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Best Electric Go Kart [2024 Review]

Going through the confusing jumble of electric go-karts available in the market can make you confused about which model claims to be the best electric go kart. Drawing from an extensive understanding of these rides, we’ve curated a helping guide. Here, we’re offering a comprehensive solution for your go-karting aspirations.

Our Top Electric Go-Kart Reviews

Presented below are our top selections of electric go-karts. Choose the one that fits your needs well.

Go-Kart racer in suit with hands on wheel

Best Altogether Electric Go-Kart: Segway Ninebot Go-Kart Pro 2

Best Electric Go Kart 2024
Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro 2
  • 26.7 MPH Top Speed
  • Multi layer protection built into the go kart with safety in mind
  • Paddle Shifters
  • Ages 14 and up
  • Only 15 mile range
  • Not great off road
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For those seeking an electric go-kart suitable for both adults and children alike, the Segway Ninebot Go-Kart Pro 2 stands out as an ideal choice. This selection is not arbitrary; it has earned its place atop our list for several reasons. Its adjustable size and important safety features stand out.

The GoKart Pro offers versatility with its adjustable frame and steering wheel, suitable for riders between 4’5″ to 6’3”. It features nine modes of speed, from 5 mph in Eco Mode to 26.7 mph in Racing Mode. Coupled with responsive braking and steering systems, it facilitates confident and accurate turns.

This electric go-kart earns the top place due to its ability to connect to a gaming console, transforming it into a simulator. While it may not match the high speeds of some alternatives, it presents a practical choice for households without the need for separate karts for adults and kids.


  • The go-kart incorporates three layers of protection to guarantee passenger safety in the event of a collision, utilizing a combination of steel, TPE, and high polymer materials in its design.
  • Gets you in life like driving experiences with an auto-centering steering wheel that replicates the feeling of navigating real-world roads.
  • Makes you feel vibrations in the gaming mode as if you were driving in the real world.


  • Though the ride can accommodate adults, it does not provide suitable top speed.
  • The range is just 15.5 miles.

Best Electric Go-Kart for Tough Terrains: MotoTec Off Road Go Kart

Best Electric Go Kart for Kids
MotoTec Mud Monster Kids Electric 48v 1000w Go Kart
  • 48 V System
  • Roll Bar
  • Full Suspension
  • Fast!
  • Good Offroad tires
  • Assembly Required
  • Narrow Track Width
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The MotoTec Off Road Go Kart offers the ultimate ride for kids, boasting exceptional durability, safety enhancements, and impressive power. Equipped with 48v batteries and a 1000w motor, it provides easy handling for children to guarantee safety. As evident from its name, the ride is capable of off-roading too.

This ride is suitable for kids 13 years old and above and it can carry up to 120 lbs weight. It also offers adjustable speeds between 5 and 20 mph with reversing features. Notable safety features include seat belts and padded steering wheels for comfortable and easy grip.

This go-kart boasts rugged construction designed for longevity, featuring steel rims paired with pneumatic knobby tires measuring 13 inches. This standout design distinguishes it from other go-karts reviewed, excelling in off-road capabilities. However, while the power feature is commendable, it may not be sufficient for tackling extremely challenging terrains.


  • The frame is constructed from high-tensile steel tubing to keep riders safe in the event of collisions.
  • The ride includes a 90-day warranty for parts replacement.
  • Quick acceleration makes rides thrilling and exciting without any compromise on the safety of the passenger and the integrity of the kart.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors, including blue, green, red, and black.


  • While the range typically spans from 10 to 15 miles, it may vary based on the terrain encountered.
A man riding a go kart on an indoor track

Best Electric Go-Kart for Enjoyment: Blitzshark Electric Go-Kart

The Blitzshark Electric Go-Kart emerges as a solid option for children aged 6 to 14. Produced by Blitzshark, a renowned manufacturer of top-tier kids’ electric toys, this kart has dual motors, providing approximately two hours of joyful playtime on a single charge. The kart is also made of durable material.

Equipped with four silent wheels, the kart attains speeds of up to 7.5 MPH, offering kids an exhilarating experience within safe parameters. The kart features a length adjustment button, allowing for four levels of customization to accommodate varying heights of children, with a maximum load capacity of 110 lbs.

Distinguishing itself from other electric go-karts for kids featured on our list, this particular model boasts a wireless music player, enhancing your child’s enjoyment while driving. Despite its slightly lower speed compared to others, it operates within a safe range, complemented by robust brakes capable of halting the kart instantly.


  • The steering wheel has four different levels of adjustment to help your kid fit perfectly into the kart according to the height.
  • Contains a multi-functional central control system to display information like remaining battery life.
  • Comes with a special steel bumper as an added layer of safety.


  • The actual range can be influenced by various road factors such as speed, load, and surface temperature.
  • The kart needs to be assembled manually before use.

Best Electric Go-Kart for Color Choice: Hover-1 Electric Go-Kart

The Hover-1 Electric Go-Kart isn’t limited to kids; it’s equally suitable for adults. With a top speed of 15 mph and a range of 15 miles, it accommodates passengers weighing up to 330 pounds, providing easy access and enjoyable rides. The go-kart also comes with a powerful 300W motor.

This electric go-kart offers three exhilarating speed modes for added excitement to help you cruise at reasonable speeds. Its built-in display conveniently indicates battery life, current speed, and forward/reverse status. With high-performance disc brakes, you can confidently maintain full control and bring the kart to a smooth stop.

Unlike the Segway Ninebot, which is almost similar, this electric go-kart stands out with its variety of colors, offering choices between blue and red to suit your preferences or those of your child. However, it’s important to note that this model operates at lower speeds and features only three-speed modes.


  • Comes with an LCD screen to display speed and other options.
  • The maximum speed is just 15 mph which is quite safe, especially for the kids.
  • Comes in red and blue colors. An upgraded Formula-1 version offers a black color as well.
  • Comes with a full warranty of up to three months.


  • Customers need to assemble the go-kart themselves. However, an assembly kit is included in the package.

Best Electric Go-Kart for Safe Racing: YOFE Electric Go-Kart

The YOFE Electric Go-Kart delivers an authentic ride experience enjoyable for both kids and adults alike. With its high-strength chassis featuring a low center of gravity and an independent shockproof system, it guarantees stability and smooth driving. Even at top speeds and on diverse terrain, it remains resistant to rollovers.

The go-kart offers two-speed gear adjustments, catering to children of varying ages for an adaptable experience. Crafted from durable, non-toxic PP material and ASTM-certified, its car body provides safety and longevity. Equipped with a 24V 10AH battery, it provides a gaming time of up to 90 minutes for extended enjoyment.

A kid riding a go kart with helmet

This electric go-kart stands different due to its sleek spoiler, adding an extra cool factor that appeals particularly to children. However, it offers only two speed settings: a slower mode reaching up to 5 mph, and a faster mode reaching a maximum speed of 8 mph.


  • The entertainment system features a music player compatible with Bluetooth, FM radio, and even USB connectivity.
  • With CVT transmission, it offers smoother pedal operation and rapid acceleration.
  • It generates incredibly realistic engine sounds.
  • The kart comes with a one-touch start button.
  • Comes with an LED-lit tail, giving it a more appealing look.


  • The kart has only two-speed adjustment settings and offers a maximum speed of only 8 mph.

Best Electric Go-Kart for Quick Charging: Sopbost Electric Go-Kart

The Sopbost Electric Go-Kart is a compact-sized ride crafted specifically for children. It features a 24V 10Ah battery and two medium RPM motors that bring both exceptional performance and safety for young drivers. It remains a popular choice among kids, capable of reaching speeds of up to 7.5 mph.

Following a recent upgrade, this children’s go-kart now boasts a music player and multiple device interfaces (including AUX, USB, TF, and wireless connection), allowing kids to enjoy their favorite audio while driving. Furthermore, equipped with polyurethane front tires and extra-wide rear wheels, it transforms into the ultimate drifting vehicle.

The Sopbost electric go-kart is unique because of the addition of a racing flag on the tail, signaling its presence to others on the track and adding a playful touch for children. Additionally, its smaller batteries enable quicker charging time, requiring just 6-8 hours compared to others on the list.


  • Has polyurethane front wheels which are well known for their strong grip, elasticity, and flexibility.
  • PC rear wheels make the kart easy to drift and add to the durability as well.
  • The kart can also accommodate petite, lean adults.


  • Despite the potential for added safety and appeal, the kart lacks head or tail lights.
  • The kart does not come with any remote-control option for the parents.
Electric Go-KartMotor and BatteryAge GroupMaximum Speed
Segway Ninebot Pro 24800W and 55.5V14 and above26.7 mph
MotoTec Off Road1000W and 48V13 and above20 mph
Blitzshark300W and 24V6 and above7.5 mph

Features to Consider for the Best Electric Go-Kart

Here’s what you need to know before buying an electric go-kart in 2024.

Age Group

Choosing an electric go-kart for the right age group is vital for safety. A go-kart developed for adults when intended for children can cause problems since the majority of go-kart accident injuries occur to children below 15 years of age.

An improper-sized go-kart may have handling concerns that hinder performance and driver control. Thus, understanding age and size requirements is important to making an informed choice and ensuring a fun go-karting experience for everyone.

A man happily riding a go kart


The power details of the go-kart play a significant role in its performance on different terrains. If your driving includes hilly areas or extended distances, opting for a high-powered go-kart is advisable to make sure that it can handle the demands.

Conversely, if your go-karting activities are limited to less challenging terrains, a simpler go-kart would suffice. By aligning your choice with the specific demands of the terrain, you not only enhance the performance and longevity of your ride but also contribute to a safer driving experience.


When contemplating the purchase of an electric go-kart, the factor of speed becomes a pivotal consideration. If the thrill of driving a go-kart exceeds the allure of a conventional car in your daily routine, prioritizing speed in your choice is very important.

However, it’s important to assess your comfort level and driving preferences before making a decision. You can make sure of a more exhilarating and enjoyable experience behind the wheel this way.


It’s important to recognize that aesthetics extend beyond personal preferences and must also consider the intended users. When choosing for kids, the aesthetics should be tailored to match their youthful tastes and preferences.

Understanding that aesthetics are not a one-size-fits-all consideration, selecting a go-kart that reflects your personal style or the preferences of the intended users contributes to a more enjoyable driving experience. As you explore the market, keep in mind that aesthetics are a subjective element.


An electric go-kart that accommodates your size makes for a comfortable and enjoyable experience behind the wheel. Similarly, when selecting a go-kart for a child, the size factor becomes even more pivotal. Opting for a smaller go-kart that is appropriately scaled for a child’s dimensions promotes safety.

Fortunately, the market offers solutions with adjustable seat sizes in some go-kart models. This feature proves particularly beneficial, accommodating a variety of body sizes. In the pursuit of electric go-karting enjoyment, considering size as a decisive factor secures a harmonious balance between the driver and the vehicle.

Weight Bearing Capacity

Understanding an electric go-kart’s weight-bearing capacity is important for practical reasons. Those planning to use their go-kart for grocery shopping or errands should get a heavy-duty model. This allows the go-kart to comfortably carry diverse loads, making it a feasible transportation choice.

If you’re heavier than average, choose a go-kart with a good weight-bearing capacity for safety and reliability. Beyond the weight-bearing capability, the go-kart’s performance, especially range, can suffer. Following these weight limits prolongs the vehicle’s life and improves safety and efficiency.

Battery Capacity

While battery capacity may not be a primary concern for go-karts designed for kids, it emerges as a critical factor for adults. Ensuring an adequate battery capacity becomes imperative, preventing the unsettling scenario of being stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a depleted battery.

Additionally, the importance of battery-related features extends beyond capacity alone. Choosing a go-kart with a faster charging time is a wise move, offering convenience. This consideration aligns with the practical aspects of ownership, acknowledging the value of a swift recharge for uninterrupted and enjoyable electric go-karting experiences.

Two elderly women riding a go kart, ready for an exciting race

Safety Features

Your choice of go-kart should extend beyond performance and aesthetics to encompass a robust set of safety features. One noteworthy safety feature is the incorporation of additional frames of collision-proof bumpers in certain go-kart models. These bumpers mitigate injury risks in the event of an unforeseen mishap.

This consideration becomes even more pronounced when selecting a go-kart intended for kids. Younger drivers necessitate an extra layer of precaution. Making sure that the go-kart provides a comprehensive safety package, including features designed to prevent and minimize potential risks, is a responsible approach.


Entertainment features can significantly enhance the experience when selecting an electric go-kart. The ability to play favorite music further improves the entertainment value of the go-karting experience.

In some cases, electric go-karts even come equipped with built-in sounds of Formula One racing cars, introducing an exciting auditory dimension that enhances the joy of the journey. These features contribute to a sense of fun and personalization, making each go-karting adventure a memorable and entertaining occasion.


The steering ratio represents the relationship between the input from the steering wheel and the resulting movement of the wheels. The most common ratio, 1:1, signifies a direct correlation, where each degree of steering wheel turn corresponds to an equal degree of wheel turn.

A suitable steering ratio enables drivers to execute swift and accurate turns without the risk of oversteering. The significance of this ratio lies in providing a balance between responsiveness and control, contributing to a more enjoyable and safer driving experience. However, note that the steering ratio varies across models.


Mindful spending is a key consideration when venturing into the arena of electric go-karts. Striking a balance between your budget and the features that align with your preferences is important. Opting for the most suitable go-kart at a reasonable price makes sure that you get the best value.

Beyond the initial cost, it’s wise to factor in long-term expenses associated with maintenance. Choosing a go-kart that doesn’t demand excessive upkeep is vital to avoid recurrent and unforeseen expenditures. Assessing the maintenance requirements and associated costs makes sure of a more economical and sustainable ownership experience over time.

A group of elders having fun with go karts

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people ask about electric go-karts.

Are Electric Go-Karts Faster Than Conventional Go-Karts?

Yes, electric go-karts can be faster than conventional go-karts because motors provide instant torque resulting in quicker acceleration. Additionally, electric go-karts often have multiple speed settings, allowing higher speed achievement.

The advanced technology in electric go-karts contributes to a faster driving experience than conventional counterparts.

Are Electric Go-Karts Safe?

Yes, electric go-karts are generally safe. Many models prioritize safety with features like collision-proof bumpers, adjustable steering and pedals, seat belts, and emergency stop buttons.

Safety standards are designed to protect both adults and children, making electric go-karts a reliable and secure option for recreational driving experiences.

How Can I Care for My Electric Go-Kart?

To care for your electric go-kart, regularly check and charge the battery, inspect tires for wear, and maintain proper pressure. Keep the kart clean and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines. Store it in a dry place, and make sure that safety features are in working order for longevity.


With our top picks on this list, you can easily choose your favorite go-kart with peace of mind. However, you need to be cautious that you select the kart that fits your requirements the best. If the ride is meant for adults too, Segway is the best option.

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