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Are Electric Go-Karts Safe?

Considering the rising concerns about safety in recreational activities, many parents wonder: Are electric go karts safe? With their environmentally friendly nature and instant torque, electric go karts seem promising. Let’s go deeper into what we know in understanding the safety dynamics of electric go karts.

Are Electric Go Karts Safe?

Yes, electric go karts are safe. Here’s why:

An elderly riding a black go kart
  • No Risk of Shocks: People may worry that electric go karts’ high electric power could cause shocks or even death, these fears are unfounded. Like current electric cars, electric go karts put safety first by using strong insulation and safety features around their high-voltage battery connections. This greatly reduces the risk of electrocution.
  • No Fire Risks: The absence of combustible fuels in electric go karts eliminates the possibility of fire, a concern often associated with gasoline-powered counterparts. Even in the event of a severe collision, which might pose a fire hazard in traditional go karts, such occurrences are exceptionally rare in electric models.
  • No Hazardous Exhaust: Electric go karts represent a safe option for both the environment and those around them due to their lack of harmful emissions. The pollution from gasoline go karts makes the air quality worse while posing serious health risks such as cancer and damage to the central nervous system.
  • No Poisoning Risk: Electric go karts also don’t pose the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning that comes with gasoline go-karts when driven in congested areas. It, thus, also makes them a cleaner and healthier way to have fun.
  • Adjustable Speed: Electric go karts often come with adjustable speed settings. This lets us fix the speed of a kart based on a driver’s skill level. It, hence, makes sure that a driver avoids getting into the deep end of performance driving without being fully accustomed to the challenge it can present.

Some Other Benefits of Electric Go Karts

Electric go karts are not just safe, they also offer other benefits too. Here are some of those.

Low Maintenance Costs

Electric go karts offer a notable advantage in their inexpensive maintenance compared to traditional gas-powered counterparts. Without the need for gasoline, engine oil changes, or extensive upkeep, operating costs are substantially reduced. This translates to significant long-term savings.

Additionally, the absence of fuel expenses is a considerable advantage, especially considering the fluctuating prices of petrol in various regions. This makes them an appealing choice for recreational activities and family entertainment.

Faster Acceleration

One significant advantage of electric go karts is their faster acceleration, providing drivers with a substantial head start due to instant torque delivery. This instant acceleration often levels the playing field in terms of pure speed between electric and gas-powered karts.

Just as in electric cars, the simplicity of electric motors compared to internal combustion engines contributes to this advantage, allowing for quick and efficient power delivery without the need for complex mechanical processes. As a result, electric go karts offer a responsive driving experience.

Two people on racing on a go kart track

How to Ride Electric Go Karts Safely?

Here’s how you can make your ride in an electric go kart even safer.

Tire Inspection

Regular tire inspection is important for safety while riding an electric go kart, especially at high speeds. A sudden tire burst at high speeds can lead to serious injuries. Tire care is important regardless of whether you ride electric or gas-powered go-karts.


Maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel and drive at a speed appropriate for your skill level to make sure that you have full control over the go-kart everytime.

Safety Items

Putting on the right safety gear is very important before going out on an electric go kart. Put on a helmet, gloves, closed-toe shoes, and the right clothes to protect your whole body in case of an accident.

Safety Instructions

Always adhere to safety guidelines provided by the go-kart facility, including speed limits, track rules, and safety protocols to minimize the risk of accidents.


Stay vigilant of other drivers on the track, anticipate their movements, and avoid sudden maneuvers to prevent collisions and incorporate a smooth driving experience for everyone.

Avoiding Tailgating

Maintain a safe distance from other go karts to reduce the risk of rear-end collisions and give yourself ample time to react to sudden changes in speed or direction.


Adapt your driving style to suit weather conditions such as rain, as wet tracks can be slippery and increase the risk of skidding or losing control. Drive more cautiously, reduce speed, and avoid sudden maneuvers.


Make sure the go kart’s battery is adequately charged before embarking on your ride to prevent running out of power unexpectedly. Regularly check the battery level and recharge as needed to avoid being stranded in the middle of the track or elsewhere without power.

Two people with their hands on the go kart steering wheel

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what you might be asking after reading this blog post.

What Are the Disadvantages of Electric Go Karts?

The disadvantages of electric go-karts include limited battery life and requiring frequent charging for longer play sessions. They are not suitable for off-road use, limiting where kids can ride them.

Additionally, electric go-karts offer limited speed and power compared to gas-powered models, potentially lessening excitement for older or experienced drivers.

Which Are Better: Gas or Electric Go Karts?

Choosing between gas and electric go-karts depends on preferences and priorities. Electric go-karts offer environmental friendliness and instant torque, while gas-powered ones emit significant pollutants.

Electric go-karts provide a cleaner and safer driving experience by producing zero emissions from exhaust fumes.

What Age Is Good for Go Karting?

Go karting is typically suitable for children aged 8 and above. Engaging in this activity not only provides enjoyment yet also fosters skill development in kids, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their coordination and driving abilities from a young age.


Electric go karts are a great choice for families who want to keep their kids. They are better for the environment, have quick torque, and let you change the speed. However, basic safety guidelines apply as you need to be vigilant on the road regardless of what you are driving.

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