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5 Pros to the Gas Go Kart

Check out these Pros and Cons for Gas Go Karts to see if they are the best fit for you. 

Gas Go Kart Engine
Visual of a gas go kart engine. More style points compared to a battery


  1. Endless Fun
  2. The Sound
  3. Indoor and Outdoor
  4. Tradition 
  5. Cheap


  1. Fumes
  2. Tuning
  3. Handling Fuel and Oils

In America we have been producing gas engines for almost 130 years. We are very creative people. We love to have fun and invent new toys. So when someone decided to build a mini car equipped with a gas engine a whole new world opened up. 

Gas go karts whether it is pump gas, alcohol, race gas or another type of fuel all fall into the same category. They need a combustion engine and fuel to power that engine. Since this is the original power plant of the modern go kart you will have the most options to chose from. 

Gas Go Kart PROS and CONS

With everything in the world the best way to test something is to look at the pros and cons of the product. Gas go karts have plenty of both. They should be looked at closely so you can make the correct decision for yourself. I will be honest in saying gas go karts are not for everyone and will not work for every situation. 

PROS of Gas Go Karts

Endless Fun

Unlike a battery powered go kart the fun never stops. As a human being you will peter out before a gas go kart does. The only time you need to stop is to fill up the gas tank. Even that will only take a minute or two. You can continue to have fun hours and hours. Unlike battery powered go karts where you lose performance over time. Then you have to stop and charge the battery for a couple hours to start having fun again. 

The Sound

Just like NASCAR fans and car enthusiasts love to hear the engine roar. You too will hear the exhilarating sound of a small engine at full song screaming down a dirt road. There is something about hearing the engine reach its max RPM that is exciting. If you don’t know what I am talking about I hope this makes you excited to hop in a gas go kart and hammer down! Listen to the music!

Indoor and Outdoor 

You may think that a gas go kart is only an outdoor experience. With proper ventilation and space gas go karts can be enjoyed indoors as well. Many indoor go kart tracks use gas go karts. Obviously outdoors is primarily where go karts in general will be utilized. The elements have little effect on the enjoyment


Some people do things just because of tradition. Electric go karts are very popular right now and justifiably so. The traditional go kart was a gas go kart. The feel of the throttle and working with the engine to go faster is always going to be a part of racing.  Finding out how the engine reacts when you are on throttle, off throttle, and at max speed is a part of the sport. Electric go karts have a place in this world but there is always going to be a spot carved out for gas go karts.


Since combustion engines are old technology. They are cheap when compared to electric powered go karts. With demand comes competition. As electric powered go karts become more popular. The demand will increase and I foresee the price coming down for electric powered go karts. But for the time being gas go karts are the cheaper option.

CONS of Gas Go Karts


This is one of the major factors that can limit a gas go kart. A combustion engine will produce exhaust. Exhaust is dangerous and you should always operate a gas go kart in a well ventilated area. Just like you cannot leave your car running in the garage with it closed, a go kart will produce the same result. You are going to need plenty of space to drive a go kart. Proper ventilation and open space are usually hand and hand. 


Depending on the type of person you are, this may be a PRO or CON. A gas go  kart may need some troubleshooting and tuning to keep it at top performance. A combustion engine is a wear item. If not maintained the engine will wear out and some components may need to be tuned or replaced. For example, the carburetor may need some air fuel mixture adjustments. Climate and elevation are contributing factors when making this change. Gas go kart engines are always tuned  by a trained professional. Gas go kart engines today are designed to  change the oil and that is it. So you can keep on getting after it! 

Handling Fuel and Oils

Again some people may look at this as a PRO. Handling fuel and oil to some people may be a hassle. They may not have a safe place to store fuel and oil. The fuel or oil may spill and you have to be environmentally conscious about cleaning the spill up. You will find in the racing world some people love the smell of race gas. Even the smell of race gas as it is burned is pleasurable to some people. None the less it is another consumable you will have to buy to make a gas go kart go. 

What now?

With those pros and cons listed for a gas go kart, take a step back and think about what type of person you are. Do you like the feel and power of a gas engine? If you do, then purchasing a gas go kart may be the correct choice.

If you are still unsure visit a go kart track in person. Also visit an indoor electric go kart tack like K1 speed or Autobahn Indoor Speedway. I have raced both. Or try GoPro Motorplex. GoPro Motorplex is a premier outdoor gas go kart track. This type of experience will get you as close as possible to the real thing. 

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