet the standards your local club requires. With that being said you cannot put a price on your safety. A multi-layer suit with a high SFI rating will cost more money. In turn you will also be more protected, more comfortable and more focused to perform. 

Go Karting Suit Brands 

You want a brand you can trust, and you want a brand that is going to keep you safe. By just referencing the CIK-FIA Homlogated Overalls you can quickly find the best brands by the ones with the highest safety approval.

Alpinestars Karting Suits

Founded in 1963 in Italy. Alpinestars has become the world-leading manufacturer of professional racing products. Top divisions such as NASCAR and F1 wear Alpinestars racing suits. About Page

Sparco Karting Suits

Sparco was founded in 1977 in Italy. To this day they are still one of the major safety equipment manufacturers. Sparco has been trusted for decades. 

K1 Karting Suits

K1 Race Gear was founded in 2003. They are a dedicated provider of safety equipment in the karting industry. They offer a wide range of kart racing suits. They meet the proper SFI ratings. They are a well respected company within the karting industry. About Page


Safety is the most important factor when determining which karting suit is best for you. There are a lot of safety factors to consider. Karting does not require you to have the highest SFI rating or the most expensive karting suit. Your budget will be a factor and that is ok. There are karting suits that offer the proper safety features for affordable prices. 

For more information on karting, return to BetterKarting to read more articles!

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