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5 Types of Affordable Go Karts

Affordable Go Karts come in all shapes and sizes. Price can not be the only factor when deciding the best deal out there. There are factors you need to consider before you buy what you believe is the most affordable go kart. 

  1. Pedal Go Karts
  2. Segway Go Karts
  3. Gas Go Karts
  4. Electric Go Karts
  5. Hybrid Go Karts
Affordable go karts

5 Types of Affordable Go Karts

There are electric go karts, pedal go karts, gas powered go karts, hybrid go karts, Segway style go karts and many more. You may have predetermined  what style of go kart you need but let’s take a step back and rethink this a little. 

5 Types of Go Karts

1. Electric Go Karts

These days electric go karting is all the rage. You charge it up, run it till it dies and repeat. They are quick, have loads of torque, and they are easy to maintain. You can play with them indoors as well. They do not emit any emissions compared to a gas powered go kart

2. Pedal Go Karts

Researching pedal go karts makes me a little sad that I didn’t find out about these as a child. When I learned they made pedal go karts for adults that disappointment quickly dissipated. Pedal go karts have four wheels and you pedal them like a bicycle. They can be used off road and on road. Pedal go karts are great exercise and will entertain for hours. 

3. Gas Powered Go Karts

What I am most accustomed to is the gas powered go karts. There are different types of engines that can be used on gas powered go karts. The different horsepower ranges will determine how you will use the go kart. These are mainly outdoor go karts. There are some indoor go kart tracks that use gas powered go karts. Some racing series use gas powered go karts indoors as well. Due to the emissions emitted from this style they are primarily used outdoors. That means there is no time wasted charging a battery. You fill the gas tank and hammer down!

4. Hybrid Go Karts

These are really cool. They are pedal go kart style with an electric boost. You can have all the fun of a pedal go kart with the assistance of a battery when you hit a tough spot. These would be great for bike rides or any area with hills.

Having children I know how it can be when they want to ride their bike and then all the sudden they are tired. Now you have to carry the bike and them! Well with this hybrid style they can simply use the electric portion of the pedal go kart which will continue to power them along. 

5. Segway Go Karts 

You may know what a Segway is but a Segway go kart is pretty awesome. These electric powered go karts are fast, nimble and sleek looking. They are a modern alternative to go karting. Some applications you can even remove the Segway and use it as a traditional Segway. 

Pick a Go Kart Category 

Affordable is a broad term when speaking about the above mentioned go karts. The electric Segway compared to the pedal go karts vary greatly on price. The list below are the go kart types listed by least expensive to most expensive.

Pedal Go Karts

The pedal go kart will be your most affordable type of go karting. The simplicity about these is the best part. They are easy to use, easy to maintain and when talking go karts they are the least expensive. These affordable go karts will allow you to maximize the most fun now.

Segway Go Karts 

These I thought were the coolest. They have a sleek modern design without lacking performance. When compared to electric and gas go karts they are very close in price as well. Depending on the brand some can be more expensive or less expensive compared to electric and gas. 

Gas Powered Go Karts

Gas powered go karts vary in price. But you can find a large selection of affordable go karts on places like Facebook marketplace and eBay. People love to buy and trade go karts to try out a new set of wheels. 

Electric Go Karts 

Electric go karts can still be a little more expensive. Since they relatively newer batteries can be expensive and expensive to replace. There are some awesome and fun electric go karts out there and they are well worth a visit. 

Hybrid Go Karts

These are more specialized. This results in a little bit of a higher price when compared to the above mentioned go karts. Due to the tech involved and the mechanism for pedals and electric drive it can be on the more expensive side. These manufacturers do not short you on the product by any means. The Hybrid Go Karts are packed with awesome features resulting in hours and hours of fun. 


Check out the go karts types for yourself and see which style is best for you. You may have changed your mind on what you thought you needed or wanted. I am not here to push you in one direction or the other.

Everyone has their own preference. I just want to bring you options so you can make that decision on your own. Don’t overthink this though! Any Go Kart purchased will lead to a new world of fun and joy. 

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