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5 Reasons the E Kart will Rule

Welcome to the new age. The age of electric go karts. If you just came from my Gas Go kart article then you might be thinking that I am contradicting myself. I am being objective. I want to find the best in both styles and let you be the judge. 

Electric Go Kart Vibes

Electric Go Kart PROS

  1. The Power!
  2. Technology
  3. Weight Distribution
  4. Reverse
  5. Emissions

Electric Go Kart CONS

  1. Battery Life
  2. Cost 
  3. Charging

There seems to be a stigma with electric go karts. I want to try and shed some light on why those stigmas may or may not be true. In the racing world usually the biggest, loudest, coolest pieces of machinery prevails. Electric go karts are sneaky like that. They may not look traditional or sound traditional but at they pack a punch.

Everyone is looking for the latest and greatest. The best, the easiest, the fastest, and the coolest. Enter the electric go kart

We will also go over the Pros and Cons of the this style of go kart. We will try and break it down so you can see if an electric go kart is the right fit for you


The Power!

One of the best feelings in an electric go kart is the instantaneous torque. These go karts can deliver almost 100 percent torque instantaneously. This gives you an incredible feeling of power as you accelerate to top speed.  When compared to a combustion engine it’s almost unfair. The combustion engine has to go through the engine rotation cycles. Reach its power band and then you can reach your top speed.


The amount of technology that goes into electric go karts is amazing. For the techy people out there electric go karts check those boxes. You can build a custom electric go kart to whatever standard you like. 

Weight Distribution

Electric go karts require batteries to power the electric motor. You have the ability to move the battery to better distribute the weight. This allows the go kart to handle better and drive easier. 


This might sound silly but yes Reverse. It is much easier to set up an electric go kart to go in reverse. A gas powered go kart would need an additional gear box to allow the go kart to move in reverse. 


There are no emissions. Since we are not burning any fuel to power the go kart we do not have to worry about emissions. We can operate indoors and not have to worry about inhaling fumes. This is also a more environmentally friendly option. No fuel means no oils either. Allowing you to eliminate extra consumables from your list. 


Battery Life

One of the major cons to the electric go kart is the battery life. You will lose performance over time and you will have to stop and charge the batteries. This can be a limiting factor when racing. If your batteries lose power faster you are now at a large disadvantage. 

Over time a battery is only good for so many discharges. Eventually you will have to replace your battery. This may take several years. In comparison a combustion engine is similar. There are wear items in a combustion engine and to maintain performance you may have to have it rebuilt. 


With all of the added technology the price tag can add up pretty quick. Electric go karts are new compared to gas engine go karts. As time goes on and electric go karts gain popularity the price will come down. 


Due to the demand of a battery we will have to stop and charge this thing up. This requires you  to have additional tooling and space. You need a battery charger for your go kart. Batteries are very heavy also. If you have to remove the battery pack to charge it can be a cumbersome task.

What Now?

Since reading these pros and cons of the electric go kart take the next step. Visit a local go kart track that utilizes electric go karts. Feel the torque that is to be had. Ask questions to the maintenance workers that service the go karts. See what kind of work they have to do. Read my article on gas go karts. If nothing in this article peaked your interest, that’s fine. That means I saved you from potentially wasting your money on something you did not want.

I grew up racing gas go karts so a part of my heart will always be there. On the other hand I am always looking for a way to go faster and do something more efficient. If electric go karts are that wagon I’m hopping on too. 

Some really awesome electric Go Kart facilities that I can vouch for are Autobahn Indoor Speedway and K1 Speed. Both have amazing facilities and offer a great experience.

Check out more go kart articles to learn more today at BetterKarting. 


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