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The 125cc Go Kart | Perfect Go Kart for Families and Racers

The 125cc Go Kart is a great option for go karters starting out and younger kids. A 125ccc engine is on the smaller size of go kart engines. The power is slightly less. But this size of go kart engine is still very popular and can be found in many different applications.

The top speed of a 125cc go kart varies greatly on the application you put it in.

Not only the application but the configuration. If you are talking a 2-stroke 125cc Go Kart that is a whole different ball game.

125cc 2 Stroke Go Kart – Common Racing Application

For example, a IAME X30 engine. This is a 2-stroke engine. It is 125cc. This engine produces a whopping 30HP and can reach speeds up to 75mph. Of course, this is given the correct conditions. The air temperature, gear ratio, track layout and driver weight need to be favorable to reach these speeds. Nonetheless the power is there to do so.

125cc 4 Stroke Go Kart – Common Recreational Use

Generally, the top speed of a 4-stroke 125cc go kart is 25 – 35 mph. The Horsepower will vary slightly ranging from 6-9 HP.

These engines are more durable and generally put on recreational go karts for younger kids.

Do not be fooled about top speeds. A go kart engine can only go as fast as the gear ratio allows it. Yes, the 125cc go kart can go faster than 25-35 mph but the gear ratio. may not allow the engine to spin any faster.

At Betterkarting we want to help you make the best decision possible on researching and purchasing a go kart.

The question is what are you looking for?

Are you looking for an engine that hauls ass or are you looking for something a bit slower. Are you looking for a go kart that is for a kid or an outdoor off road go kart?

125cc Go Karts

The truth is a 125cc go kart is not going to be the fastest engine on the market. You can buy much faster engines.

If you are looking for a middle of the road speed, something that isn’t too fast or too slow then the 125cc go kart is a perfect choice.

These go karts below are so great packages which have 125cc engines.

Here are some of the Best 125cc Go Karts for Fun

Massimo GKM 125cc Go Kart

  • 125cc Engine
  • Top Speed 30 MPH
  • Electric Start Engine
  • Looks super cool
  • Designed for children and teenagers
  • Forward and Reverse

X-PRO 125cc Go Kart

  • 125cc Engine (8 HP)
  • Electric Start Engine
  • 3 Forward speeds and reverse
  • Designed for kids 7 and older
  • Large tires for off road go karting
  • Double Seater go kart

X-PRO 125cc Jeep Go Kart

  • 125cc Engine (8 HP)
  • Electric Start Engine
  • 3 Forward speeds and reverse
  • Designed for kids 7 and older
  • Large tires for off road go karting
  • Double Seater go kart

Some things to Remember about 125cc Go Karts

  • They have less horsepower than some other engines like the 212cc predator engine. The predator engine is common and easily sourced.

  • If you are a parent looking for a fun go kart to ride around on with your kids, you found it with the 125cc go kart. These go karts are fast but not too fast.

  • They are offered in single and double seater options.

  • The 125cc really doesn’t tell you a whole lot. 125cc is the swept volume of the cylinder. Which means it’s the total area the piston moves up and down. A larger cc is theoreticality more power.

How old should my kids be to drive a 125cc go kart?

Age is just a number, right?

What is important is how they handle the go kart. As a parent if you feel that they are strong enough to turn the wheel and tall enough to confidently control the pedals, let em rip!

Go Karts can be hard to steer. This might sound silly but caster settings in the front wheels can make steering difficult. Read more about caster and the effects on the go kat here.

Also be sure that your child can reach the pedals. Be sure they are comfortable using the brake and throttle and that they do not have to stretch to reach the pedals.

When it comes time to stab the brakes you want to make sure they can reach them. Not just able to touch the pedal but really be able to forcefully push them.

Is a 125cc Go Kart Affordable?

A 125cc go kart ranges from $1,000 to 3,000.

Looking for some more affordable go karts? Click here to view some of the most affordable go karts out there.

How Fast Will a 125cc Go Kart Go?

125cc 2 Stroke – up to 75mph

125cc 4 Stroke – 25-35mph

Why is a 2 stroke faster? Read more here to understand why.

How Much is a 125cc Shifter Kart?

You can buy a used 125cc Shifter Go Kart for $6,800. This is a go kart that is ready to race and requires no work.

Are you looking to start go kart racing? Learn more at BetterKarting to begin your racing journey.

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