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Become a Better Karter

Everyone deserves to enjoy go karts. Learn everything you need to know

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Find the Best Go Kart Tracks in your area. We search the country for the best tracks in each city. Save time on your next trip by finding the best go kart track for you. Or you can find a local go kart track to learn how to go kart race! 

I utilize the go kart racing experience that I have to only send you to the best go kart tracks!


Best Go Kart Track Tips
Go kart racing tips

Go Kart racing is intense. Racers are always looking for the tenths or hundredths of seconds to get the edge on the competition. Get that edge. Read all of the best go karting tips to become a faster go karter.

Go Kart racing is hard. It takes most people years to learn the sport. Learn the sport faster with Better Karting. 

Think you know everything about go karting? 

Go Karting is a challenging but rewarding sport. Whether you are just having some back yard fun or becoming a serious racer some guidance will go a long way! 

I want to help you enjoy this sport and hobby because it is so much fun.

You will find some common answers here. Like what should I wear? What is the best type of go kart? or how should I store tires? 

If you cannot find what you are looking for send me a message and I will be glad to help!  

Go Karting Guides
Hauck Pedal Go Kart

Go Karting is extremely fun. Find the most fun go karting toys, gifts, go karts and much more! I grew up go kart racing. I look forward to my kids also enjoying go karting as much as I did. 

It wasn’t only fun and games. It was hard work too that taught valuable lessons along the way. 

Better Karting was built on the idea of helping people understand, start and enjoy go kart racing. I started racing at 8 years old. We were a family that did not know much about go karting…. at all. 

Actually, we didn’t know anything. 

My dad was a Washington fan and when Joe Gibbs started NASCAR racing in the early 90s, my dad thought well why don’t we go racing too!

My brother is a couple years older, so he started racing first. Then I joined in when I was old enough to race Junior Sportsman 1 at Sandy Hook Speedway. That class was also called purple plate at that time. To say there were some speed bumps was an understatement. I think my brother’s engine almost fell off one day. We had a lot to learn. 

Thankfully, the go karting community is full of helpful people. We met some amazing people that kept us from throwing in the towel. They guided us on proper procedures and practices that make race day go smoothly.

My brother and I both raced well into our early 20s. We were very successful on the local level here in Maryland racing at Nicholson Speedway and Sandy Hook Speedway. Nicholson Speedway in Chestertown, MD would be our home track.  

My goal at Better Karting is to help go karters begin their journey. Go karting changed our lives. Traveling to the races together brought us closer as a family and created memories we will never forget. Working on the go karts in the garage built a bond I’m not sure we would have otherwise. Go Kart Racing is a Family sport. 

I want the next go kart racer to have it easier than we did. By sharing my knowledge gained throughout the years. I will find different ways to help people understand what Caster is and what camber does. Or how to get your kids started in go kart racing and what kind of gear they may need. 

I am here to help! If you have any questions or comments, be sure to reach out. I want to make you a Better Karter!